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Slumbering Tsar #11: Ghosts

The party encounters shades from the past in the wall-fortress of Tsar. -GM

10th day of Sarenith, 4717 AR

“Well look here, another group of dead adventurers. Or, if you aren’t yet, then soon to be dead.”

The screams of the dead filled of the air as they drifted into the room. The party was struggling; even Nonek had broken a sweat. We were tired, wounded, and outnumbered. Hope seemed fleeting, and for a moment I thought all was lost. But then, Neptune raised his rail gun, shaking in his weary hands. The weapon slowly panned towards the wraith, before exploding in a tidal-wave of light and sound. The monstrosity was blown into oblivion by the barrage of debris. And, like a spark catching, visions of victory sprung up before us. Nirot raised his voice into a cry of battle and plunged into the fray. Jackie Sparrow was like a darting viper, exploiting weaknesses and taking out foes at the perfect moment. The foes tried to surround Nonek, but he simply laughed as blow after blow glanced off his armor.  All the while I stood behind them, manipulating the world to better suit our needs. We were glorious in our sheer power, and the undead could not hope to compete.

From there we retreated, needing to regather ourselves and regain what energy we had spent. Soon, we were back within the keep. Down into the tower we went, looking for clues in order to solve the mystery that is Tsar. We eventually came upon some barracks, which may have been built for the more expendable soldiers of the city. The party opened the lockers in search of anything that could be of value or use, but sadly we didn’t find much. However, the next floor down was another story. Chained to the wall was a spectral man, bound by manacles as dead as he. It seemed that he had lost all belief in escape long ago. He slowly pulled up his head to gaze at us. “Well look here, another group of dead adventurers. Or, if you aren’t yet, then soon to be dead.” He soon dissolved into incoherent ramblings, but not before telling us that the only way to set him free would be to burn his body deep below.

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Slumbering Tsar #10: The Armory

The party gains some valuable information and continues exploring Tsar’s wall-fortress. The party’s techslinger, Neptune, narrates. -GM

9th day of Sarenith, 4717 AR

As soon as I heard the squeak of The Peddler’s cart, I sighed, wondering what ominously cryptic information he would give us.

We left the swamp, muck still clinging to our armor. Personally, I hope we never return. I hate mud and smelly swamps. We returned home, and while Nonek and Nirot were having their mummy rot and swamp sickness cured by Father Death at The Camp, Dio and yours truly made a quick trip to the capital to sell the spoils of our adventuring. It took two castings of teleport, and the second one landed us about a mile off-target. I pointed out that a technological teleportation device would never do that, but Dio ignored me. We also stopped in at the local library, to ask about the artifact we had recovered after the fight with the iron devil and the weird blade robot.

The historians told us that long ago, Orcus had a competition to decide his “Grand Cornu,” which is a weird way of saying second in command. There were 11 priests, and after competing, Orcus gave the title to the weakest and turned the rest into these statues. Orcus seems to have a pretty twisted sense of humor.

We returned to The Camp, and the night before we returned to Tsar, the weird old peddler who told us to not sleep in Tsar or “to darkness we would awake” decided to stop by. My keen ears heard him first of course, and as soon as I heard the squeak of his cart, I sighed, wondering what ominously cryptic information he would give us.

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Slumbering Tsar #9: Drain the Swamp!

In a missing chapter of our tale, the party entered the tower on top of the central fortress and fought an iron devil and a mechanical construct wearing a human’s skin but with an array of flensing blades in its chest. They also found a statue with an overwhelming magical aura… an artifact? (More on that later.) -GM

6th day of Sarenith, 4717 AR

There was another hideous mummy standing unnervingly still next to the entrance…

Destroying the iron devil and machine had taken a considerable amount of our strength. We were too tired to charge the central guard tower and vanquish the sinister creator of all these nonliving guards, but we weren’t tired enough to go back to the camp and rest. After some thought, we decided to explore a presumably less dangerous entrance to the city: the sunken, swampy northeast gate.

There were two immense towers guarding the oxidized gate. One seemed to be mostly intact, but the other had fallen halfway into the bog. It looked as if whatever made the area sink didn’t happen until after Tsar’s citizens made the place perfectly suited to a flat, dry climate. A pool of swampy water separated us from the northern tower, but luckily there was a functioning boat on the shore. It looked more like a weird triangle than a boat, but we knew it was a boat because it was labeled as such, in large capital letters.

As we boarded the small vessel, we noticed several lights hovering above the pool. I threw a rock at one of them to show the insignificant photons that they were no match for us. The light flew toward me and exploded. How rude. I would have given the remaining lights a lesson on etiquette if a bunch of hideous mud mummies hadn’t ambushed us.

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Slumbering Tsar #7: I Don’t Say Much, and Let My Gun Do My Talking for Me

Choosing the method of frontal assault, the party enters the bailey of the fortress at the center of the city’s walls. (-GM)

4th day of Sarenith, 4717 AR

They call me Neptune. And they also told me to chronicle our little expedition into Tsar. So I will.

After dealing with the mob of skeletons, leaving them dead (again), we realized that we were still in danger. In the middle of the large courtyard was a tower, and from the arrow slits came a continuous stream of arrows. Not many hit their targets (us), but it got annoying, and so I took a few shots at one. It stopped firing for about 30 seconds, then kept shooting. We quickly had Alucard’s roc fly us back up to the ramparts, saw a door to our left, and went inside.

We found ourselves in a barracks, with beds, an armory, and a kitchen. A careful search revealed some dust, and a few cobwebs. We took the time to heal, and discussed our plan of action. I remembered seeing a door above the side of the entrance gate leading into the central fortress, and we decided to go into that. I knew my lock-picking prowess could get us in, and Dio could get us out.

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Slumbering Tsar #5: The Battle for King Kroma

There was much more to the isolated dwarven camp than the party anticipated. Vape Naesh tells the story. –GM

9th day of Gozran, 4716 AR


“Completion date? Ha! We’ll finish when we finish,” Thane Fenris said.

Dwarves are strong, noble, and proud to a fault. This band that we met proved no different from the rest.

“We search for the bones of our clan’s last true leader, King Kroma,” said Thane Fenris. “He perished here during the battle of Tsar.”

We agreed to protect them and stay with them for a while, as long as we got some share of any profits found. They of course agreed, glad to make battle brethren of people like ourselves. We asked them how long this might take, but they simply said, “Completion date? Ha! We’ll finish when we finish.”

Feeling that every day brought us closer to the Holy Vape, I explored their camp and prepared. We found a pile of bones from foes they had vanquished as well as graves for fallen comrades. However, while peering at the bones, creatures emerged from them. Ghouls of some sort, they died quickly to our combined might. The Dwarves were dumbfounded as to how they had gotten there, but night was approaching fast and we needed to prepare for a nightly assault. They said that they were attacked on some nights, and tonight might bring monsters from the gloom. The first wave surprised, skeletons in ranks and ranks, as far as I could see.

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Slumbering Tsar #4: Spicy Sadness

Things aren’t looking too hot for the newest jalapeno in the party, Spicy Salsa. After the party was betrayed by their orc guides promising “treasure waiting to be picked up” in the Desolation and lost Jatanga and Lorparin Grareak, the party returned to the Camp. –GM

8th day of Gozran, 4716 AR


The Camp was not the ideal bed and breakfast, but it seemed to have a lot of problems that promised adventure.

I arrived to the Camp with little money and less excitement. The Camp was small, dirty, and hostile looking.  Not the ideal bed and breakfast, but it seemed to have a lot of problems that promised adventure.

Soon after I arrived, I found another person in search of an adventure: Nostog Honderfjom. We put up a sign together advertising our skill and interest to fight. I went to the local pub alongside my new companion to have a drink.  However he turned out to be the most annoying sentient being I had ever had the misfortune to meet. I left in search of less hormonal companionship and quickly found a group of adventurers who were in need of a few fighting arms, as their old ones had died off. Unfortunately, the pubescent Viking I mentioned earlier joined us.

The adventurers told me about their recent fight with the Furious Fourteen, and the casualties that had happened thus far. They told me of their goal: to find the holy vaporizer. I concluded that they were foolish and told them that I would help gladly in whatever task they performed, but that I am not going to sacrifice myself for a miniature smoke machine.

We proceeded to search the town further, which suited me perfectly since I had only just gotten there.  We found two people, a hag alchemist named Mama Grim, and a morbid hobgoblin cleric named Father Death. They were (if not a bit sinister) at least not hostile. Finding nothing of great importance, we walked west and found a mohrg that looked like it didn’t want to be there, but more importantly didn’t seem to want us to be there either. It was exhilarating to feel another creature crippling at my blow.

After, that we left the mohrg and continued on our journey.  We also met a few dwarves, which was uneventful. (They are excavating to find the bones of their great ancestor, King Kroma, who fell in the battle against Tsar. –GM) 

The talk was dull, the battles short and easy, the leaders childish and the quest pointless. I am generally disappointed in the adventure I have chosen to join.

– Spicy Salsa (Athos)


Aeorbeck Wolfsbane – human cleric of Iomedae 8
Cuorok – human (kellid) beast-rider cavalier 6

Nostog Honderfjom – human (ulfen) armored-hulk barbarian 6
Ralph – goblin fighter 6

Spicy Salsa – human monk 6
Vape Naesh – elven wizard 5 / fighter 1 / eldritch knight 2

Jatanga – human red mantis assassin 1 / swashbuckler 5
Lorparin Grareak – half-elven hunter 6

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Slumbering Tsar #3: Stuck

Our party sees more of the danger surrounding Tsar in this next chapter… –GM

7th day of Gozran, 4716 AR


A great black fluid flew out of its mouth, the sticky substance flew over our party, sticking them in place, hot tar…

Howling winds blew through the old town, or whatever they called it — this wasn’t much of a town for me. The sands blew in my face; I had to blink my eyes rapidly to get the small specks out. We had to leave in an hour or two, our spirits were downtrodden, the death of our comrade Jean-Viev weighed heavily on our morale.

The shifting sands lay ahead of us. Our new friend, Lucky Bjorc, or Lucky BJ. We continued along the path we took the previous adventure. Our horses were steady, their hairs fluttering in the wind, the scorching sun beating down upon our burnt skin. The Fallen’s axe beak had been petrified earlier, poor thing. I remember it like it was yesterday, as the basilisk glared at the bird, its eyes widening as it slowly turned into stone. Its small cry of agony still rings in my ears.

The dwarf Nuneas continued to ramble about how important his armor was even though he knew that his weapon doesn’t do anything. We were riding regularly, when suddenly we saw a dragon flying perpendicular to us. We decided to stop and wait. Its great jet-black wings cut through the air and its red-black eyes seemed to absorb the light around us. Mesmerized by its great black form, I couldn’t notice it flying towards us.

It was too late. I jumped off my horse and dove to the left. I looked over my shoulder and noticed Vape Naesh casting a spell. The dragon’s bellowing roar cut through the air, its great mouth opening, its shiny black scales bent the light around it. A great black fluid flew out of its mouth, the sticky substance flew over our party, sticking them in place, hot tar. I cast spells at the dragon that just flew off its armor. It all happened so fast. Lucky Bjorc was killed and swallowed whole, our useless tank, Nuneas or something, was knocked out. I began to dig my horse out. The sticky tar stuck to my hands as I struggled to rip it off its frail body. I succeeded and hopped on. I ran away, the dragon didn’t care to chase me; it knew it won. I rode like wind. I was worried. I hoped at least one person survived. The sand blew in my face as I rode towards the town.

I entered the shanty town we called home currently, and with downtrodden spirits walked to the bar. I opened the door to happily see Vape sitting on a stool. “Strong as the mountain! Good to see you friend!” We shook hands and continued on with mindless banter. About an hour later a few adventurers walked in, still fuzzy on what their names are but one was a red mantis assassin (Jatanga — GM). Still unclear on their motives. The other was Nothing, a useless frog-like creature that I hoped died. There was also a hunter, Lorparin Grareak, with his faithful little treant, and Ralph, a goblin archer.

We aimed to venture out again, but first our party wished to find and kill the Usurer. The assassin and I stayed back. It was against our morals, plus I sensed that he was something more. The fight was over in mere seconds; poor Vape, he was dominated. The useless Nothing stayed around to almost die, and we decided to leave it in charge of the inn. We hired some useless thugs, the “Furious Fourteen,” so we can have some help in the wasteland.

The next day, we were riding down the Chaos Rift northeast of the Crossroads with our hirelings. These strange birdlike creatures were circling above us and I asked what they were. They suggested we hide and so we did. The birds flew down towards us. The mercs hid under another rock and unleashed their hounds. They weren’t chasing the birds; they were headed for us. I prepared a magic circle against evil and we began to slay the hounds. Vape began casting exploding arrows and soon almost all the dogs were dead but we still had to deal with the mercs and the birdlike beings. Vape’s arrows saved the day and almost all the birds were killed. The mercs began to shout and fly towards us.

– Aeorbeck Wolfsbane (Nick)


Aeorbeck Wolfsbane – human cleric of Iomedae 7
Jatanga – human red mantis assassin 1 / swashbuckler 5
Lorparin Grareak – half-elven hunter 6
Nothing- grippli rogue 7
Ralph – goblin fighter 6
Vape Naesh – elven wizard 5 / fighter 1 / eldritch knight 1

The Fallen – aasimar antipaladin 5/Hellknight 2
Lucky Bjorc – orc bloodrager 3/brawler 3
Nuneas Runeshield – dwarven fighter 7
Rogar – dwarven ranger 7

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Slumbering Tsar #2: Stranger Danger

After the last chapter’s Shocking Death #1, the party continued their exploration of the area surrounding the ancient city of Tsar. Nuneas Runeshield, the party’s dwarven fighter, continues the party’s the tale… –GM

5th day of Gozran, 4716 AR


“Nuneas, are you going to stare at the sky all night, or will you find a room that you didn’t pointlessly rip open?”

Staring through the fresh hole in the inn, looking up at the stars, I was in deep thought. We hadn’t even reached the Desolation, and already one member of our group was deceased. How could we survive in the treacherous city of Tsar, a place actually renowned as a point of no return? Was the Helmet of Serren really worth almost certain death? For a brief moment, I considered turning back, to a sure future as a blacksmith back in Taggoret. But then I remembered that awful, crawling entity that had haunted me for so long. Did I really want to succumb to that thing? No. I was going to go to Tsar and bravely face whatever perils befall–

“Nuneas, are you going to stare at the sky all night, or will you find a room that you didn’t pointlessly rip open?”

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Slumbering Tsar #1: A Warm Welcome

Our saga begins as Aeorbeck Wolfsbane, cleric of Iomedae, leads a group on the dangerous task of exploring the Lost City of Tsar, former home of the worshipers of Orcus. Our first chapter consists of two reports: a letter from the Hellknight The Fallen addressed to his superiors, and an account from the eldritch knight Vape Naesh. –GM

1st day of Gozran, 4716 Absalom Reckoning

To Lictor Rouen Strought,

ParchmentHonored Lictor, I have reached the Camp, as was dictated to me. The mission went well, aside from a regrettable but ultimately futile death. I have enclosed reports on the other members of the group.

The first member is Vape Naesh. A strange and weak man. He is filled with delusions of grandeur, and has seemingly concocted a nation from which he is a refugee. I do not know how one can become that deluded from the truth, but action may have to be taken in the future if his delusions progress too far.

Secondly, was Jean-Viev. He was the regrettable but futile death I spoke of. I did not see too much of his capabilities, but his goals seemed to blend with the Order’s well. He seemed to be able to dominate the minds of other beings, which would have been useful.

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The Slumbering Tsar campaign begins!

"Welcome to the Camp!"

“Welcome to the Camp!”

The Slumbering Tsar campaign begins this Saturday! For those of you who are in the group, refer to the new Slumbering Tsar campaign page for information on the campaign!


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