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Wrath of the Righteous 2, #3: Clawing Out to Kenabres

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17th of Arodus, 4718 AR

Just when I was about to make the final blow, the spider attacked me and I was almost dead, bleeding like crazy.

So there I was. Helpless and didn’t know much. Came back from a time out of the adventure. I was confused at the beginning but then I knew where we were.

Down under Kenabres. Come on. We fell just because of a fight. We seemed to be left off near a dwarf. An annoying one. I didn’t know much about him. So after that, we found a chest filled with cool stuff. I got an invincibility potion. Then we continued on.

But only me (Tamaru) and Nlarktor wanted to continue. We were both at the front and the rest followed. But suddenly, we found a giant spider.

It was up on the ceiling so I couldn’t reach it with a greataxe. So I used my shortbow A.K.A the weapon with no extra damage. I thought of many ways to do damage with my Greataxe like using it as an arrow and shoot it with my bow. The greataxe was too heavy so I couldn’t hit him with my greataxe.

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Wrath of the Righteous 2, #2: Déjà Doom


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17th of Arodus, 4718 AR

A non-defensive, idiotic, spoiled rich moron that was bribing everyone to do his bidding which is stupid because where in this pitiful pit is there going to be a place where one could buy something?

I was miserable. We were just about to join a holy crusade when these overpowered demons showed up and painfully blasted us down a creepy pit with no return! This is more or less exactly what happened to me 51 years ago on a smaller scale!

Why didn’t I foresee this? Why didn’t I listen to the dreams I’ve been having for the past decade of this exact situation happening and the voice of Iomedae saying, “Whatever you do, don’t do what you just did in this dream”? Why? WHY?

At times like this, when one is awash with regret, it’s hard to remember anything good.

I was stuck in this wretched pit with 5 non-defensive idiots that I knew, 1 non-defensive idiot that I didn’t know, a non-defensive blind guy, and a non-defensive, idiotic, spoiled rich moron that was bribing everyone to do his bidding which is stupid because where in this pitiful pit is there going to be a place where one could buy something? Idiots. Just when I was focusing all of my willpower on not thinking, “Could this get any worse” these weird leech-like things that fell from the ceiling attacked us. We defeated them, wandered around, slept in some shrine, and wandered around some more. In short, I’m in a pit surrounded by idiots and I can’t get out.

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XP so far:

Edenias: 1,965
Evxan: 1,765
Nlarktor: 2,165
Staetalevich: 1,832
Tamaru: 1,432
Vyenta: 632

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Wrath of the Righteous 2, #1: How to Join the Crusades, Book One

A new campaign begins, as our band of heroes meet for the first time and seek to join the Crusades!

The Grandmaster

16th of Arodus, 4718 AR

The guard wouldn’t let us in because everyone was chiming in while another was talking. Finally, one of the commanders, Irabeth Tirabade, told the guards to let us in.

Staetalevich, Edenias, and I (Evxan) were traveling to Kenabres and somehow ended up at a huge crater. There were three other adventurers there that I didn’t know. They were named Tamaru, Vyenta, and Nlarktor. After Edenias jumped into the crater and started making dirt angels, I showed off my Riftwarden skills and found out that the crater was a weak spot between the planes.

(Now, the investigator is me. Edenias has nothing on me.)

As soon as I found that out, I cast enlarge person on Tamaru thinking something would happen to the spell. When Tamaru was huge and nothing happened, three of my own kind (tieflings) came out of nowhere and attacked us.

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Wrath of the Righteous 2: A Call to Arms!

wrath-righteousYou all are in KENABRES, one of the border cities of the Crusading Nation of Mendev, on the eastern edge of the demonic Worldwound! This post is for our party to check-in on our characters and to prepare for the launch of our Campaign!

Our players and characters are:
Nate – Nlarktor, a dwarven fighter (character sheet, bio)
Max S. – Edenius, a tiefling investigator (character sheet, bio)
Jasper – Evxan, a tiefling arcanist (character sheet, bio)
Emmett – Staetalevich, a nagaji skald (character sheet, bio)
Makoa – Tamaru, an orc barbarian (character sheet, bio)
Enzo – Vyenta, a tiefling magus (character sheet, no bio yet)

You all should write a backstory that (1) includes the backstory in your special Campaign Trait, (2) explains why your character chose his/her class, (3) explains how you ended up in Kenabres and know each other!

Here is the Wrath of the Righteous Player’s Guide, which includes background info on The Crusades and the nation of Mendev, your Campaign Traits, and some tips on characters!

Comment below to talk about the party and the campaign! We will start on JUNE 14!


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Wrath of the Righteous 2: Party Discussion!

wrath-righteousEmmett already has a backstory for how Emmett, Jasper, and Max Sklar’s characters meet up. Here’s our party so far:

Emmett –> nagaji skald (like a cross between a bard and a barbarian)
Jasper –> tiefling arcanist
Max Sklar –> tiefling investigator
Nate –> dwarven fighter (armor master)

Enzo –> ???
Makoa –> ???

So we have a strong defensive up-front person (Nate!), someone with a lot of skills who can also help with a little magic (Max Sklar), someone to inspire and buff the party (Emmett), and a pure arcane caster (Jasper).

People should play what they want eventually (you’ll have 6 characters after all), but it might strengthen the group more if your group also covered healing and people who could do strong melee damage or ranged damage.

Here is the link to the MYTHIC RULES.

What do you guys think?