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A ninja certification test!

This looks interesting. I want to see the test questions!

Gaming news site Kotaku posted about this:

“According to At Press, the certification test will be held at Zojo-ji, a Buddhist temple in Tokyo. The examination is thirty minutes long and covers your ninja knowledge of the Koga-ryu school.”

See article

-A Curious Grandmaster

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No Guild this Week

Unfortunately, I am unable to run the class this week due to some real-life Level 20 challenges. We will continue the adventure next Monday…

-A Sad Grandmaster

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GREAT Sale on many Pathfinder RPG books!

Between now and October 24th at 11AM, Humble Bundle is offering digital versions of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and the Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box for ONE DOLLAR. If you add the Strategy Guide, Bestiary, GameMastery Guide, and 2 full-size adventure modules that’s only a total of EIGHT DOLLARS. You get more at higher levels, including a lot of small 32 and 64 page books that fill out the setting and provide more character options in Golarion; there are more details on the Humble Bundle page.

If you want to learn more about some of these books, see my Shopping Suggestions for Parents #1 and.#2.

We use three systems in The Guild: Pathfinder RPG, Starfinder RPG, and D&D. These digital books are for use with the Pathfinder RPG. HOWEVER, Pathfinder and Starfinder are VERY similar: the Beginner Box (and the more advanced Core Rulebook) teach a system that, once absorbed, means that a kid can easily play Starfinder RPG as well.

Also, proceeds to Humble Bundle go to a good cause!

– Your Informative and Ever-Thoughtful Grandmaster


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Converting Pathfinder monsters for use in Starfinder

We’re in a funny place right now, having a full base system for Starfinder but hardly any creatures for characters to fight against before the Alien Archive comes out this month. Hence, the chapter in the rulebook for converting things from Pathfinder for use in Starfinder.

From my quick read, here is a list of the (main) things you need to know when using a creature from a Pathfinder Bestiary versus Starfinder characters:

  • About AC it says: When converting a Pathfinder RPG monster to Starfinder, treat its normal AC as its KAC (if the monster functions in a combat role as defined on page 323 of the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary, add 1 to its KAC) and subtract 1 from its normal AC to obtain its EAC. You can ignore the flatfooted AC, because in Starfinder, flat–footed is simply a condition that applies a –2 penalty to both EAC and KAC regardless of the affected monster’s Dexterity bonus.
  • Increase its hit points by 25%
  • If you need to know its Hit Dice for purposes of a spell or other effect, use its CR
  • If it has more than one attack:
    Option #1: use them as written (full attacks cannot be combined with a guarded step)
    Option #2: You may want to give some creatures with weapons a Level-appropriate TECH weapon from the Starfinder Equipment chapter…
    then if it has more than 1 attack but rarely can use it (e.g. it is melee with multiple attacks) and so just makes single attacks, add 3 or 4 to its attack bonus
  • If it has a larger crit range than 20, then natural rolls within that range that are NOT 20 need confirmation rolls
  • Use Starfinder equivalents to spells, spell-like abilities, feats, etc. when possible
  • If it has multiple skills, that are now consolidated in Starfinder, use the skill bonus that is highest
  • Use Starfinder rules for curses, diseases, poisons (Starfinder Core Rulebook p. 417)

-Your Thoughtful and Helpful Grandmaster

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Rappan Athuk #56: The Hydra

The party does a favor for the goblin city of Greznek… (-GM)

1st day of Erastus, 4719 AR

Now, when the Goblin leader told us to go kill a hydra, I expected a bit of a challenge. The pesky goblins said they would lead us to the spot where the Hydra was, but we had to be blindfolded along the way. But what they don’t know is that with DFSIFA’S robe of eyes worth 120,000 gp he saw everything we went by anyway, which wasn’t much but a few hobgoblins. Nioveskirian was not with us because he was being stubborn and wanted to get away from the goblins so he went home. The goblins brought us to a large door and said, “The monster lies beyond!”

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No Class Wednesday, Field Trip Friday!

This Wednesday I cannot run the class because I have to be in court. BUT we will have a FIELD TRIP this Friday!

Victory Point Cafe is a GREAT place to play tabletop games (i.e., board games, card games, pen and paper RPGs). They have a library of hundreds of games that you can take off the shelf and play. They also serve food, too.

This Friday, October 6, meet at Room S1 to sign in by 3:15pm. You must also bring $5 for the cafe’s fee and a signed permission slip. We will then walk together to the cafe! (It’s about a 15 minute walk.)

Once there, we will check out and play different games!

If you want to go, please tell the Grandmaster now and say what games (or types of games) you’d like to play. I want to think now of what groups to organize and for what games. (And if you want to “take charge” of a game — which means there’s a game you’d really like to play and show others, and you’d teach the game and be responsible for cleaning up the game — you will earn GMing XP!) Also, a student can bring their own game, too (but the cafe still charges $5 to use their space).

Here are some games I’m thinking of grouping people for:


Memoir 44
Ticket to Ride

More advanced games (a student “taking charge” is required). More patience and time required to learn, but very rewarding:

Mage Knight
Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization
Twilight Struggle

Email me at guildgrandmaster AT gmail DOT com to let me know if you can come, what kinds of games you want to play, and whether you want to run a game!

PARENTS AND PICK-UPS: You can pick up your child before 5:30pm at the cafe. At 5:30pm, I walk back with students to the school and they can be picked up from there starting at 5:45pm. IF you allow your child to stay at Victory Point Cafe longer than 5:30pm, please indicate that on the permission slip — if you do so, I will sign them out and release them from the afterschool program when I leave the cafe at 5:30pm.

FOOD: I am informed that King LEARNS will provide me with the normal afterschool snacks to take along with us. However, I will NOT bring my famous “Secret of the Guild” cookies. The cafe does sell sandwiches for ~$9 and snack bowls and candy bowls.

-The Grandmaster

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Dead Suns #2: The Enemy Within

The feud between Paul and Nate is eternal and all-encompassing, spanning all time and space. The vesk soldier, Nikolai, bearing the universe’s best armor (for a Level 1 character), continues the party’s tale. (-GM)

8th Day of Rova, 317 AG

Chiskisk of the Starfinder Society

As the heat of battle died down, I sought the other brave souls who stood against the attackers. They were respectable people, except for an android who called himself Tequila. Whoever designed him must have had a cruel sense of humor, for this machine was riddled with defects. He burst into tears at the slightest misfortune, and sang with a discordant whine at the top of his lungs whenever someone mentioned his bulky weapon case. I took pity on the pathetic robot, and decided that he deserved more than the deplorable excuse for a name bestowed upon him by his sadistic creators. I shall refer to him hereafter as Paul.

As the others approached the body of the Starfinder dwarf who had been unlucky enough to receive a laser shot to the head (He had a name! Duravor Kreel. –GM), I spoke with a member of the law enforcement investigating the scene.

“Do you happen to know the whereabouts of a certain criminal? He originates from my homeland and I believe he has escaped into this station. He is known only as the Ranged Sneak Build.”

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