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Stoneheart Dungeon #2: The Visitors

More people join our heroes as they try to reclaim shrines from evil worshipers of the demon lord Orcus, Prince of the Undead. The party’s monk, Eagle One, continues their tale. (-GM)

23rd day of Sarenith, 4717 AR

A priest of Orcus

It is me, Eagle One again. Today, while we are cleaning the temple, two new people show up: Isaax, an arcanist, and Fabrizio Moretti, an alchemist. They are helping us clean the temple, when we heard some magic being cast.

Groominator and I go out to investigate it, and we stealth in some bushes. Turns out, they cast darkness, so we can’t see anything. We have to wait for Hannibal to get there so he can cast daylight. Then, we realize that he has to cast daylight on an object he touches.

I come up with the brilliant idea of him touching my arrow. I shoot the arrow, and we can finally see them. They are three humanoids, wearing a lot of black clothes, chain mail armor, and they have steel shields. They will be tough to fight.

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Stoneheart Dungeon #1: Blood and Bones

The Church of Iomedae is primarily concerned with the threat of demons from the Worldwound to the west. For less pressing tasks, it employs eager adventurers who migrate to Mendev but who are… less than fitting for service in the paladin armies. The new party is tasked with reclaiming two shrines to Iomedae and Abadar that were lost to cultists of Orcus ten years ago. The party’s zen archer monk, Eagle One, begins our tale. (-GM)

20th day of Sarenith, 4717 AR

It is me, Eagle One (a honorably zen archer), with The WANDerer (a summoner), and some other people whose names I can’t remember. A rogue and a paladin. We are now riding our horses to investigate and reclaim two shrines, one to Iomedae and one to Abadar.

Finally, we arrive. We walk into the first shrine and find that it is covered with blood and s***. The statue of Abadar has gotten its head blown off, and someone apparently took a s*** in its neck. Our paladin (Hannibal his name is) starts yelling obscenities at the statue and suddenly he is turned into a warpriest. Must have lost his paladinhood.

Well, while The WANDerer (let’s call him W for short) tries to decipher things written in blood on the ground, I walk over to the statue. I try to find its missing head, but all I find is rubble that seems impossible to put together. Then, while our rogue tries to find traps and secret passages along the wall, I hear a noise of a sword coming out of its scabbard. We’ll have to try to find that. Then, I notice some words at the foot of the statue:

“As you obey the commands of Abadar so does this figure obey your COMMAND.”

Just then, before I get a chance to do anything, we notice two skeletons covered in blood coming our way. I go out and try to shoot one. My arrow goes through its ribs, barely seeming to do anything. W’s eidolon seems to be doing a lot. Quickly, Hannibal and our rogue rushes out to help us. The skeletons are tough, but we end up beating them. It takes time, and we are exhausted.

We decide to go back and clean up the shrine before exploring the other one. After a bit, we decide to camp the night here. During Hannibal’s watch, I am awoken by a scream. Oh s***! A bunch of giant spiders have invaded the shrine. I shoot one after another, but they have bound our rogue, Groominator the Great (I finally learn his name) and Hannibal. W keeps on summoning giant spiders, but thankfully these are on our side.

We manage to defeat the last of them. I look up to the sky, and wonder what more will await us. Then, I go back to help clean the shrine.

-Eagle One (Bruno)


Eagle One, vanaran zen-archer monk 4
Groominator the Great, goblin rogue 3
Hannibal the Cannibal, aasimar warpriest of Sarenrae 3
The WANDerer, half-elven summoner 3

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Rappan Athuk #45: In-N-Out

The party returned to exploring Rappan Athuk’s maze, looking for a way down to the fabled goblin city. (-GM)

18th day of Arodus, 4718 AR


We started the day like most days: with a vote. The choices were to go into the maze below a sinkhole we had found earlier, or explore somewhere else. The verdict was to go down the sinkhole so off we went.

We found a tunnel at the bottom of the sinkhole and followed it for about 80 feet. As soon as we turned the corner, Ghost-Wolf was killed by some unseen attacker. Directly after, The Hero of No Name grunted in pain and fell to his knees. Unseen attacker turned out to be unseen attackers as the monsters revealed themselves. Four powerful looking goblins stood surrounding the dead body of Ghost-Wolf, their daggers raised.

Further down the tunnel, more goblins emerged. The goblin in front seemed to be the leader and shouted at us, “I AM THE MIGHTY SASHA!! TREMBLE IN FEAR FOR BEFORE YOU STANDS THE POWERFUL LEADER OF MINING EXPEDITION 38!!!” A little goblin in the back mentioned how being a failed mining expedition wasn’t really something to use to intimidate people. It should really give you -2 on your roll or something. Then after thinking for a second, the party finally realized that this could be the party that was with Gurran and his small group of miners that got separated. We told Sasha that we would be right back.

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Rappan Athuk #44: That’s Not What I Meant

The party grappled with a set of riddles in a network of caves surrounding a perplexing fountain in Rappan Athuk. Nioveskirian tells their story. (-GM)

15th day of Arodus, 4718 AR

We unanimously agreed to burn it all.

As we continued down the hallway, I noticed that the passageway seemed to be getting narrower. To my great surprise I discovered that this was because the passageway was getting narrower. The corridor opened into a fairly large room, with several carvings of demons and two inscriptions in an old version of our common tongue. They were too archaic for me to decipher, but Shia used his magical helm to translate.

The one on the left wall said, “The face of the demon leads one to eternal strife.”

The one on the right wall said, “The elements conflict, and the path of water drowns the fires of hell.”

It seemed the walls were too cryptic to be of any use, so we examined the floor instead. At first glance, it seemed to be covered in sand, but a second revealed that is was actually quicksand. Our burrowing buddies found that there was liquid underneath. Most of it was fast-burning oil but there was a bottom layer that contained a few feet of water. More burrowing found a dirt passageway that eventually led to air. We unanimously agreed to burn it all.

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Rappan Athuk #43: The Perplexing Fountain

After a lost chapter in which the party explored a maze of caverns and agreed with a lost goblin party to help them find a way back through the minotaur maze in exchange for information on how to find the underground goblin city, we say goodbye to a beloved character and hello… to another one? (-GM)

11th day of Arodus, 4718 AR

I’ve lost track of the days down here, each one blending into the next. Battle after battle. Some of them easy, some of them not. Our most recent fight had been against a demon and a vampire. The demon had this stone that did all these strange things. I remember Valestar started babbling random things and I shouted at him, what are you? Level 5? They both teleported away before they could die but they had only teleported 20 feet away into a hidden room. We destroyed the wall in between the 2 rooms and charged in. Both monsters were weak and the party killed them easily.

Aside from the magical halberd and the magical armor, there was a polished black gem. It had made me and the rest of the party confused when we looked at it. Shia looked at it closely and told us that it was very valuable. Worth more than 350,000 gold pieces. Shia tucked it into one of his pockets and said let’s do this. But before we got on with adventuring, we decided to go back to the house to drop off the black gem now known as a Chaos Diamond. Once we arrived, I decided that I was going to take a break from adventuring to visit my mother for mother’s day. I bid the party farewell and left.

Hello future adventurer! It is me DFSRFA. I am leaving my journal here so the new member of the party (you) can continue telling the story of Rappan Athuk. Good grammar, good spelling, and good luck.

My best regards, DFSRFA

Hello. My name is DFSIFA (Death From Somewhere Irrelevantly Far Away) and I guess this is my journal now. Well, now that it’s my job to recount the events of the day, I guess I should get going.

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Rappan Athuk #41: Well, Well, Well, What Do We Have Here?

The party’s exploration of Rappan Athuk comes full circle in today’s installment, as they explore the doom-laden natural passageways that surround Zelkor’s tomb. The stoney paladin Nioveskirian tells their tale. (-GM)

3rd day of Arodus, 4718 AR

Stirges are so annoying.

By now we’ve figured out that we’re going to have to fight something whenever we turn a corner, so we were prepared for the black skeletons that rushed at us from the newest little chamber we discovered. We clashed for a while, but our victory was inevitable, and it ended with a crunch as a skeleton which had been slowed to a crawl by Val was put out of its misery.

There was some rubble blocking the entrance to the next cavern, so we set to work clearing it. Non summoned earth elementals to help with the big rock transfer. While that was happening, Arv burrowed through to scout the room we were unearthing. He came back in a hurry, due to the huge stirge nest he encountered. Stirges are so annoying. Luckily, we had a plan.

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Rappan Athuk #40: An Important Find

The paladin Valestar Ekhart rejoined the party via teleportation magic, and found them sorting through the loot they had gotten from some trolls. He tells their story… (-GM)

2nd day of Arodus, 4718 AR

If the body of Death from Somewhere Really Far Away died with someone else’s mind in it, the wizard would survive but DSRFA would die.

Those vexing golems were suddenly not so vexing, as The Hero of No Name’s teleportation scroll activated, and we were whisked back to our comfortable home. We had a few other problems, however, the biggest of which was lying unconscious in front of us. DSRFA’s soulless body was still being occupied by whoever had taken control of him, and we needed to find a way to remove the trespasser and restore DSRFA’s soul.

Shia’s sharp memory came to our aid, however, and he identified the spell as Magic Jar, and said that if the body with DSRFA died with someone else’s mind in it, the wizard would survive but DSRFA would die.

We also found out that the spell would expire in about 10 hours, and so we teleported to Egorian to buy adamantine weapons and other items to help us when we returned to finish what we had started with our mystery caster and the golems. After some quick planning, we figured that we could teleport back before the spell expired, and then attack while the caster was down a spell.

It sounded good, and with a few arcane muttering and a couple waves of his hands, The Hero of No Name teleported us back to the cliff where we had discovered the secret door leading to the golems.

We waited out the spell, and everything was going according to plan. But nothing ever goes according to plan in the Dungeon of Graves. BlungyBooce suddenly pulled out his trusty revolver and took aim at Shia. Before any of us could react, BlungyBooce shot Shia twice, and turned to take a shot at Perseus, but his gun seemed to jam.

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