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Shattered Star #12: Seeking the Shard


23rd day of Lamashan, 4712 AR

The party returned to the dungeon inside The Crow — one of the ancient Thassilonian pillars that once supported a massive bridge into the middle of the sea. They continued their search for the next shard of the Shattered Star.

They visited the deepest level they had reached before, where they had argued over whether to press on into a tunnel, decided to rest, but were soon ambushed by a force of mites. They traveled several hundred feet down the tunnel, where they found a side door that opened into a set of stairs that led down into the ocean water. A strange shimmering blue aura covered the water, which had no ripples. The barbarian Grog led the way as the party stepped down the stairs and walked through a tunnel that led outside into the ocean depths surrounding the Crow!

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Shattered Star #11: The Big Battle


21st day of Lamashan, 4712 AR

Henri threw flasks of alchemist’s fire into the whirlwind of masks. He and the rest of the party destroyed it before it could affix one of its masks on another member of the party.

The room was still slick from Lard’s self sacrifice. Katrina and Lillian entered the far door and found an opulent chamber. Apparently, this was where the leader of the Temple to Razmir worked! They emptied the desks and shelves of most of their contents to gather all the evidence of the Temple’s shady dealings as they could.

In the adjoining rooms, they found posh bedrooms that belonged to other members of the Temple’s leadership. But suddenly, the large trapped doors behind the statue room opened, and three hell hounds rushed in!

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Shattered Star #10: Raiding Razmir

Shattered Star #10: Raiding Razmir


21st day of Lamashan, 4712 AR

The party, consisting of Glondorfin (druid) and his loyal frog Ulf, Grog (barbarian), Henri (gunslinger), Joshua (magus), Katrina (barbarian), Lard (cleric), and Lillian (ranger), proceeded with their night-time surreptitious raid of the Temple dedicated to Razmir the Living God.

After silencing a lone guard, they proceeded into the basement’s main hallway, chancing upon a grey-robed Razmiran priest! When Henri rolled forward and tore a hole through the priest’s chase with his double-barreled hackbut, some white-robed acolytes peeked their heads into the hallway to see what the commotion was all about. The party rushed into the hallway, compelling the acolytes to shut their doors out of fear. One more priest stumbled out of the dining room and was sliced apart by the party.

The party then charged into the barracks, where the acolytes were waiting for them. Darting through and around the bunk beds, Grog, Lillian, Katrina and others knocked them out in fairly short order, hopefully not alerting the rest of the complex.

Katrina then noticed, strangely, the door to the dining room swinging open on its own accord. After a moment’s hesitation, she lunged for the opening to see if an invisible creature had walked through. But she was too late.

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Shattered Star #9: Behind the Mask


(My writeups will be shorter from now on because of my limited time. But if any of you want to add, feel free!!)

15th day of Lamashan, 4712 AR

Blood continued to run out of the alchemist Wolf’s head, but a gray-robed priest of Razmir rushed up to him and staunched the flow with his magic. The barbarian Grog, still in rage, gloated his victory to the sky. Their overseer, the cultist Krant, handed him a bottle of wine and befriended him instantly.

For the next two days, Wolf, the barbarians Grog and Katrina, the druid Glondorfin, the gunslinger Henri and the ranger Lillian did menial chores in the temple, including writing paragraphs of Razmir’s teachings, at one point being led out by the temple’s leader, Egarthis, to conduct a sermon during which the party had to distract citizens of Magnimar so that Razmiran priests could pick their pockets. However, while orating toward the audience, Lillian accidentally gave away that their pockets were being picked — drawing suspicion and resulting in their “sermon” earning no money that day.

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Shattered Star #8: Bloodsports


8th day of Lamashan, 4712 AR

The party returned to the Pathfinder Lodge after lightening their load at Magnimar’s markets. There, the gunslinger Henri and the magus Joshua decided to take a short break from their adventures. Katrina had settled on yet another vocation–no, shooting bows no longer excited her, and no longer did worshipping Pharasma! She was now devoted to being a tank! She and the barbarian Grog hunched toward  each other, giving each other approving grunts.

Meanwhile, they found that Leo’s successor at the waffle shop was Lard, yet another adventurer in the family who was a cleric that worshipped Gorum, the god of battle!

Sheila Heidmarch suggested that they visit the new ice cream shop in the Keystone District, to see what was up there.

Screaming for Ice Cream

A large banner saying “Grand Opening! Free Ice Cream!” hung over the entrance to the ice cream shop, and a long queue extended out from its entrance back around the corner. Over the doorway hung sign saying “Cream Cubby” with a baby wolf licking an ice cream cone.

When the party finally entered the shop after waiting in line, they saw a surprising sight: a half-orc with sharp tusks was handing out cones of ice cream. The customers were a bit suspicious, but were soon smoothing their tongues over the delicious ice cream. The various members of the party ordered different flavors. When the ranger Lillian approached the strange proprietor, she decided to scope him out.

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Shattered Star #7: Victim to Vermin

7th day of Lamashan, 4712 AR

giant-antThe party, after pursuing a small blue humanoid creature down a flight of stairs, had found itself in a giant crypt room filled with tall mounds of dirt. Oversized ants crawled out of them and attacked the party! Katrina questioned the wisdom of taking on the colony, as her companions charged in with bloodthirst.

Glondorfin commanded his giant frog Ulf to attack the beasts, and it obediently fastened one of the insects with its tongue as the magus Joshua and the ranger Kevin pounded away at it with their weapons. Grog, as usual, took on the toughest of the bunch: a winged monstrosity that grappled him with its pincers.

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Shattered Star #6: Deeper in Guano

5th day of Lamashan, 4712 AR



The battle with the leader of the Tower Girls, a wererat named Ayala Javeski, continued but was marked by a bizarre event. Two new companions appeared among the party: a dwarven druid named Glondorfin with a giant frog Ulf. Although a dwarf and therefore of a different race as the barbarian Grog (who was human), they bore a striking resemblance, as if they had been brothers in their previous lives.

Henri the gunslinger, meanwhile, busied himself with the door puzzle, ignoring the battle altogether as if he weren’t there.

Katrina stayed in the back of the fray, ready to aid her companions with her prodigious healing skills. Meanwhile, Grog, Lillian, and Joshua had charged through the door to engage a force of Ayala, three Tower Girls, and two donkey rats.

Ayala looked a bit worried, realizing she perhaps should have ambushed the party from hiding places. Still, she sneaked past her foes with an uncanny grace, moved into position, and sliced the hardy Grog with a vicious swipe of her bladed scarf that sent him reeling.

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Shattered Star #5: The Second Raid

28th day of Rova, 4712 AR



The young heroes defiantly entered into battle, not at all willing meet the Tower Girls’ demand to hand over the one Shard artifact they had found. Two of the Tower Girls promptly shapechanged into wererats and about a dozen other Tower Girls maneuvered into position, supported by small number of donkey rats. A fierce melee ensued.

Louis the magus was the first to fall. Alfonso the waffle-making gunslinger was stuck in place by a well-aimed tanglefoot bag. Clover’s mind-sword could not protect her, and she was sliced by a shortsword and knocked down. The ninja, Magneto, raised up his hands in surrender but was promptly filleted.

Although eight of the Tower Girls fell, only two of them and one of their wererat leaders were killed. Four of them were still standing, and they completely surrounded Grog (who was down to 1 hit point thanks to his barbarian rage!). The paladin, Lillian, was holding the Shard of Pride and fortunately had not ventured far in and so was able to beat a retreat along with Grog. These last two remaining heroes scrambled up the stairwell and out of The Crow!

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Shattered Star #4: Let Them Eat Crow

28th day of Rova, 4712 AR


The Irespan Pilings

Lillian grimaced as they tread up the stairs and tried not to step into guano. The next shard of the Shattered Star lay somewhere in these filthy ancient chambers.

A carrier pigeon alighted on the head of Magneto the ninja, with a message in its claw.

“Come to my waffle shop!” It was Alfonso, the undercover gunslinger who owned his own shop in The Shadow District. The paper smelled like syrup.

The heroes went back ashore and reunited with Alfonso and Clover the soulknife. They visited several of Magnimar’s shops to sell items they had obtained from their raid of Natalya Vancaskerkin’s hideout and to outfit themselves with new gear. They returned to The Crow the next afternoon.

They found The Crow largely empty. Tall ceilings towered over them, and the ancient murals seemed to have been preserved by powerful ancient magicks. While some examined pillars and studied the ancient arts, Alfonso helped himself to some bat poop.

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Announcements for Shattered Star campaign

shattered-starDear heroes (and anti-heroes),
Devon (and everyone else!): if you haven’t yet, make sure you read the session report from last time and our TRAGIC DEATH!!!

Henry, look at this Ninja. Do you have any changes you want to make? Stats-wise, a halfling is a good choice. But choose a race that fits the character you want to role-play! Get back to me (email me or comment below) — that way we can jump straight into the action Saturday!

From the last session, you guys got the following treasure. Your party is now just entering The Crow. Figure out whether you want to go shopping or to redistribute this stuff. If you comment why you should have something, everyone will see it and I will be more likely to let you have it!

Also, I think it’s fair that the players who won the wealth get first dibs on stuff. Henry lost XP for his character death — having first choice at treasure helps balance out this risk of dying from adventuring.

shard of pride (+2 to all skill checks, +2 insight bonus to saves vs. illusion spells, major image 1/day)
cat burglar’s boots (+2 to Acrobatics, Climb, Stealth checks) (can reroll one of those checks 1/day) – value 2,000gp
2 undeciphered scrolls
2 unidentified wands
second-story harness (can secure yourself to vertical surface and free both your hands and keep your Dex bonus to AC, +5 to Climb check to avoid falling whenever you take damage) – value 55gp
climbers’ kit (+2 to Climb checks)
masterwork thieves’ tools (+2 to Disable Device checks)
tanglefoot bag
1 masterwork mithral short sword (damages monsters vulnerable to silver weapons) – value 1,010gp
3 chainmail
3 light wooden shield
3 morningstars
8 small leather armors
7 small light wooden shields
7 small short swords
7 small short bows
1 small longsword
2 small javelins
86 crossbow bolts

1,003 gold pieces (this includes the 750gp reward from Sheila Heidmarch)

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