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Razor Coast: Heroes Beat EXCLUSIVE Inside look at Celebratory Party


This is Munahele reporting on the huge party that occurred after the defeat of the shapeshifting dragon. As I was there, being a part of the group, I have all the juicy details and all the important conversations that went on during this crazy bash.

Before the party even started, the guests started to arrive. The whole thing took place at the mansion, and all sorts of guests were there. First, were the hosts, the main group, but other interesting faces that arrived were the Frost Giants, all the way from Carcass, Xander Brim, Mokoli Ali’i, and even the Chelish ambassador.

The night kicked off with a couple of speeches by Calypso, Lily, and Nolgrin. During the last speech everyone started to fall asleep because of the boring nature of it. It was a pure typical Nolgrin moment. He got quite offended, and stormed off stage, to his basement room while silly Elliot made some jokes to get people to wake up. Doesn’t he know people can’t hear while they’re sleeping? It was like he was Nolgrin, being so bad with crowds. Eventually some people wake up and started listening to his jokes, but the conversation turned in an entirely different direction when people noticed the painting and statues at the back of the stage. Xander Brim had to come up and show off his painting, Bookworm by Xander Brim. The painting didn’t look that nice, which made Xander a little sad, so as he was explaining the statues, which were tributes to previous members of the team, he started to cry. Erynis, the caterer, had to go upstairs and get Gwenelyth’s old tear bucket for Xander.

To cheer everyone up after the awkwardness of the last three speeches, Mallan came onstage, and invited the ambassador up for a karaoke version of A Whole New World. That got everyone dancing, and officially the partying had begun. Mysteriously during the music, a light show of illusions started happening, like Gwenelyth was back from the grave making everyone have a good time. The was a dancing yellow thing that would occasionally yell SPONGEBOBU! There was also particularly sexy cyclops woman that was standing there flirting with nobody in particular. Also, somehow Amy the Celestial Ankylosaurus was back from the nether realm, giving rides to people, in front of the mansion. She was looking great with her purple and pink polka dots shining in the light from inside.

Over to the side, Killian was getting wasted with the giants, drinking blizzard, and bragging about how he used to be unkillable or something. His words were very slurred after drinking so much of the extremely strong alcohol. Calypso and I were not getting drunk while drinking it and were attempting to get Rukus to have some. Rukus refused and an intense conversation broke out.

“You’re just a goody two shoes grippli!” yelled Calypso as a crowd gathered around.

“No, it is just that alcohol does nothing for me, so it would be pointless drinking the disgusting substance,” Rukus replied, clenching his fists.

Then, Calypso whispered something to me and I exclaimed, “Wait! It might be poison, IS IT POISON?”

Rukus perked up at that and yelled, “I can spit poison as a weapon, let me check!” He dove into the drink like the frog he was and popped out a moment later spitting blizzard everywhere. “THIS ISN’T POISON! It’s just an evil, mind affecting effect, stop asking that!”

We rushed off, with Rukus on our tails, attempting to teach us a lesson. The tiki were tweeting with excitement. Then, from across the room, I heard Reyda Vance complaining that now we didn’t have a designated driver, because Rukus had drank. She was wondering how we would get home to our mumbo jumbo mystic hut.

A while later, after Rukus had calmed down, many people had started dancing. In the center some Pele worshipers were break-dancing and man did those Pele people have power on the dance floor. They were masters. But suddenly the music dimmed a lot and we were looking around to figure out why, when we saw Lily putting them to her ears, making it louder and more intense for her, but worse for everyone else. The Pele people were about to challenge her to a dance off, when I recognized one of them as Pyf, the old broken skull fighter. This distracted them long enough for Erynis to bring out the food. The food that night was delicious, from some gumbo straight out of Aunt Zima’s Guide to Resurrection, and some seaweed cakes that were tasty, but seemed to make people constipated. Joe, our helper was there to help people find their way to the bathroom.

Outside, Xander was being sad, watching Amy give a ton of Tulita kids rides, when some spellcasting fans came outside and asked him to demonstrate the all powerful Prismatic Spray. They summoned some T-Rexes to do the spell on, when typical Nolgrin ran around in glee with the potential battle. Xander yelled at him to move because he was just going to demonstrate a spell, and Nolgrin turned into one of those stupid sad dwarves. Suddenly, one of the dinosaurs, getting hungry, ate Nolgrin whole. This alarmed everyone, even though things always ate Nolgrin. To protect Nolgrin from dying, he cast the spell which impressed all the spellcasting nerds so much, that they pissed their pants. It was pretty disgusting, especially with a gut covered Nolgrin running around screaming in joy.

We had to stop him, because inside, Joe’s new band, Joe and the Shark Boys were playing their new hit, All Hail Dejobas, a tribute to the war of the weresharks. It was pretty great, and I didn’t know Joe could sing that high. The night ended with stories about the past teams, and their adventures. Sadly, nobody from those teams were alive to recount the tales themselves.

-Munahele (Emmett)

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After Razor Coast: Where Are They Now?

razorcoastThe story didn’t end with last week’s climactic encounter with a shape-shifting red dragon — our heroes moved on to other adventures! Read on:




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Razor Coast #37: The Search for the Stolen Amulet (A Love Story)

After last week’s encounter with the Pirate King, our heroes rushed home to find fire giants and an earth elemental attacking their home! Nolgrin’s earth elemental, Elliott, who was minding the hearth at the time, tells the last chapter of our tale. (Or is it?) — GM

18th day of Neth, 4713 AR


After arresting Lily, we escorted a large portion of the treasure we got from the Pirate King to Cheliax.

I was out hunting weasels under the basement when I felt tremors on the roof. I burrowed up to investigate, but as I was going up the stairs, a possessed one of my own kind stopped me and snatched Nolgrin’s amulet! He burrowed away soon after, and I tried my best to stop him but after a few punches he knocked me out.

While I was unconscious, I dreamed that I was flying. Soaring through the air and twirling with the wind, I was having a great time until a rainbow started chasing me. I flew away as fast as I could, but the rainbow was gaining, slicing straight through clouds with the ferocity of a laser beam. It soon caught up to me, stopped me in my tracks, and opened its multicolored jaws.

I woke up lying on the floor as Nolgrin was healing me. What a weird dream. There was this depressed, quiet guy next to Nolgrin named Killian saying something about the history of his amulet and how it made people invincible. I wasn’t really listening since I was too focused on that dream. A sentient rainbow? Trying to eat me? What on earth would make my subconscious think of that?

We were going to search for the amulet thief, but the Chelish diplomat came back and we had to talk with him. Nolgrin was in pieces about the loss of his amulet, so occasionally he slipped into Dwarven and I had to translate for him. The conversation was mostly boring stuff about debts and deadlines, but it got interesting when Lily decided to kick the diplomat in the shins. Unsurprisingly, the diplomat was pissed and demanded that Lily be executed since he had diplomatic immunity. The others were trying to calm him down for some reason but I thought that he had a point so I handcuffed Lily as a compromise.

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Razor Coast #36: The Invisible Pirate Tornados of Death


8th day of Neth, 4713 AR

This is Munahele continuing the adventure of the party. This opportunity has been one of the most amazing things, being able to work with my heroes, and get close with them! But anyways, onto the story.

Thanks to my skills knowing the Razor, I used the Frost Giant Jarl’s coordinates and found the location of the Pirate King’s base. It was in the side of a cliff, hidden by an illusion, and it was close to the island of berserking drug warriors (We didn’t end up stopping there for a lunch break.)

When we arrived, we sailed into a cove with a boat in front of us, and some buildings on the shore beside us. Someone on the boat asked if we were here for our payment, but we pretended that we had accidentally sailed into the cliff after getting lost. With our skills of lying, it almost worked, but not at all, and they recognized our voices and yelled to attack…

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Razor Coast #35: Carcass

frost giant7th day of Neth, 4713 AR

When we last left our heroes, their numbers had severely dwindled due to Sarisa’s death, Gwenelyth’s suicide and Erynis’ retirement. But after defeating the Queen’s Hand, the remaining heroes ventured into town to tell the town of the great losses they had trying to save the town. They found out that Sarisa had been tricked into summoning Pele.

When they were in the bar, two people, Munahele and Reyda Vance of the Ash Veil, said they had seen someone disguised as the deceased Gwenlyth, and they tried to fight her but she teleported away. They went immediately to the bar, where the heroes found out that these were the presidents of their fan club. When the heroes announced Sarisa was dead, a strix swooped down from the rafters and said that she was Sarisa’s ex-lover Mallan, and that sarisa had been writing letters to her.

When they were in the bar, it came up that apparently Fort Stormshield had been raided by pirates so the heroes, now including Munahele, Reyda Vance and Mallan, went to go get the pirate culprit behind this, the pirate king Swarthy-eyed Stimson.

This took them to an island of floating wrecks called Carcass, where they met a giantess hustler named Ilga. The heroes had to end up killing her. This angered her tribe of giants so much they came after the heroes. Luckily they were able to come to an agreement with the frost giants to help them get the pirate king.

– an independent out of sight narrator signing off (Max! –GM)


XP so far:

Bob’s Mom (Lily) – 562,346
Calypso – 561,734
Mallan – 419,493
Munahele – 490,893
Nolgrin – 575,837
Reyda Vance of the Ash Veil – 491,893
Rukus – 553,037

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Razor Coast #34: A Fiery Parting of Ways


4th day of Neth, 4713 AR

This is Gwenelyth continuing the tale of our epic quest to stop Pele. (Though I haven’t played a part in the rest of the quest leading up to this because of unknown reasons.)

We had just retrieved the water from the volcano and were ready to leave the island. Sadly I couldn’t explore it with the rest of my friends. On the way back, I felt bad about being so mean to Sarisa, so I tried to apologize, which didn’t work, as she seemed distant and focused on an unknown goal. When we got back to Port Shaw, we noticed more smoke billowing out of the volcano and some dragoon ships that didn’t seem to be owned by us. When they saw us, they sailed away to the south, but we ignored them, because of the threat of Pele.


We saw huge fire elementals attacking the people ahead. A couple ran down to fight our group, too. They charged forward, not hindered by our attacks.

On land there were Tulita protesters yelling “Pele has Power!” which quite angered me, as we would all die if Pele’s power wasn’t quelled. The group ran to the volcano and started trekking up it. Along the way we started encountering lots of trouble. As we first started heading up, a giant billowing cloud of ash started heading our way, so Erynis’ treant left and the sisters Erynis and Calypso flew up into the air. Thanks to the abilities given to me by the old cave lady, I didn’t even feel the burning ash hit my skin.

Later, as we continued to hike up, a huge lava bomb fell next to Nolgrin, and exploded. It seemed to cause hit him really hard, but most of us just jumped out of the way of most of the damage. After that, we decided to split up a little so another bomb wouldn’t hit us all. More bombs fell, but they didn’t do nearly as much damage. Rukus and Sarisa started going ahead, to scout or something.

When we continued climbing, first, we found a lava river flowing toward us, which we went around, then the real threat started. Up ahead, I could see huge fire elementals attacking the people ahead. A couple ran down to fight our group too.

First, Calypso created a barrier of blades with her magic, then I cast Ice Storm. They charged forward, not hindered by our attacks. One decided to take on Nolgrin, while the other went down after Lily and Erynis. While they were constantly beating that one up, with the help of various other things, like Raze and an Ice Drake, I decided to continue to hit the one fighting Nolgrin, with spells. Eventually the one up ahead had hit Rukus and Sarisa so much, that they had to retreat.

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Razor Coast #33: It’s Easy Being Mythic

30th day of Lamashan, 4713 AR


There was a lake at the top of the volcano, a clear blue lake. As soon as the group went in, they underwent strange transformations…

With the gargoyles vanquished, our heroes decided to keep exploring the island in search of the Tears of Last Remorse. Suddenly, there was a flash of light, and there was their missing healer Calypso, looking even more powerful than before. They continued searching the island only to find a gargantuan T-Rex, which Erynis decided to try to tame. As she was approaching it, she realized that it would probably eat her current dinosaur companion, and decided on a tactical retreat.

We continued towards the volcano containing the Tears, when all of a sudden, a group of shambling mounds decided to attack us! Lily, Sarisa, Rukus, and Calypso went to the top of a tree, while Erynis and Nolgrin charged the mounds. Calypso cast wall of blades, Lily jumped to another tree, and Nolgrin stood in the front doing his best wall impression.

The wall of blades weed-whacked them up, while Lily blasted them with shots from her revolver. Soon they were just shredded leaves and foliage, and then Nolgrin took an overly large fruit to the head. Calypso healed the group, and they went off to the volcano.


Nolgrin noticed the T-Rex thundering up the slope of the volcano. He quickly warned the rest of the group, and they devised a plan.

When they got to the lip of the crater, they looked down and discovered that there was a lake in the crater, a clear blue lake. Lily, Rukus, Calypso, Sarisa, and Erynis took a swim, and as soon as they stepped in they underwent strange transformations. Calypso and Sarisa’s arms grew long and floppy, while Lily suddenly felt more aware, (no one knew what had happened to her) and they filled the bowl from the pillar near the gargoyles with the water. Erynis’ lips suddenly stuck together, leaving her no way to talk, while Rukus had become ethereal.

Calypso, the quick thinker she is, quickly jumped out and cast regenerate on herself, Sarisa and Erynis. Meanwhile, as Nolgrin was looking around, he noticed the T-Rex thundering up the slope of the volcano. He quickly warned the rest of the group, and they devised a plan.

As soon as it got to the edge, Lily lay into it with her revolver and knocked it over with a twin shot knock down. Calypso summoned a huge earth elemental, who, with the help of Elliott, Nolgrin’s elemental, started attacking it. Erynis and Calypso started blasting it with spell after spell, while Rukus, in his ethereal state started beating it up. Lily blasted it with another round of kick-a** shots from her revolver. Calypso tried to put a curse on it, but it bit her and decided it liked her as its chew toy and kept her in its mouth.

Alas, the combined efforts of the party were too much for the T-Rex, and it was felled by blast after blast of Lily’s OP revolver. Inside was a statue worth 40,000gp, and we celebrated our victory over the great beast. What will the great and powerful group of adventures (mainly Calypso) do next?

Signing off, Marco (Calypso)


XP so far:

Bob’s Mom (Lily) – 414,232
Calypso – 378,120
Erynis – 492,214
Gwenelyth – 470,948
Nolgrin – 483,094
Rukus – 441,813
Sarisa – 486,794

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Razor Coast #32: It’s Not Easy Being Mythic


I decided to fly over so I could negotiate with their captain. I realized that their ship was two times larger than ours in every dimension of measurement and that the crew was all frost giants!

30th day of Lamashan, 4713 AR

With great power comes a great chance of a TPK.

After taking the trinkets from the earth mother, Rukus, Sarisa, Nolgrin, Lily, and I were all first filled with newfound power and knowledge. We thanked the earth mother and walked 16 or so miles back to Port Shaw. It was the 24th of Lamashan, and we knew we had only until the 8th of Neth to get the tear’s of last remorse and quiet the anger of Pele the fire goddess in the volcano. We slept for the night, dreaming of our new abilities.

When we awoke, we went the docks and readied the stolen Dragoon ship, and prepped for our journey to Arakau, which we soon learned was once called The Kraken’s Maw and avoided by sailors.

Three days through the voyage, our crew saw a massive ship sailing a flag of a snow-topped mountain. It was 1200 feet away, so I decided to fly over so I could negotiate with their captain. I realized that their ship was two times larger than ours in every dimension of measurement and that the crew was all frost giants! Then, they started throwing rocks, and, from 600 feet away, one actually hit me! So to protect against further damage I turned Into a giant squid and submerged. Read the rest of this entry »


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Razor Coast #31: Pele Has Power


26th day of Lamashan, 4713 AR

We continued our fight against the wizard and the necroworm queen that kept pooping smaller worms that infected dead bodies. While Erynis was casting a spell, the worm used a breath weapon that entered her mouth and prevented her from continuing the spell because of the nasty taste.

Finally, we killed the worm and the Necromancer was at 1hp. Erynis flew into the sky and changed into an earth elemental and fell on the Wizard ending the fight. With the fight done, we left the sewers.

But there was one small problem: Gwenelyth was still a worm. It took us a day and a lot of spell casting to turn Gwenelyth back to her true form.

While discussing what to do, the volcano started to steam and suspicion arose that the volcano might erupt. We devised a plan to catch the lava and route it into the craters from the great battle as a way to prevent the destruction of the city. The volcano just kept smoking more and more smoke all day until it eventually erupted the following day, sending four fire elementals who landed on the docks. There was a big battle which we eventually won.  However, everyone got burned and injured in the fight.

We found out that the fortune teller had died at the same time the volcano erupted. Someone remembered that she had said something about the waterfall and the earth mother. The earth mother told us that the volcano goddess Pele was enraged and to go to a mystical island Arakau to get the tears of last remorse and that the spirit of Turtle is protecting us. She also gave everyone in the party little trinkets: an arrowhead for me, a willow branch for Sarisa, a fang for Erynis, a corroded ring for Gwenelyth, a stone for Nolgrin, and an acorn for Rukus.

-Bob’s Mom, Lily (Torin)



XP so far:

Bob’s Mom (Lily) – 304,192
Calypso – 309,640
Erynis – 370,706
Gwenelyth – 419,101
Nolgrin – 396,173
Rukus – 338,773
Sarisa – 382,577

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Razor Coast: You are now MYTHIC!


A momentous event occurred in our Razor Coast campaign, as our heroes visited a mystical wise woman and were given MYTHIC POWER to complete their quest!

LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW to tell me how you will focus your mythic power! On this post, you can also see what other members of your group are choosing and give each other suggestions!

Currently you have:
Nolgrin, dwarven stone lord paladin 13
Sarisa, suli swashbuckler 13
Rukus, grippli monk 13
Bob’s Mom (Lily), human gunslinger 12
Calypso, aasimar cleric of Sarenrae 12
Erynis, aasimar druid 13
Gwenelyth, vishkanya sorcerer (fey bloodline) 13

Each of you:

  • Chooses one of the 6 mythic paths: archmage, champion, guardian, hierophant, marshal, or trickster.
  • You gain 1 tier in your path. That first tier gives you:
    • Bonus hit points, depending on path
    • 1 path ability
  • Gain 1 mythic feat (it must be the mythic version of a feat you already have). This is also how spellcasters can gain mythic spells.
  • Become hard to kill: you automatically stabilize below 0 hit points, unless you are taking bleed damage or are staggered and still take an action. You die at DOUBLE your negative Constitution score.
  • Begin with 3 mythic power each day
  • You gain surge: spend 1 use of mythic power to increase any d20 roll by adding 1d6 to the result

Your Humble Yet Extraordinarily Generous Grandmaster


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