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Starfinder RPG System Reference Document Is Up!

You can now look up things from the Starfinder RPG Core Rulebook online! (Including rules for starship battles!)

Go to this link:

-The Grandmaster

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List of Premium Pathfinder Items Updated!

They have been updated for the month of November. Happy shopping!


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A ninja certification test!

This looks interesting. I want to see the test questions!

Gaming news site Kotaku posted about this:

“According to At Press, the certification test will be held at Zojo-ji, a Buddhist temple in Tokyo. The examination is thirty minutes long and covers your ninja knowledge of the Koga-ryu school.”

See article

-A Curious Grandmaster

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The end of this video is what I feel like doing to some of you ***coughpaulandmarcocoughcough*** sometimes:


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Yay minis

Gaming at Simon’s place has its perks. This is a snapshot from our Princes of the Apocalypse campaign as they explore a hidden underground canal complex.

-The Grandmaster

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Sneak Peek of Pathfinder: Kingmaker CRPG at IGN

There’s a sneak peek of the upcoming Pathfinder CRPG over at IGN. It includes some early gameplay footage:

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Could Scratch your D&D RPG Itch

-The Grandmaster

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Differences Between Starfinder and Pathfinder

GASP! Here are some things that will be DIFFERENT in the Starfinder RPG rules!


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