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Rappan Athuk #48: Boxed In!

The party, undeterred, returns to confront The Master and his court. (-GM)

8th day of Lamashan, 4718 AR

Greetings, Travelers! You will find these lost documents if you continue on the way our party has walked before you. They will tell you about what are adventures were like and give a summary of the creatures we fought.

So now that I seem to be stuck in this box of force above the party, I may as well record with magic writing (to write very fast) about what has happened so far this second run in the Cavern of Lava. I am Deckard Cain, new to this party as of a month ago. I came in search of new revelations about my mystery type, fire. And when that Paladin Valestar (Who is sitting on his golden toilet right now) told me that the party was currently in a cavern filled with fire and lava, I had to agree to join them.

Anyway, after our first run with 2 deaths (Arthritic Slaver and Shia) and a dead companion (Arvnevurr), we teleported back to the house and resurrected Shia and Arthritic and waited for a new companion a month later. Shia crafted a Banner of Ancient Kings, which gives us morale boosts on our actions.

Everyone but Valestar teleported back in ready for a fight, facing the room of the last battle when I saw 10 or so regular salamanders behind us back in the cavern slithering around who had not yet noticed us somehow.

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Rappan Athuk #47: Hot Damn!

The party faces its greatest challenge yet. (-GM)

9th day of Rova, 4718 AR

Here is a five-word summary of what was going on: Cavern. Lava. Hot. Hot. Hot. So hot that even Valestar declared that it was too hot for his holy bottom and went to sit on his golden toilet. He teleported back a few minutes later with an old man by his side. The old man introduced himself as Deckard Cain. We brought him up to date with everything that had been going on. It was so hot down there that even The Hero of No Name looked hot and that’s saying something cause that old guy never looks hot or cold or anything for that matter.

The party was kinda awkwardly sitting around on a bridge of gold when suddenly a SALAMANDER SLITHERED OUT!! Ok, so I know that does not sound very intimidating but these were pretty big salamanders and there were four of them. Two of them were larger and stronger, and two looked about what an average huge fiery salamander would look like. The more powerful salamanders of the group held themselves with an air of confidence like they were some kind of noble.

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Rappan Athuk #46: A Long Day of Maps

Our intrepid heroes, victorious from the Great Battle of the Phase Minotaurs, continues exploring their maze, now minotaur-free. (-GM)

9th day of Rova, 4718 AR

We immediately looked for a way to get Nioveskirian out of the floor, but sit would not budge, even when Perseus sat down on it.

After defeating the minotaurs, we wanted more action, and so we went down one of the passages leading out of the cavern. The tunnel eventually became rough masonry, and suddenly the floor underneath Nioveskirian disappeared. He fell into the ensuing pit, and the floor blinked back into existence.

We immediately looked for a way to get him out, but the floor would not budge, even when Perseus sat down on it. Eventually we decided to break out our trusty adamantine pick, and a few hours of Arthritic Slaver and me hacking away at the stone created a hole big enough for us to pull him out. The hardy dwarf looked fine, although he was a bit mad. I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye, and I turned to see a big ooze about to engulf Perseus, with me riding him. Perseus had noticed as well, and with a quick flap of his great wings, we were far from the smelly mass of goo. DFSIFA laughed, shut his eyes, and killed it with two quick arrows. He found it more akin to playing a children’s game than actual combat.

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Rappan Athuk #45: In-N-Out

The party returned to exploring Rappan Athuk’s maze, looking for a way down to the fabled goblin city. (-GM)

18th day of Arodus, 4718 AR


We started the day like most days: with a vote. The choices were to go into the maze below a sinkhole we had found earlier, or explore somewhere else. The verdict was to go down the sinkhole so off we went.

We found a tunnel at the bottom of the sinkhole and followed it for about 80 feet. As soon as we turned the corner, Ghost-Wolf was killed by some unseen attacker. Directly after, The Hero of No Name grunted in pain and fell to his knees. Unseen attacker turned out to be unseen attackers as the monsters revealed themselves. Four powerful looking goblins stood surrounding the dead body of Ghost-Wolf, their daggers raised.

Further down the tunnel, more goblins emerged. The goblin in front seemed to be the leader and shouted at us, “I AM THE MIGHTY SASHA!! TREMBLE IN FEAR FOR BEFORE YOU STANDS THE POWERFUL LEADER OF MINING EXPEDITION 38!!!” A little goblin in the back mentioned how being a failed mining expedition wasn’t really something to use to intimidate people. It should really give you -2 on your roll or something. Then after thinking for a second, the party finally realized that this could be the party that was with Gurran and his small group of miners that got separated. We told Sasha that we would be right back.

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Rappan Athuk #44: That’s Not What I Meant

The party grappled with a set of riddles in a network of caves surrounding a perplexing fountain in Rappan Athuk. Nioveskirian tells their story. (-GM)

15th day of Arodus, 4718 AR

We unanimously agreed to burn it all.

As we continued down the hallway, I noticed that the passageway seemed to be getting narrower. To my great surprise I discovered that this was because the passageway was getting narrower. The corridor opened into a fairly large room, with several carvings of demons and two inscriptions in an old version of our common tongue. They were too archaic for me to decipher, but Shia used his magical helm to translate.

The one on the left wall said, “The face of the demon leads one to eternal strife.”

The one on the right wall said, “The elements conflict, and the path of water drowns the fires of hell.”

It seemed the walls were too cryptic to be of any use, so we examined the floor instead. At first glance, it seemed to be covered in sand, but a second revealed that is was actually quicksand. Our burrowing buddies found that there was liquid underneath. Most of it was fast-burning oil but there was a bottom layer that contained a few feet of water. More burrowing found a dirt passageway that eventually led to air. We unanimously agreed to burn it all.

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Gaming During the Summer!

Join one of the tabletop groups that I’m organizing for the summer! Both are separate from the afterschool program.

Most are Pathfinder RPG or D&D campaigns where you adventure with the same group and embark on a grand quest! I personally gamemaster them, and so there is a fee.

One (or two) of the groups will be boardgaming get-togethers that are centered around the RPG board game Gloomhaven. Other games that could be played are Mage Knight, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, and other games you want to bring!

There is an online application to sign up for one of these groups. If you are interested and/or have more questions, parents/guardians should contact me (Ronald) at guildgrandmaster AT gmail DOT com!

Princes of the Apocalypse (investigate elemental cults in the Forgotten Realms)

The party continues its investigations into the Sumber Hills, where brigands and strange cultists seem to have sinister designs that may threaten the humble town of Red Larch. Set in the iconic Forgotten Realms. (Uses 5th Edition D&D. Continues at Level 5, goes until Level 14.)

Rappan Athuk (challenging and deadly megadungeon)

rappan-athuk-miniRappan Athuk, also called the “Granddaddy of All Dungeons,” is in the spirit of old-school D&D, full of lethal traps and demons from hell that will force you to think smart and use your wits. Just as unforgiving as the dungeon is the wilderness surrounding it. Notoriously difficult, Rappan Athuk (and the massively powerful creature it serves) have never before been beaten by RPG players anywhere without cheating. If you succeed, you will most definitely get BRAGGING RIGHTS in the Guild! This campaign is more about thinking creatively, avoiding death, and trying to “beat” a very difficult adventure! (Uses Pathfinder RPG. Continues at Level 10, goes until Level 20+.)

Slumbering Tsar (challenging and deadly lost city/dungeon sandbox campaign)

SlumberingTsar_Banner-miniBy the makers of Rappan Athuk:

Something Stirs in the City of Evil… Over the distant northern hills, beyond The Camp, and past the Desolation stand the pitted walls of Tsar. A hundred armies have crushed themselves against this bulwark in futile attempts to breach the city. Even the combined might of the Heavens and Earth were unable to break through in the final battle of Tsar. So why was the city suddenly abandoned on the verge of victory, and what waits for those foolish enough to enter the Temple-City of Orcus? (Uses Pathfinder RPG. Goes from Level 11 to 20+.)

Board Gaming Group

Meet up with others to play board games — the gaming centers around the VERY EXCELLENT Gloomhaven RPG board game which comes out in August/September. But we might be done with the 10 scenarios in the public mini-campaign before the summer is out, so we can also try out other board games. Personally I’m thinking the focus will be on more tactical/strategic games. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (cooperative strategy card game), Mage Knight (complex RPG/deckbuilding hybrid), and Through the Ages: New Story of Civilization (civilization management and warring game) are games that would like to play. But people can propose and bring their own games and we can organize something around that, too.


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Rappan Athuk #43: The Perplexing Fountain

After a lost chapter in which the party explored a maze of caverns and agreed with a lost goblin party to help them find a way back through the minotaur maze in exchange for information on how to find the underground goblin city, we say goodbye to a beloved character and hello… to another one? (-GM)

11th day of Arodus, 4718 AR

I’ve lost track of the days down here, each one blending into the next. Battle after battle. Some of them easy, some of them not. Our most recent fight had been against a demon and a vampire. The demon had this stone that did all these strange things. I remember Valestar started babbling random things and I shouted at him, what are you? Level 5? They both teleported away before they could die but they had only teleported 20 feet away into a hidden room. We destroyed the wall in between the 2 rooms and charged in. Both monsters were weak and the party killed them easily.

Aside from the magical halberd and the magical armor, there was a polished black gem. It had made me and the rest of the party confused when we looked at it. Shia looked at it closely and told us that it was very valuable. Worth more than 350,000 gold pieces. Shia tucked it into one of his pockets and said let’s do this. But before we got on with adventuring, we decided to go back to the house to drop off the black gem now known as a Chaos Diamond. Once we arrived, I decided that I was going to take a break from adventuring to visit my mother for mother’s day. I bid the party farewell and left.

Hello future adventurer! It is me DFSRFA. I am leaving my journal here so the new member of the party (you) can continue telling the story of Rappan Athuk. Good grammar, good spelling, and good luck.

My best regards, DFSRFA

Hello. My name is DFSIFA (Death From Somewhere Irrelevantly Far Away) and I guess this is my journal now. Well, now that it’s my job to recount the events of the day, I guess I should get going.

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