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Wrath of the Righteous #27: Those Damn Demons

We last left our heroes as they were fighting their way into the Midnight Fane, to close a gate to the Abyss. The brawler Beckles continues their tale. (-GM)

17th day of Sarenith, 4728 AR

Nunya wanted to figure out what the weird machines and beakers all did, so The Incredible Fella and I took a quick nap.

We were in some evil demon lab place, and I couldn’t care less about all the weird machines and bubbling beakers. Nunya wanted to figure out what they all did, so The Incredible Fella and I took a quick nap. Unfortunately, something loud awoke us, and I saw a group of burly looking monstrosities. They didn’t look particularly tough, so I ignored Nunya’s explanation of their native habitat and genus and decided to find out the easy way if they were a real threat.

One of them looked tougher than the rest, so I flew over to him and punched him a few times. I didn’t think I had hit him that hard, but he fell over and didn’t look like he was gonna get up. I threw him an ice pack and beat up the next one. They quickly proved to be about as combat-ready as a toddler, and The Incredible Fella’s good bow skills and me beating them senseless ended the fight quickly.

While we had been fighting however, Nunya had been working on figuring out what was in the lab. She pointed out a few bottles of alchemist’s fire and some liquid ice. I was a little confused. I have never had a formal education, but isn’t liquid ice just water? I asked Nunya about this, and she launched into a lengthy explanation of the alchemical process to make it, and how it is a remarkable substance that freezes quickly in contact with air. I grabbed a bottle just in case, and went to look for some real loot.

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Wrath of the Righteous #26: This Doesn’t Feel Like Home

Nearly a year has passed since the original heroes of the Fifth Crusade stopped the advance of the demon armies into Mendev and crusaders retook the strategic citadel of Drezen. As the war grinds on in a stalemate, our heroes embark on a secret mission that may unlock a means to close the Worldwound forever!

17th day of Sarenith, 4728 AR

These people, along with the “divine” pink furball, looked much better suited to fight alongside the demons, not against them.

A group of soldiers marched past, yet again disturbing my meditation. It would be easier if there was something to concentrate on, like a tree or a lake. But everything was infused with the Abyss. Even the stars seemed to burn with demonic intensity. I had to close my eyes and shut out the tainted world in order to regain calmness. Focus internally. Relax.

I heard the patter of footsteps, but this time they were not from the soldiers. A bug-eyed creature with tiny limbs and pink fur all over its body was walking toward me. Was one of the wizards playing some practical joke? I poked it in the head and confirmed that it was not an illusion. It got all offended and went on about being Sarenrae’s chosen warrior on a divine mission to fight demonkind. It then introduced itself as Jex, a “skittermander” from the future. I eventually decided to trust it, because someone with malicious intent wouldn’t make up a story that outlandish. Besides, it couldn’t exactly stab me in the back with those tiny arms.

Jex explained that Queen Galfrey had summoned me along with several other crusaders on an urgent mission. I was soon to learn that the term “crusader” had been applied very generously. Sitting before a teleportation circle were a strix with brass knuckles, a huge half-orc wielding a bloody axe, a ratfolk with skulls and vials of blood on her tattered robe, and an ordinary human with a bow, who looked extremely out of place next to his companions. These people, along with the “divine” pink furball, looked much better suited to fight alongside the demons, not against them.

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Wrath of the Righteous 1, #14: Drenched in Gore

Yet more blood is splattered, as our heroes delve further into the Gray Garrison — the demon invaders’ beachhead in Kenabres — to destroy the wardstone and strike a blow to their plans of conquest. After clearing the first floor and piling up corpses of tieflings, cultists, and demons, they decided to rest in one of the Garrison’s rooms…

The Grandmaster

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29th of Arodus, 4727 AR

Rudis was up again. In the short time he had to take in his surroundings he saw the entire party except him and Hayaku were unconscious…

Rudis was awakened suddenly by a prod to the shoulder. Hayaku was quietly walking around the room waking all of the group. He sat up. He could hear quiet voices outside.

It didn’t seem to be Common. He stood, and cautiously walked to the door to put his ear to the wood. They seemed to be speaking Abyssal.

But then Mozilla, still half awake said loudly, “What’s going on?.”

The voices outside turned to footsteps in their direction. Then the door burst open, and the battle began with Rudis’ fist hitting flesh.

But then with a flash and a flurry of cloaks Rudis fell unconscious… then he was up again. In the short time he had to take in his surroundings he saw the entire party except him and Hayaku were unconscious. Rudis got one punch in then was down again… then up. 3. 4. 5. punches hit but then down again…

When he finally woke up, he found the rest of the group getting nursed back to health by Hayaku who had 2 black eyes, a gash across his back, and only 4 fingers on his left hand (the missing finger seemed to be in the far corner of the room, quietly leaking blood into the corner of Sophia’s sleeping bag). Once the party was healed up they set off again.

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Wrath of the Righteous 1, #11: Blood and Bowels

Hayaku, cleric of Sarenrae, recounts their latest accomplishments furthering the Crusade. (Bring an umbrella!)

The Grandmaster

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27th of Arodus, 4727 AR

A loud snap sounds and several cracks appear on his head, blood squirts from the new wounds and suddenly his head combusts, all pieces off his skull flying in all different directions with pieces of brain following shortly after.

My memory is a bit hazy, but the parts I remember are in great detail. (He’s not kidding! -GM)

Ok, so, where should I start? Giant worms, naked bloated people, tieflings? I’ll start from the beginning.

Through the portal of time!

Defenders Heart’s ramshackle walls stood in front of me, since our exhausting mission we have stayed here. It has acted as a safe place, a haven. Although clean, warm, comfortable and exciting as Gram Gram could make it, I still knew that the war isn’t even close to being done, and we had a long way to go…

I walked through a hallway and socialized with the inquisitor a bit, turns out he is injured. I ask what happened and asked if I should heal him. He politely declined and said his injury was a burnt anus, said it felt strangely good and although he couldn’t move he didn’t want heals. I continue down the hallway and spotted Sophia, Ezuri and Rudis talking with the half-orc Tirabade, the light above them made their armor shine with a polished gleam.

I pull a chair up myself and ask “What’s going on? Who wants to destroy the wardstone?” Tirabade looks irritated, seems as if she hates explaining things over again, too bad sucka I think to myself.

“WE have to destroy it,” “Why?huhwhyhuhhuhwhyman”I slur to make her mad.

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Wrath of the Righteous 1, #10: Clearing Cultists


After the party obtained the mysterious sword, they read a note giving a password to three cultist hideouts in Kenabres. They brought the Crusaders’ message to the Neathholm mongrelmen that they were welcome to help in the war, and they joined. Back at Defender’s Heart, Irabeth told the party that the rogue who joined them at the beginning of their adventure was actually her wife; the party led Irabeth to her remains. The party cleared one hideout, then helped Irabeth obtain some items from her home she had left for Anevia. But an invisible sorcerer was there searching for Anevia, cast fireball on the party, and got away.

Athos continues our tale…

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26th of Arodus, 4727 AR

Thump, rrak, went the earth.
A man, or was it a giant was emerging from the dust.
He had deep purple eyes and was as tall as an elephant.
But the party was not afraid of the giant from beneath, they stood bravely in front of the strangest stranger they had ever seen.
He was silent, and then “RRRRA” he grunted, they took it as a sign of greeting.
The party stepped forward to say hello, but the giant was already joining their ranks.
So off they went to their base, the base of Defenders Heart.
There they found a job, but a job not to be started till the first job was over.
They set off to destroy 2 more forts of 3 but the second was empty, its tower deserted (the first was dealt with a few nights before).
So they considered it done and went to the third, which they conquered and searched for goods.
But beneath they found an evil shrine, they asked the defeated imprisoned leader what to make of it, but he killed himself, by head-butting the alter, instead of saying what he knew.
But they did find some information in that god forsaken tower and they showed it to those at Defenders Heart, when they had time.


XP so far:

Ezuri: 9,535
Hayaku: 7,835
Rudis: 7,835
Sophia: 9,635

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Wrath of the Righteous 1, #8: Fail


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24th of Arodus, 4727 AR

Ezuri was all like, “Uhhh…”, and Rudis said, “Ouchie.”

As we all know we left off when Ezuri and Rudis were fighting a bunch of evil ugly nasty clerics. Sophia and Hayaku were escorting a young woman to her home. Anyways, Ezuri and Rudis were epically failing. By that I mean they were getting their asses kicked by clerics even though they were the fighters in the group and claim to do the most. So of course they get knocked out.

Ezuri was all like, “Uhhh…”, and Rudis said, “Ouchie.” Lucky for them Sophia and Sir Toad (Sophia’s pet toad) heard the fighting and came to the rescue, as Hayaku followed. When they got to the scene Rudis and Ezuri were being tied up. Sophia cast scorching ray and missed. The evil ugly nasty clerics saw Sophia except for the really nasty one tying up Rudis.

Hayaku said, “In the name of Sarenrae, what have you done?”

Sophia responded by saying, “Just a bunch of ugly tieflings who want to assault us.” The tieflings charged into battle which caught the really nasty one’s attention. Sophia dodged the first blade, Hayaku was not as fortunate as a scythe cut him.

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Wrath of the Righteous 1, #7: Exploring the Mount


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23rd of Arodus, 4727 AR

The battle led onto the roof and the cultists channeled demonic energy at them…

Once upon a time there lived a group of adventurers: Rudis, a kindly human trained in the martial arts; Ezuri, partly angel he is a religious and loyal fighter who shows great concern for his friends; Pelso, a blood-thirsty human who trains with bows and daggers; and finally, Maxin Flaxin Waxin Jackson, a small colorful creature who has purple hair and pink skin using magic mostly to benefit her teammates.  All have their differences, but all swore to protect their homeland from evil demons who have invaded the city.

At the time they were climbing up the hill toward the Cathedral in Old Kenabres, where their adventure started so long ago when the demons attacked, to save what lives they could. (Sophia, Hayaku and Oblivia headed off to help a woman they had saved from fanatical crusaders.) Unfortunately, there were dangers in the city that the party must overcome to reach their destination, and sure enough, as they made their way to the Cathedral two hags stumbled out of a bar. Quickly the party sprang to action, each playing their own part to defeat the ugly creatures.  Once the battle was done and the loot counted they set on their way again. But before they could take another step a gigantic green blob fell out of the sky and landed in front of them, it then sunk into the ground never to be seen again.

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