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BIG Sale on the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game!

The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is really fun, and can be played with 1 through 6 players. You cooperate with other players to take on bosses, gain experience, and gain gear! There is a BIG sale, and you can currently get entire Adventure Paths for 67% off right now!

Click the picture for links to the sales:

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See all the gathered info so far on Pathfinder 2nd Edition

ENWorld is accumulating all information that leaks out about Pathfinder 2nd Edition at their Wiki. Check it out!


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Playtest for PATHFINDER 2ND EDITION Announced!

Paizo, publisher of Pathfinder RPG and Starfinder RPG, is announcing a public playtest for the NEXT EDITION of Pathfinder! This is exciting news. The system could use some updating and it will be exciting to see new ideas go into the Pathfinder system.

The playtest begins on August 2, 2018 with the release of a 400-page Playtest document. I will of course get a copy and share the changes with you my faithful Guild members.

Here is the announcement from the publishers:


And here is a link to the Playtest info page!

Some features that they highlight there:

  • 10th-Level Spells and 4 Spell Lists
  • Alchemists in Core
  • Archetypes and Multiclassing
  • Class Changes
  • Classic Monsters and Magic
  • Clean, Modular Information-Based Design
  • Combat Maneuvers that Rock
  • Designed for All Levels of Play
  • Easier to Play
  • Goblin Player Characters
  • Golarion-Infused
  • Heroic Storytelling
  • Innovative Initiative
  • More Customization
  • New Background System
  • Pathfinder Society
  • Production Values
  • Race Changes and Feats
  • Rebalanced Magic Items
  • Simplified Actions
  • Streamlined Proficiencies
  • Support
  • True to Pathfinder
  • Wayne Reynolds Art

If you want to guarantee yourself a physical copy of the first playtest rules, you must preorder at a local retailer, or at between March 20 and May 1, 2018!

And here is an initial Paizo blog post with an initial look at 2nd Edition

-The Grandmaster

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Twilight Imperium Is AWESOME

Yes, it is.

I almost won outright and had 9 points (1 short of winning), but I made a mistake and also Bruno took my home system RIP. (Losing your home system stops you from scoring Public Objectives.) Aidan was gaining momentum with a huge Barony of Letnev-sized fleet. Paul had a massive army of his uber-infantry in his home planet, but Bruno was planning on sending a war sun carrying a bio weapon his way…

If we hadn’t run out of time, victory could have gone to almost anyone, really. (Except Bruno.)

*cue the Darth Vader Theme*

Ended due to time!

1st. Yellow – Ronald, Emirates of Hacan
2nd. (a very close 2nd who also had 9 points!) Blue – Paul, Federation of Sol
3rd. Red – Aidan, Barony of Letnev
4th. (with 0 points… on purpose!) Purple – Bruno, Universities of Jol-Nar

#epic #willplayagain

See previous Twilight Imperium writeup

-The Grandmaster

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Epic Level 20 Cowboy

This video is my life right now. Those of you who stay up-to-speed with all the latest dank memes probably think this is old. But this video will be epic FOREVER:

-The Grandmaster

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Starfinder RPG System Reference Document Is Up!

You can now look up things from the Starfinder RPG Core Rulebook online! (Including rules for starship battles!)

Go to this link:

-The Grandmaster

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