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Battle Royale RESULTS!

The Battle Royale was a bloody affair, one which tested the hardiest of King Middle School students.

Calvin – 1 VP (fort), 93% health but dealt more damage than received, stayed until end
Connor – 1 VP (fort), 100% health, left
Donovan – 1 VP (fort), 100% health, stayed until end
Echo – 3 VP (3 forts), 93% health, stayed until end
Eli F. – 83% health, stayed until end
Eli S. – 1 VP (fort), 72% health, left
Ivo – 95% health, left
Keaton – 1 VP (fort), 100% health, stayed until end
Liam – 1 VP (fort), 93% health, left
Moses – 6 VP (Square of Mastery 2x), 100% health, left
Nathan – 100% health, left
Oscar – 3 VP (Square of Mastery), 100% health, stayed until end
Reed – 100% health, stayed until end
Sachi – 100% health, left
Sierra – 1 VP (fort), 91% health, stayed until end
Zev – 97% health but dealt more damage than received, left
Zoe – 100% health, stayed until end

Out-surviving – People who stayed until the end (and therefore also helped clean!) out-survived people who left earlier (+1 VP)

100% health or dealt more damage than you received – +1 XP

Most Violent!

  1. Zev – dealt 36 damage (3 VP)
  2. Zoe – dealt 33 damage (2 VP)
  3. Calvin – dealt 22 damage (1 VP)
  4. Sachi – dealt 15 damage (1 VP)

Total ranking of VPs (these also become earned XP and gold)

  1. Moses +7 VP
    Oscar +5 VP (and fought/survived until end)
  2. Calvin +4 VP
    Echo +4 VP
    Zev +4 VP
    Zoe +4 VP
  3. Donovan +3 VP
    Keaton +3 VP
  4. Connor +2 VP
    Reed +2 VP
    Sachi +2 VP
    Sierra +2 VP
  5. Eli F. +1 VP
    Eli S. +1 VP
    Liam +1 VP
    Nathan +1 VP
  6. Ivo +0 VP

Two 1st prizes – Moses and Oscar each earn an additional 10 XP and gold, and a D&D rare magic item!
Runner-ups – Calvin, Echo, Zev, and Zoe earn an additional 5 XP and gold, and a D&D uncommon magic item!

EVERYONE got XP and gold for their Level who took part.

Congratulations to everyone who participated!


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UPDATED Rules and CREATURES in Guildmoor’s Battle Royale!

Below are the UPDATED Arena Rules!

The arena is pictures in the previous post.

The other creatures in the Battle Royale are listed here. (Creation of creatures/characters is severely limited at this stage, to prevent abuse of this information.)

Barbarian Monk L9

Barbarian L5 + Shadow Mastiff (CR 3 version)

Dragon (Brass), Young

2 Dragon (Gold) Wyrmlings

Druid L9

Elemental (Earth) (CR 6 version)

Firenewt Warlock of Imix + Giant Strider + 5 Firenewt Warriors

Gorgon (CR 6 version)


Succubus/Incubus Cleric 5

Tanarukk (CR 6 version)

Unicorn (CR 6 version)

Vegepygmy Chief + Thorny + 5 Vegepygmies


Click to enlarge:


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Arena + Rules for Guildmoor’s Battle Royale!

You are limited to your Guildmoor creatures (a mix of characters + creatures from D&D monster books, up to Challenge Rating 6 allowed) need to be given/emailed to me. I must be able to reach you by phone to ask you follow-up questions as well!

Note that details are still being worked out on the arena! Updates will be posted here Tuesday night.

This version of the Rules has been deleted. View the updated rules in the next post.

Click to enlarge:

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Crafting Magic Items in D&D in the Guild

Here are our working rules for crafting magic items for D&D characters in The Guild:

  • Only spellcasters can craft magic items. (This is as per the Dungeon Master’s Guide p. 128.) However, you can recruit the assistance of another active D&D character.
  • CRAFTING DURING CHARACTER CREATION: Your character could have crafted magic items before joining The Guild. Your character must have sufficient gold and sufficient levels to craft the item of sufficient rarity. From the DMG p. 129: Common – 3rd level + 100gp, Uncommon – 3rd level + 500gp, Rare – 6th level + 5,000gp, Very rare – 11th level + 50,000gp, Legendary – 17th level + 500,000gp. These items can only brought into adventures by this character (i.e., they cannot craft for other characters). You must finish choosing your class levels, feats, etc. before crafting.
  • CRAFTING AFTER CHARACTER CREATION: This takes real-world time! The number of real-world days that must pass after completing the first Challenge equals ONE-TENTH the number of days the item required to craft the item under the official rules. Refer to values above — each item takes X / 25gp days to craft under the D&D rules. So for a Common and Uncommon item each take 1 real-world day. An uncommon item takes 2 real-world days. A rare item takes 20 real-world days. And a very rare item takes 200 real-world days. You can combine the labor of more than one current active spell-casting character. There is no limit on the value of crafting magic items after your character has been created.

They are being added to the Guild Charter.


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Starfinder RPG is Now Playtesting 3 New Classes!

The BIOHACKER, VANGUARD, and WITCHWARPER are now being released in a draft form, for people to try out and give feedback!

The Starfinder Playtest is located here

These flavor descriptions of the classes come from the Playtest:


The pursuit of scientific knowledge and expertise is like a pebble sinking into an infinite ocean—each new depth brings a new outlook, new understanding, and new wisdom about the interlocking nature of the wide universe and all matter in it. You are fascinated with science and all its many facets. You understand that the fundamentals of biology, chemistry, physics, and myriad other disciplines can help you bolster your allies and exploit your enemies’ weaknesses, and that they can reveal new insights and epiphanies over time. You might be studious and methodical about your field research, pushing your mind and scientific discoveries to ever-growing heights. Or, you might be more unorthodox or reckless, improvising unstable concoctions while hitting upon otherwise unknowable brilliance and effectiveness. Either way, you offer skilled support to your allies in the thick of battle, and you are incredibly erudite about several fields of scientific study and their relations to biological life.


You are a nigh-unstoppable force of nature; a juggernaut brimming with fundamental energies that allow you to hold the front line of any conflict. The entropy within the universe—the level of chaos within any system—is at your disposal, and you channel it into potent combat abilities and steely resolve. In your hands, the cosmic forces that control how suns form and galaxies die allow you to bolster yourself and your allies against damaging effects, manipulate basic aspects of nature to turn the tide of battle, and infuse your very fist with the destructive power of the cosmos.
To you, the inevitable decay of the galaxy is anything but terrifying. It is instead a force to shape, control, and even temporarily reverse. The ability to choose when and how things change is at the forefront of all your philosophy and power, allowing you to turn blows that would fell lesser beings into ticking time bombs of destruction you simply have not yet released.


Most believe that reality is limited to one’s physical surroundings—a megacity’s metal spires and neon-lighted screens, or an alien world’s steaming jungles and acidic oceans—but you are far wiser. You know that everything around you is merely a single veil draped upon existence’s infinite tapestry. Your reality is a palimpsest of all possible worlds, and all alternate existences are at your disposal. You can peer into these realities and use your magic and force of personality to pull from them as you see fit, affecting the world around you to benefit you and your allies. You can manipulate the earth below and the sky above, impose impossible-to-foresee adversity upon your enemies, and generally bend the nature of reality to conform to your whims and desires.

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Here are our characters for the First Round. Paul being the 1st seed, challenged Bruno to the first match. The winner of that match then goes against Simon. The reward for each match victory is 12XP. The last surviving contestant is the CHAMPION! All matches are scheduled for Wednesday, January 24:

GMs’ “cheat sheet” summarizing the characters

PAUL (hunter and wizard) (#1) VS. BRUNO (barbarian and swashbuckler) (#4)
Paul’s spells

WINNER OF 1ST MATCH VS. SIMON (2 summoners) (#5)
Simon’s spells

-The Grandmaster

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EIGHTH-GRADE TOURNAMENT: Our First Round Characters!

Characters are below! And remember for the Tournament:

Here are our characters for the First Round. All matches are scheduled for Wednesday, January 17:

GMs’ “cheat sheet” summarizing the characters

PAUL (hunter and wizard) (#1) VS. ZACHARY (bloodrager and wizard) (#6)
Paul’s spells, Zachary’s spells

AIDAN (2 samurais) (#2) VS. SIMON (2 summoners) (#5)
Simon’s spells

MAX (shadowdancer and wizard) (#3) VS. BRUNO (barbarian and swashbuckler) (#4)
Max’s spells

-The Grandmaster

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