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Rappan Athuk #105: The Solution

In an unwritten chapter of our tale, the party miraculously survived a demon-goblin ambush, the party explored the remainder of their caves, finding altars to Orcus, treasure, and a revealing note. Bright Yilling also was murdered by a half-orc viking fighter, Grom-gil-Gorm, who stole his gear and joined the party…


29th day of Desnus, 4722 AR

Valestar looked up from the pile of treasure which lay before us in the chest of the once-leader of the goblins. The “compensation” we had received from this long and extremely eventful encounter was hardly worth the amount that was spent here. However, it did not matter, for a long-time bastion of the Prince of the Undead, the demon lord Orcus, was no more. The goblin priests of this abyssal city were among his most devout and brutal followers, never shying from the opportunity to spread his corruption. 

Among the treasure we had found a note from the persona “GC,” which we have interpreted as the Grand Cornu, which used to lead the Cult of Orcus in the ancient evil city of Tsar. In this letter he revealed that he had in fact given the goblins the balor demons who we had fought in the antechamber outside the room in anticipation of our eventual “return” to the city. Orcus and his followers have become aware of our party’s growing prowess. The challenges of the past will likely pale in comparison to what we are going to face in the future.

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Rappan Athuk #103: The Ambush

In an unwritten chapter of our tale, the party decided to destroy Greznek, the goblin city deep within Rappan Athuk. They got more than they bargained for, as the goblins and hobgoblins were led by priests who seemed to have been granted favors by demons…


27th day of Kuthona, 4721 AR

In this chapter, the party pays another visit to the goblin city…

The session started in the middle of murdering hobgoblins which Deckard Cain defeated with jatembe’s ire and fireball. After most were weakened by Susurrus’ amazing ray of frost, DFSIFA shot six arrows, missing four and completely killing one of the flying hobgoblins. Suddenly, two large spellcaster hobgoblins came forward and one attempted to dispel my fly, but I still had my wings of flying. Then two smaller hobgoblins advanced and were pushed swiftly out of the air and into the Jatembe’s Ire. After this, an alchemist came at DFSIFA but failed to throw a bomb.

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Gloomhaven #3: Portents and Permutations

(Scenario #3 Inox Encampment, Scenario #5 Ruinous Crypt, Scenario #8 Gloomhaven Warehouse)


The dark void where her eyes should have been made it difficult to read her intent, but it did speak of great power.

“I knew you would come,” she said when we approached her in the Sleeping Lion looking for more adventurers. She introduced herself as Diviner. “I am ready to go.”

She said she knew that we would succeed at “sending a message” to the Inox encampment this time, but only if she came with us. Since there seemed to be no reason to distrust her — there being other reason for her to go to the encampment — we agreed she could come. She smiled, and promised to “guide” us on our journey. We already knew where the encampment was; what she meant only became clear later.

We again confronted the encampment. I expected Diviner to step forward manipulate the elements in the same manner as I, but instead she stepped back and the darkness in her eyes deepened and her hair waved back.

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Gloomhaven #2: From Another World

(Scenario #4 Crypt of the Damned, and Scenario #3 Inox Encampment)

We decided to investigate the turn in the Still River to find out more about this “Gloom.” But while leaving the city, we came upon a vermling who offered to send us a slimy gear. We gave the rat ten gold for the curiosity. Impulse said she would add it to her “collection.” Whatever she meant I don’t know, but the mystery of its origin intrigued me.

We ventured north along the river, helping a caravan carrying prisoners retrieve their lost charge along the way.

“Doing good deeds will do you good!” said Impulse.

The stench of death told us we had found another crypt. The bandits inside consorted with skeletons and cultists, which was surprising by itself. But nothing could have us prepared us for the mountain of pure elemental energy that we faced in the form of an Earth Demon.

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Gloomhaven #1: Bonding Exercises

(spellweaverScenario #1 Black Barrow, and Scenario #2 Barrow Lair)

We met when she tried to rob me. Impulse tried to attack me in a dark alley, only to be thwarted by the elemental defenses I had prepared for the occasion. We respected each other immediately.

I was recruiting adventurers in Gloomhaven. I came to this isle because my people’s meditations had revealed that there was a dark force set to rise on this isle. I volunteered to investigate, as I knew this was an opportunity to advance my quest to discover new magical secrets. It was better not to adventure alone, and I needed a “local guide” for this isle and this city.

Of course, I knew I couldn’t really trust someone who had just tried to rob me. But I knew that she had use for me and my magical powers which could unlock new opportunities for monetary gain.

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Rappan Athuk #101: When the Dead Speak

A hunt begins, and the party defends itself against its accusers. The slayer-cum-scribe Death from Somewhere Irrelevantly Far Away tells their tale.


4th day of Kuthona, 4721 AR

An ancient prophecy on display referenced walls of color.

Two extreme battles took place this past week. I left off last time right after Bright Yilling had slain the Second of Orcus, Maphistal. There still remained two Balor Demons and a couple of Winterwights. It only took us 30 seconds to dispose of them and collect what little loot there was.

But that is not what mattered, we had slain Maphistal, one of Orcus’s lieutenants. We decided that the best course of action to achieve our goal of killing Orcus would be to slay his greatest allies first. We set our sights on Sonechard, General of Orcus. Even our wizard, Susurrus of the Wind, knew very little about him.

In hopes of learning more, we went to a library in the capital Nerosyan. The library provided us with some basic knowledge of Sonechard’s power, place of residence, and his tactics in combat. Something else that caught our eye was an ancient prophecy on display. In the text it referenced walls of color.

Colored wall sounded familiar to me. I thought back to our recent adventures. It only took me a few seconds to remember the Prismatic Wall puzzle that was down on the level with the big Orcus temple. As I explained what I remembered, the party nodded their heads in agreement, remembering the area and declaring that that was where we were going next.

On our way out of the museum, however, an arrow flew out of nowhere and struck Susurrus right in the side of the head. However, because of my robe of eyes I was able to see that the arrow came out of a slit in the wall, on the second story of an opera house. Valestar’s companion griffon flew him up to the arrow slit in a matter of seconds, but our paladin was only able to catch a glance of two figures. One was an elf, holding the bow that had just loosed an arrow at our wizard. The other was a bearded human with a purple cloak on.

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Rappan Athuk #100: The Trial

Here we are: the 100th writeup of the Rappan Athuk campaign. Several members of the party have something to about a day that was one for the ages. But we begin with the letter from the party’s slayer, addressed to the judge overseeing the lawsuit against the party for recent deaths on the Air Elemental Plane.


28th day of Neth, 4721 AR

Death From Somewhere Irrelevantly Far Away:

Dear Mr. Judge,

This is Death From Somewhere Irrelevantly Far Away or better known as DFSIFA. I am writing to you because my party and the church were sued due to a recent scandal. The situation involved cursed gold that we had unknowingly brought into your marketplace. It caused around 30 people to be unable to sleep for a night. Our party was also afflicted with this ailment.

After rudely barging into our residence, the Air Marshal demanded that we undo all the damage. The Air Pope was also accompanying him and after we could not come up with a good way of doing this, he suggested that we pay him 25,000 gold and he would use a Miracle to remove the curse from everybody. We readily agreed to this plan and quickly paid him the sum he asked for. However, during the casting of the Miracle he worded it poorly and caused an Orcus Temple to be teleported to the main vault of the bank. A massive battle ensued which led to the death of several priests. I think it is ridiculous that 500,000 gold is charged to us to resurrect these people when it was the Air Pope’s idea to do the Miracle in the first place and he was the one who messed up the wording.

First of all, as the Pope on the Material Plane can verify, we are a very good party. He has been keeping an eye on us for the past three or so years and he has watched as we have slain our way through the megadungeon Rappan Athuk. He can confirm that anything the party does is not of ill-intent and that we are merely trying to survive. We recently slew the demon lord known as Maphistal. The well renowned paladin in our party, Valestar, cannot lie due to his paladin oath so that means that when he says the party was unaware of the curse on the gold it must be the truth. The party does all of its business in your city and we would never want to jeopardize that.

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