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D&D Tournament Finalists!

chest-of-colors-arena-miniature-painting-contest-07Here are our six finalists’ characters! We will use the same arena as in the 1st Round.

Aidan – Illidan, dragonborn paladin 8 PDF spells

Antoine – tiefling warlock 8 PDF spells

Max S. – wood elf monk 8 PDF

Paul – wood elf fighter 8 PDF

Tyler – human barbarian 8 PDF

Zack – half-orc barbarian 8 PDF

The 3rd Place finisher earns 15 XP. The 2nd Place finisher earns 25 XP. The Winner earns 35 XP.

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D&D Battle Royale #2 – Arena and Rules

chest-of-colors-arena-miniature-painting-contest-07The prize for winning the D&D Battle Royale is a cumulative total of 35 bonus XP. People who advance within the Tournament get bonus XP as well.

The overall structure of the tournament will be arenas with 6 players. The top 3 within each Arena advance to the next round. That’s the general idea; this may change depending on number of participants.

If you want to participate, the DEADLINE to enroll is Wednesday, November 30. You enroll by getting on the Grandmaster’s list in class or by emailing me.

Character Creation (and potential XP Bonus)

  • If you do your character by email outside of class (email me at guildgrandmaster AT gmail DOT com) you get 5 bonus XP. You can also earn XP depending on the quality and completeness of your character.
  • Make a Level 4 D&D character. Here is the character sheet. We will use 18 point buy (“27 point buy” using the Player’s Handbook’s nomenclature.) You get standard starting equipment PLUS 320 gold to spend. In D&D you cannot buy magic items, except for potions of healing (heal 2d4+2) for 50gp. If you advance, your character advances to Level 6 and redoes its equipment: it has starting equipment PLUS 800 gold to spend. I believe we will have a 3rd championship round, in which case your character would advance to Level 8 and have starting equipment PLUS 1600 gold to spend.
  • I will go over the basics of making a D&D character in class. Also, our handy class D&D Character Creation Guide goes through the process step-by-step. You will need to use the D&D Player’s Handbook, or I can email you portions of the D&D rules that apply to character creation.
    The variant human (with fewer ability score bonuses plus one Feat) and Feats ARE allowed. The revised Ranger is NOT allowed.
  • If you are new to D&D, see my primer to D&D.

Schedule (note that it occurs on Mondays and Wednesdays, and absent players cannot advance)

Wednesday, Nov. 30: DEADLINE to enroll in the Tournament

Monday, Dec. 5, 10:00pm: DEADLINE to give me draft character. Hand it to me in class or email me at guildgrandmaster AT gmail DOT com. Any unchosen abilities, Ability Score Bonuses, Feats, learned spells, will be FORFEITED for the entire length of the tournament.

Wednesday, Dec. 7: QUARTER FINALS. Winners must advance their characters to Level 6 by 10pm.

Monday, Dec. 12: SEMI FINALS: Winners must advance their characters to Level 8 by 10pm.

Wednesday, Dec. 14: CHAMPIONSHIP.

The Arena (at least for Round 1)

  • battle-royaleEveryone starts at one of the 6 starting places (each indicated by a dot).
  • Everyone rolls initiative
  • The walls stretch from floor to ceiling, which is 30 feet high.
  • Four rivers flow through the arena, flowing in the directions indicated. You can jump across with a DC 10 Strength (Athletics) check. You can also walk the tightropes (squiggly lines) with a DC 10 Dexterity (Acrobatics) check. If you fall in the water, you are propelled 6 squares at Initiative Count 0. (Note that if you go with the rivers long enough, you will rotate clockwise around the center square.) You can choose to resist this movement with a DC 10 Strength (Athletics) check. While you are in the river, you get +2 cover bonus to your AC, but you get disadvantage on any attack rolls you make. You can move up to your speed within the water with a DC 10 Strength (Athletics) check. Climbing out of the river requires spending half your speed and a successful DC 5 Strength (Athletics) check — you may attempt this twice, each attempt costing you half your speed.
  • Anyone positioned behind a wall gets a bonus to AC.
  • If Player A has not attacked Player B in a Round yet, and Player B does not see Player A, then Player A may attempt a surprise attack against Player B: Player A attempts a Dexterity (Stealth) check against Player B’s Passive Perception score. If Player A’s check matches or exceeds this, then Player A gets advantage on its attack.

Teams and Scoring

  • Each match consists of 3 rounds, all occurring within one game day. (This means no long rests.)
  • Round 1: 3v3. People are grouped into two teams of 3 at random. In the Arena, the teams are arrayed on the left and right sides respectively. The first group to kill the other team earns 2 Victory Points per player.
  • Every dead or unconscious player is restored to 1 hit point. Everyone gets a short rest.
  • Round 2: 2v2v2. People are grouped into three teams of 2 each at random. (No one is paired with any previous teammate.) In the Arena, the teams are arrayed on the top, middle, and bottom respectively. When two teams engage in battle, the third team may NOT attack or aid either team. The victorious team (“Team A”) earns 1 Victory Point per player. The remaining two teams then battle each other. If Team A wins again, it earns 2 more Victory Points per player. If the third team wins, that team earns 1 Victory Point per player.
  • Every dead or unconscious player is restored to 1 hit point. Everyone gets a short rest.
  • Everyone notes down (“saves”) their current character’s state, in case a tiebreaker is needed.
  • Round 3: Battle Royale. When anyone is attacked, that player gets a white flag. No one else may attack a player with a white flag until everyone gets a white flag. If someone gets a 2nd white flag, no one else may attack that player until everyone gets a 2nd white flag. The first 3 players who are unconscious (not killed) earn 0 Victory Points. The 4th person unconscious earns 1 Victory Point. The last two players then return to their “saved state” conditions. The 5th person unconscious earns 2 Victory Points. The last person standing earns 3 Victory Points.
  • The players with the three most Victory Points advance in the Tournament. If a tiebreaker is needed, all tied players return to their “saved state” before Round 3, go to starting positions, and fight again. If 3 or more players must break a tie, the white flag rules apply and the last remaining two fighters return to their “saved state” condition (they do not return to starting positions).

-The Grandmaster

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D&D Battle Royale!

battle-royaleIn December, we will have a little contest. It is still an idea in progress, but here are the basics:

  • It will be ALL AGAINST ALL.
  • Everyone will make Level 4 D&D characters. (Remember, if you only play Pathfinder then doing this will earn you the 10XP “Dual” bonus)
  • If you survive one arena (see below), then in the next round your character advances to Level 6 (then to Level 8 and so on)
  • I will make the first arena. I am open to ideas, and people can earn XP for helping with future arenas.
  • This rule will mitigate against ganging up on players: If Character A is attacked by Character B, then Character A is safe against all other characters until everyone is attacked by a character.
  • Tell me now if you want to play. I will close sign-ups at a certain point so I can structure the tournament.
  • If we have more than 6 contestants (very likely), then there will be semifinals (and possibly quarterfinals) before the championship arena. Each such pre-championship round will reward advancement to X surviving players (X will be determined after I structure the tournament).
  • The prize for winning the Champion’s Belt will mean you will have won a total of 35 XP.

The Pathfinder RPG Tournament will proceed as planned next semester.


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The Tournament CHAMPIONSHIP: Betting Is Open!


Tournament Bracket5

Updated tournament bracket

We are down to our two final teams! (And a special shout-out is due to Two Fat Llamas, Erick and Julian, for being 6th graders who made it all the way to the Semi Finals!)

We’re doing a new thing this year — you can secretly wager an amount up to 10% of your Guild Account, to guess who the winner of the Tournament will be. Your CHARACTER must have the amount available to be able to make the bet. Winnings (and losses) apply to both your character and your Guild Account. The contestants cannot bet on themselves. I will take secret, written wagers before the match begins.

Also, the seeds for next year will proceed starting with the following list:

  1. Erick + Julian
  2. Makael + Silas
  3. Kyle + Leo H.
  4. Ben
  5. Tyler + Zack
  6. Hunter + Kieran
  7. Max Sch. + Paul
  8. Isabelle
  9. Kurt + Lucas
  10. Avery + Jomei
  11. Ryoma
  12. Pablo + Joaquin

Characters are below! And remember for the Tournament:

  • The Two Towers arena has been updated for the Championship. See below.

Here are our characters for the Championship:

GMs’ “cheat sheet” summarizing the characters

Wednesday, March 23

Marco/Tom P.K. + Torin/Tim P.K. (Sarcastic Baby Dolphins, #5) vs.
Emmett/CthutherStarSpawner + Enzo/Swashbuckler (Cthulhu’s Faithful, #3)
Marco/Tom P.K.’s abilities, Torin/Tim P.K.’s spells, Torin/Tim P.K.’s spellbook, Emmett/CthutherStarSpawner’s spells

The Championship Arena:
ARENA - Level 10

-Your Prolific and Perspicacious Grandmaster


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TOURNAMENT: Our Semi-Final Characters!!

gladiatorCharacters are below! And remember for the Tournament:

Here are our characters for next week’s matches:

GMs’ “cheat sheet” summarizing the characters

Monday, March 21

Julian/Kirito + Erick/Loki (Two Fat Llamas, #10) vs. Emmett/CthutherStarSpawner + Enzo/Swashbuckler (Cthulhu’s Faithful, #3)
Erick/Loki’s spells, Emmett/CthutherStarSpawner’s spells

Conor/Mephia Arkanas + Nate/Notoniel (The Fluffy Kittens, #1) vs. Marco/Tom P.K. + Torin/Tim P.K. (Sarcastic Baby Dolphins, #5)
Conor/Mephia Arkanas’ abilities, Marco/Tom P.K.’s abilities, Torin/Tim P.K.’s spells and spellbook

-Your Industrious and Generous Grandmaster

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Tournament Results, Update, and Axis + Allies!

Tournament Bracket4The Quarter-Finals ended today! To the right are the results, and our matchups for the Quarter Finals! The Quarter Finals take place on Monday, March 14 and Monday, March 16.

At the bottom are INSTRUCTIONS on what people in the Tournament have to do. But first some other updates:

Congrats to Isabelle, Paul, and Max Schlosberg (and Oded in abstentia) for winning their Tournament matches!

Monday, March 21

SEMI-FINAL: Conor + Nate (The Fluffy Kittens, #1) vs. Marco + Torin (Sarcastic Baby Dolphins, #5)

SEMI-FINAL: Erick + Julian (Two Fat Llamas, #10) vs. Emmett + Enzo (Cthulhu’s Faithful, #3)

The winners’ FINAL Level 10 characters will be due THAT SAME DAY (Monday) at 10:59pm!

Wednesday, March 23


If you’re in the Semi-Finals…

  1. You must update your character to Level 8 by this Thursday, March 17, 9:59pm by emailing me. NO EXCEPTIONS. Your characters each have 33,000 gold for equipment, and a cap of 3,200gp for expendable items. Unlike with Guild characters, you can get items worth more than 16,000gp without restriction.
  2. Make sure to review the Semi-Finals arena!

Also, starting next week we will introduce the board game AXIS + ALLIES in the Guild! If you want to play, let me know!

Axis + Allies

axis-allies-1941AXIS + ALLIES recreates World War II, and players control production and armies for Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, and Russia. It’s a bit hard to learn the rules from the instruction manual. You might want to check out a YouTube video to get a sense of it. But we will be mostly learning the game on Monday, March 21 and won’t be able to finish a full game. As people learn the rules, it’ll go faster.

Of course, if I’m freed up I will play as Herr Hitler, weil ich Deutsch sprechen kann. (Ich wette, daß ihr das nicht wußten!) Ein tausand Jahre für das Dritte Reich!

– Euer Großmeister



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TOURNAMENT: Our Quarter-Final Characters!!

tumblr_n447jjHUa71qcu3vno1_500Characters are below! And remember for the Tournament:

Here are our characters for next week’s matches:

GMs’ “cheat sheet” summarizing the characters

Monday, March 14

Tyler/Fighter + Zack/Fighter (Bad Asses, #2) vs. Julian/Kirito + Erick/Loki (Two Fat Llamas, #10)
Erick/Loki’s spells

Kurt/Barbarius Maximus + Lucas/Grunka Lunka (The Oompa Loompas, #6) vs. + Isabelle/Chasaya + Oded/Orchingo (#14)
Isabelle/Chasaya’s spells

Wednesday, March 16

Conor/Mephia Arkanas + Nate/Notoniel (The Fluffy Kittens, #1) vs. Makael/Our Lord and Savior + Silas/The great and superior warrior who causes doom to everyone who gets in his way (Lucifer’s Blade, #8)
Conor/Mephia Arkanas’ abilities, Makael/Our Lord and Savior’s spells

Marco/Tom P.K. + Torin/Tim P.K. (Sarcastic Baby Dolphins, #5) vs. Ben/Francis + Ryoma/Barbarian (#13)
Marco/Tom P.K.’s abilities

Emmett/CthutherStarSpawner + Enzo/Swashbuckler (Cthulhu’s Faithful, #3) vs. Kyle/Erak + Leo H./Diablo (Sneaky and Co., #11)
Emmett/CthutherStarSpawner’s spells, Leo H./Diablo’s formula book

Max Sch./Ninja + Paul/Cheeky (The Rainbow Unicorns of Death, #7) vs. Avery/Rogue + Jomei/Totaro (Rogue, #12)
Paul/Cheeky’s abilities

-Your Graceful and Gracious Grandmaster

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