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Rappan Athuk #60: One Does Not Simply Walk into More Doors

As Nioveskirian set about decorating his new cave, the rest of the party explore a dungeon beneath the Goblin City of Greznek… (-GM)

8th day of Gozran, 4720 AR

After congratulating Nioveskirian on his victory in the arena, we realized that we may have found another level to explore. The Hero of No Name was overjoyed to get back to his preferred activity, mapping.

I followed him down a long hallway ending in an unassuming door. 9Rot, his eidolon, walked up as if he were to open the door. Perseus landed next to it placing a claw on its flank and shaking his beak. I had a bad feeling about this door. I expressed that to The Hero of No Name, who shook his head, and finally conceded to me opening the door. I steeled myself, and with one hand on my sword, turned the handle. As soon as it opened, a massive explosion of ice and cold blasted out.

I was able to dodge it, as was most of our party. DFSIFA looked a bit chilled, as did Shia, whose tail was frozen to the ground. I drew my sword, ready to banish whatever evil being whose audacious attack had just accosted us, but the open door exposed but a wall staring back at us. DFSIFA scoffed, and proceeded to brag about his keen observational skills, which, after about five minutes of close study, failed to notice anything out of the ordinary about this stone wall.

We all gave it one last look, and followed The Hero of No Name, who, even though his face was blue and his hair frozen, was still excitedly following his carefully drawn map.

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Rappan Athuk #59: Nioveskirian vs. Droog – 100gp on Pay-Per-View!

Nioveskirian the Dwarf finds a new home in the Goblin City. (-GM)

8th day of Gozran, 4720 AR

The trolls shook their heads in rage, casting slobber off their fangs this way and that.

“Are YOU the ones who murdered our entire tribe!? Blew our FAMILIES APART leaving only hunks of burning flesh of everyone we know!?”

The party hesitated. We turned to each other.

“ARE we?” Valestar asked. “DID we kill a bunch of trolls? I remember killed a room full of gugs that one time.”

“And don’t forget the nests of gargoyles,” The Hero of No Name said. “There were 48 of them.”

“I do remember shooting burning meteors down a hole once,” I said. “Maybe there were trolls at the bottom?”

“AAAAAAAAARRGHHHH!” The trolls dropped their gathering sacks and charged at the party, greatclubs high.

Within seconds, the party was surrounded by heaps of troll flesh. Uttering prayers to Sarenrae, the paladin solemnly hacked up those pieces that looked like complete troll; I blasted fire at parts that were still twitching until all lay still.

So we continued exploring the maze. We went down the cavern after the maze, finding in front of us 3 wisps that were annoying but dispatched quickly. Nioveskirian looked annoyed from the fight because of the “cowardice” the wisps displayed by turning invisible and trying to do sneak damage like a “friend” of his DFSIFA. We continued to explore the cavern for a while and suddenly we heard a strange sound getting closer. We all readied attacks against whatever would show up, myself preparing a spell that would blast whatever horror some creature approaching us with a mix of both normal and holy fire. DFSIFA did his “I go hide in the corner and shoot arrows at monster thingy” action while Nioveskirian, Valestar, Shia, and I took positions in the air to fight the beast.

So we went down the cavern after the maze, finding in front of us 3 wisps that were annoying but dispatched quickly. Nioveskirian looked annoyed from the fight because of the “cowardice” the wisps displayed by turning invisible and trying to do sneak damage like a “friend” of his DFSIFA. We continued to explore the cavern for a while and suddenly we heard a strange sound getting closer. We all readied attacks against whatever would show up, myself preparing a spell that would blast whatever horror some creature approaching us with a mix of both normal and holy fire. DFSIFA did his “I go hide in the corner and shoot arrows at monster thingy” action while Nioveskirian, Valestar, Shia, and I took positions in the air to fight the beast.

The creature came into view now. Now let me just say i’ve faced salamander lords who’ve trapped me in cubes of force, glabrezus, Orcus worshipers, minotaurs, Dragons of flame and darkness, hounds that turn flesh to stone, and even a 12 headed fire spewing hydra. But nothing-I mean NOTHING freaked me out more than that HUMONGOUS FLYING INSECT-WORM. I immediately poured a vast majority of strength from my body and cast a multitude of spells that I knew would make wormy go bye bye. Well he didn’t die but I certainly hurt him bad because he immediately changed course towards me and let out a poisonous breath.

(Paizo: Why does every powerful monster have to have a powerful breath weapon you don’t want to get hit by- Deckard)

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Dead Suns #6: I Get Abducted by Aliens (Clickbait!!!)

EXCLUSIVE! A lot of rumors have been circulating about what Hector Hottie has been up to ever since his live stream went dark. Well, Hector Hottie sat down and wrote to us HIMSELF, folks. Are you excited? Because WE surely are! *squee!* (-GM)

12th Day of Rova, 317 AG

While everyone with a working brain started thinking of ways to find and use this “weapon,” Nikolai put on one of the dead guys’ uniforms. Why? I have no idea. He said something to us about talking to the worm, but i was focused on a more realistic endeavor. About a minute later he came back, in pain. What other outcome did he expect? I mean it’s a giant worm with crazy mind powers. With Nikolai’s idea out of a way, we proceeded on.

We felt like it was a good time to rest, so we started by making makeshift beds blah blah blah. We were then confronted by four people. They seemed to be quadruplets or something. One took out a laser pistol and did some kind of sneak sneaky stealthy thing and shot at us. We fired back quickly and hit one of them. It dissolved Into thin air. It seemed that it was an operative we were up against, who had some kind of replicating ability, making herself multiple images so we didn’t know which one was the original.

We chased after her. We got to a cavern where the artificial gravity stopped, and she tried to escape. Drifting out, she got stuck against the wall and three of us managed to get guns to her head. She dropped her weapon which started floating away and said, “Alright I give up I can’t win.”

We brought her back tied her up and started to interrogate her, why she was here and what she was doing. She was an android named Clara-247. She answered most of them pretty poorly, I would say.

Instead of interrogating her, I thought it was a good idea to make a deal. She would help us fight the Giant winged mindworm. She agreed to that if we a let her live, gave her back her stuff and also paid her 500 credits. We agreed to the deal — the worm seemed too strong for us to defeat. So we tied her up and we started to rest again.

All I remember about that night was falling asleep in the corner and having a strange dream. I was a child again, and my little sister held out her hand. I took it, and then we started walking toward a forest. Then i woke up floating out to open space and a bright light while a small grey creature with big buggy eyes went limp while holding my hand.

According to my crewmates, it went into my mind and did some Pennywise s*** to make me follow it. It was probably trying to bring me to the light, probably a spaceship, and study me. But luckily we — oh, and by we I mean my crewmates — killed it before it could do anything.

We went back to sleep again, and in the morning found the operative we had passed out on the floor somehow getting a hold of some kind of alcohol. We decided to brave the Mindworm anyways. We opened the door and it immediately attacked us, and by us I mean Nikolai. We shot it a bunch of times, somehow wounding it. The barrage of spells from Chappie as well as our relentless fire forced it to try to escape, but we done it down.

With the space worm dead, we looked for a way onto the Sunrise Maiden. Once on, we proceeded to check every inch for hostile life, but found no life at all.


We went back to the original ship and got the package for the Eoxian diplomat. Once aboard the Sunrise Maiden, we set off, hoping to get back to Absalom Station. While flying through empty space, our scanners picked up something moving out at us at high speed. It was another Eoxian ship. We didn’t ask questions — we fired first. We were unstoppable in our new ship. With me at the helm giving directions, XI and Chappie patching the shields up, Chee Kee flying the ship and making crazy maneuvers, and the insane accuracy of Nikolai and Tequila, we blew a hole straight through them, suffering one small shot to our hull. Then we sped off towards Absalom Station, ready for whatever the future had in store for us.

Signing off,
Hector Hottie (Enzo)


XI, android mechanic 3
Chappy, android technomancer 3
Chee Kee, ysoki operative 3
Hector Hottie, halfling envoy 3
Tequila, android soldier 3

Nikolai, vesk soldier 3

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Rappan Athuk #58: The Dragons

The party stumbles upon a pair of fearsome foes in the deadly megadungeon Rappan Athuk… (-GM)

7th day of Gozran, 4720 AR

We briefly looked over the items in the capital but there was nothing of interest. We decided that 100k or more was not enough per person so we went back to the HUGE cavern where we had previously fought the gargoyles. There were two huge tunnels leading out of one end of the cavern and they were both filled with steam.

We decided to take the one going northeast. It was hard to see but my robe of eyes helped a little. It was like a steam bath. We saw a couple of rats relaxing in hot pools of water or just enjoying the humid air. We could not tell exactly how high the ceiling was, but based on how wide the area was we could take a guess. I could see Jackie Chan look longingly at one of the hot pools of water and I could tell he was wishing he could put Shia down and relax. However, the party kept moving forward.

The Hero of No Name was eager to draw more maps and to summon strange creatures nobody would ever and will ever need. He was so intent looking at his map that he almost walked off a cliff. Ghost Wolf was able to save him just in time though. We could hear rushing water at the bottom so we could guess that this was a canyon and there would be another wall on the other side. It turns out we were correct because when we flew across the river we could see the other cliff side. The area beyond the river was a huge plateau.

There seemed to be a big pile of garbage with shiny things scattered around it. I stared at it, baffled, until a memory surfaced from a long long time ago…  An epic battle that had been… Suddenly DSFIFA loosed three arrows, which struck a formerly invisible dragon. The beast uttered a final roar before falling into the sea. (Nate’s writeup a little while ago) I wondered why I had thought of that. Oh wait… A DRAGON. My 47th eye told me that two invisible dragons were sneaking up on the party. I fired an arrow… all that I had time for in the split second before they made it to the party. One of them reached over and snatched me up in its jaws. I thought for a second that this might be the end of the Ranged Sneak Build. But the power of the blink was on my side however, so I was able to blink through the dragons jaws and land nimbly on my feet. Our paladin walked up, yelled something paladiny and poked it with his sword.

I shot it full of arrows and, like all dragons I meet, it fell dead to the ground. The other flew over to the party and breathed this nasty smelling stuff all over us. It smelled like Nioveskirian’s breath, only this kind actually hurt us physically. Jackie Chan ran over to the final dragon and whacked it upside the head. After the dragon fell unconscious he walked over to its head and put a breath mint inside its mouth.

Valestar skinned the dragons (their hides were valuable) while the others hunted through the big piles of bones the dragons must have called a nest. We found a couple of dragon eggs and a bunch of other nifty tools. Like a spear that was also a compass and a ladder and was apparently worth more than 35k to Deckard Cain. We took our spoils of war and went to the capital to sell out new items including our swiss-army knife worth 35k.

We then tied Shia to a pole and forced him to craft us stuff for months on end. I am writing this entry as I stand watching Shia write me a stupid book to make me stronger. I mean wtf? I bet a gym is cheaper than this book.

Signing off,
Need to talk? Got something to say?
Well thats too bad, I’m irrelevantly far away!


Death from Somewhere Irrelevantly Far Away, tiefling slayer 15
Deckard Cain, aasimar flame oracle 13
Jackie Chan, oread flowing monk 12
The Hero of No Name, aasimar summoner 14
Nioveskirian, dwarven stonelord paladin 14
Shia Labeouf, merfolk bard 13
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 15

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Starfinder RPG System Reference Document Is Up!

You can now look up things from the Starfinder RPG Core Rulebook online! (Including rules for starship battles!)

Go to this link:

-The Grandmaster

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Rappan Athuk #57: All the Fun Stuff Happens When I’m Not There

Nate wasn’t at this session of Rappan Athuk, that won’t stop him saying what he thinks about it! (-GM)

9th day of Abadius, 4720 AR

It happened that day just as it had on so many others. I go out for one minute to get a nice mug of ale, and when I get back I find those idiots have gone to the dungeon by themselves. But this time was different. This time, I went to the magic shop and paid for a scrying spell. I then sat back and watched, along with several wizards who must have been really bored from studying spells all day.

They began their excursion by fighting a group of Nevurr’s malicious brethren, gargoyles. After they had hunted down and slaughtered every last one of them and kept some of the children alive so they could witness each and every one of their family members being torn limb from limb only to throw them into the hungry maw of death as well, they took some treasure and moved on to another cavern.

“Fools,” said Denhivale, an experienced enchanter. “The children had so much potential- with everything they loved taken from them, they would obey their every command without a thought. A total waste of resources.”

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Dead Suns #5: Not As It Seems

The Drift Rock is more than it appears, as is clear in this week’s chapter courtesy of Tequila (Paul). Play this soundtrack as you read… (-GM)

10th Day of Rova, 317 AG

Monsters have the worst timing possible.

When I was really little, all I ever wanted was a mansion inside an asteroid. Some people had done this of course, but it was very rare. As I grew older, I became more interested in the asteroid itself than the mansion I wanted inside. This is relevant because right now it was time to go into a cave that led deeper into the huge mysterious hunk of space rock I was standing on.

The party moved forward into the cave. It was dark (but not damp cuz its space), and like all dark tunnels there were creatures there. These creepy zombies that kind of shimmered in and out of reality moved forward and attacked the party. We disposed of them and moved further into the asteroid.

It was after a minute of walking that the party was presented with something nobody could have foreseen… A man made tunnel! Not just any rough-cut tunnel; I mean a tunnel made out of sheets of metal. The metal was not like the current day alloy used for most walls. It was different. Older I guess, but from not too long ago. The first thing that came through my mind was that this was a mansion inside an asteroid. Then common sense kicked in and I realized that anyone rich enough to have a mansion inside a space rock would be rich enough to get real wood, not just crappy metal. Chappy said that he recognized this metal from old space ships his dad used to collect.

We all looked at each other. We knew what this meant, and we weren’t sure whether this was a good thing or a bad thing. For those of your who are… slow… we had realized that this was a hidden spaceship of some kind.

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