In this spring’s Guild Tournament, people forms teams of two and make Level 6 Pathfinder RPG characters. (High-ranked teams may get a “bye” and start with Level 8 characters.) Teams face off — if one team wins, they advance to the next round and level-up their characters. Each subsequent round has higher-level characters, until the Championship which is a knockdown, drag-out battle with high-level characters! More and more teams are eliminated, until only one team, soaked in blood and gore, can claim the esteemed title of Guild Champions. Keep in mind that the tournament schedule runs on Mondays AND Wednesdays. At least ONE person from your team must show up to avoid forfeiting your match. If you’re absent on a day there is a match, your teammate must play your character — no one else can! For some folks, making a new character on paper can be bit intimidating — I will help each of you via e-mail (during class I’m too busy). And for future rounds, just leveling-up a character who was already made is much easier than making a brand-new character. Know that all deadlines to report your teams and make your characters are strict — it’s a lot of work to manage so many teams and character sheets, and so I make NO EXCEPTIONS to the deadlines. If you miss a deadline to level-up your character, this permanently handicaps you for the whole tournament. (See Rule #1 below.)


See the rules from an old Design Contest — the same rules still apply. THE DEADLINE is Monday, May 22 at 10:00 PM.


Note that Tabletop RPG will be on Monday (5/21) and Thursday (5/25) of next week!

By Thursday, May 25 at 3:30PM (2 XP): REPORT YOUR TEAM (2 people, with a Team Name) TO THE GRANDMASTER by 3:30PM on Thursday, May 25Missing the deadline means you’re not in the tournament!!! The Grandmaster posts the Tournament Match-Ups and reveals the first Arena. Tournament Seeds determine who your matchup will be. Higher-ranked teams are paired up against lower-ranked teams. (Yes, if you are very low-ranked, you probably won’t win against your more-experienced opponents! But you earn XP for trying and rank higher in the next tournament.) Your team’s Seed Number is determined by the higher-ranking member of your team. Ranking is determined by looking at the following factors in order:

  1. All who won a match in the last tournament are placed first (ranked by how high you advanced)
  2. All who competed in the last tournament are placed second
  3. All who made characters but didn’t fight in the last tournament are placed third
  4. People who didn’t make characters for the last tournament are placed last
  5. Tiebreaker #1 is: Your seed in the last tournament
  6. Tiebreaker #2 is: your current Guild XP

The first seeds for this semester’s Tournament go to:

  1. Erick + Julian
  2. Makael + Silas
  3. Kyle + Leo H.

Thursday, May 25 (2 XP): DRAFT CHARACTERS ARE DUE TO THE GRANDMASTER by the end of the Guild Thursday, May 25. People who start in the First Round submit Level 6 characters; people who get a Bye submit Level 6 characters. *Initial characters should be submitted with an official Pathfinder character sheet — if you use Hero Lab, you earn 5XP less for every Tournament victory, AND earn 5XP less for your very next Tournament victory (so instead of 20XP you would earn 10XP for winning in the Qualifying Round).*  To create your character sheet, get the character sheet and the Character Creation Guide PDF I’ve made up.

Friday, May 26 (2 XP): LEVEL 4 AND LEVEL 6 CHARACTERS MUST BE FINALIZED (i.e., you answer all questions) WITH THE GRANDMASTER by Sunday, February 28, at 9:59pm. The Grandmaster then posts all Level 4 character sheets (none of the Level 6 character sheets) on the Guild website; you get to scope the competition!


The dates and Tournament Bracket will be determined once all Team Submissions are in, at the beginning of class on Thursday, May 25.


  1. Not finishing your character before the STRICT deadline has sucky, PERMANENT consequences on your character! There are NO EXCEPTIONS to my deadlines. If you fail to level-up your character in time, then I will just add hit points to your character — you lose all things that had to be chosen permanently (such as Feats, skill ranks, class special abilities, spells) — you can’t choose them when you level-up later.
  2. You can only use the 7 core races. Kineticists, guns, and Technology Guide items are NOT allowed. You may not use Traits. Besides these restrictions, nearly all options are allowed from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Advanced Class Guide, Advanced Player’s Guide, Horror Adventures, Occult Adventures, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Equipment, and Advanced Race Guide. All the classes and the prestige classes in those books are available. And, just like for Guild characters, we use Pathfinder Unchained‘s versions of some classes (the original Summoner is not allowed) and that book’s revised barbarian rage rules. Finally, the aegis, marksman, and soulknife, and the Autohypnosis skill from Ultimate Psionics are allowed.
  3. You will use 15 POINT BUY. No score lower than 8 or higher than 15 before applying racial modifiers. After 1st level, your character takes average hit points (i.e. for a d6 class like a wizard, it is 3, 4, 3…)
  4. Your character starts at Level 6, with 16,000gp in equipment (this includes up to 1,800gp in expendable items). In the next round, it becomes Level 8, with 33,000gp in equipment (this includes up to 3,200gp in expendable items). In the next round, it becomes Level 10, with 62,000gp in equipment (this includes up to 5,000gp in expendable items). We will only go up to Level 12 if we have more than eight teams. Between battles, you trade in ALL your gear before spending your new GP total. In contrast, your ability scores, race, class levels, feats, and skill ranks are permanent.
  5. IMPORTANT: For spellcasting, and for special abilities and magic items that have a limit per day, these are limited to using one-third, rounded up, in any given battle. (For spellcasters, add up spell levels to find out your limit.) Search (Ctrl + F) for the “1/3 Rule” at this page.
  6. Any other creatures you have must come from class features (i.e., animal companions, bonded mounts, familiars, eidolons). After a battle begins, you may use magic to summon extra creatures.
  7. Magic Items: You must buy wands with a full (50) set of charges. You may NOT a buy wand, rod, or staff with a caster level higher than your character’s caster level. You may NOT buy scrolls with caster level higher than your character’s Caster level +2. (So if you are a Level 4 sorcerer, you may only buy scrolls up to Level 6. Remember that you might fail in using the scroll as well!)
  8. You and your teammate may pool your gold when equipping your character, and buy or craft items for each other. If you take a crafting feat, you can craft magic items at half the listed price. But the benefit you gain from your feat cannot exceed 25% of your assigned wealth. If your teammate takes an item you crafted, that counts against your limit. If you have 2 or more crafting feats, the wealth you gain is limited to 50% of your assigned wealth. (Note that magic weapons and armor include TWO prices in their price: the base price (+masterwork) of the weapon or armor PLUS the cost of magical enhancements.)
  9. You may “buff” yourself, your teammate, and your Allies before a battle, but AFTER you do so, 1d6 hours pass before the battle begins. (So the effects might wear off.)
  10. When time for a match runs out, if more than one team/player is left standing, victory is determined by percentage of hit points remaining AFTER taking away temporary changes (rage, bull’s strength, temporary hit points, polymorphing, etc.)

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Heroquest Board Game

Long before Gloomhaven, there was Heroquest, which launched the “dungeon crawler” board game genre. Simple compared to today’s games, it nevertheless has an important place in board game history.

And the best thing about Heroquest is that it produced this review:

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Premium Items list updated!

The list of premium items for Pathfinder RPG has been updated!

See the new list!


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Rappan Athuk #41: Well, Well, Well, What Do We Have Here?

The party’s exploration of Rappan Athuk comes full circle in today’s installment, as they explore the doom-laden natural passageways that surround Zelkor’s tomb. The stoney paladin Nioveskirian tells their tale. (-GM)

3rd day of Arodus, 4718 AR

Stirges are so annoying.

By now we’ve figured out that we’re going to have to fight something whenever we turn a corner, so we were prepared for the black skeletons that rushed at us from the newest little chamber we discovered. We clashed for a while, but our victory was inevitable, and it ended with a crunch as a skeleton which had been slowed to a crawl by Val was put out of its misery.

There was some rubble blocking the entrance to the next cavern, so we set to work clearing it. Non summoned earth elementals to help with the big rock transfer. While that was happening, Arv burrowed through to scout the room we were unearthing. He came back in a hurry, due to the huge stirge nest he encountered. Stirges are so annoying. Luckily, we had a plan.

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Rappan Athuk #40: An Important Find

The paladin Valestar Ekhart rejoined the party via teleportation magic, and found them sorting through the loot they had gotten from some trolls. He tells their story… (-GM)

2nd day of Arodus, 4718 AR

If the body of Death from Somewhere Really Far Away died with someone else’s mind in it, the wizard would survive but DSRFA would die.

Those vexing golems were suddenly not so vexing, as The Hero of No Name’s teleportation scroll activated, and we were whisked back to our comfortable home. We had a few other problems, however, the biggest of which was lying unconscious in front of us. DSRFA’s soulless body was still being occupied by whoever had taken control of him, and we needed to find a way to remove the trespasser and restore DSRFA’s soul.

Shia’s sharp memory came to our aid, however, and he identified the spell as Magic Jar, and said that if the body with DSRFA died with someone else’s mind in it, the wizard would survive but DSRFA would die.

We also found out that the spell would expire in about 10 hours, and so we teleported to Egorian to buy adamantine weapons and other items to help us when we returned to finish what we had started with our mystery caster and the golems. After some quick planning, we figured that we could teleport back before the spell expired, and then attack while the caster was down a spell.

It sounded good, and with a few arcane muttering and a couple waves of his hands, The Hero of No Name teleported us back to the cliff where we had discovered the secret door leading to the golems.

We waited out the spell, and everything was going according to plan. But nothing ever goes according to plan in the Dungeon of Graves. BlungyBooce suddenly pulled out his trusty revolver and took aim at Shia. Before any of us could react, BlungyBooce shot Shia twice, and turned to take a shot at Perseus, but his gun seemed to jam.

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Princes of the Apocalypse #15: The Coming Storm

The party continues to its mission protecting traders from Yartar and encounters more cultists in today’s installment. (-GM)

8th of Kythorn, 1491 Dale Reckoning

A group of Crushing Wave cultists were attacking. The leader cast a spell that made it hard to travel and very dark on an area and we all got pissed.

On our next day toward Red Larch, we encountered some human bandits on the bridge. They demanded we pay them a hundred gold pieces or they would kill us. I tried to make them think we were peaceful, but Hypernova walked forward and engaged combat. We all drew weapons and joined the fight. Their superior numbers were flooding over us, but Hypernova cast thunderwave. The remaining enemies fled at this display of raw power, and we continued down the road.

After we guarded the caravan to Red Larch, we decided to strike out towards Rivergard Keep.

We spent the night in a clearing in the woods. Reaper was on watch when he called us to arms. A group of Crushing Wave cultists were attacking. The leader cast a spell that made it hard to travel and very dark on an area and we all got pissed. I used my turn to overclock my speed and made it just out of the area affected. The others threw fireballs and arrows as I stalked the leader, but he saw me and made me paralyzed.

Then his goons killed me, but I was reanimated by some god or another that I hadn’t pissed off by stealing random silver candlesticks. As I woke up, I found that my companions had killed all but one enemy, but he was escaping. I ran and stabbed him for the kill.

-Lalia (Raul)


Ander Wiggins, halfling paladin 4
Isaac, gnome druid 5

Lalia, lightfoot halfling rogue 5
Hypernova Starfall, high-elf warlock 4/wizard 1
Reaper, forest gnome necromancer 4
Zenyatta, wood elven monk 4

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Guild Chronicles: Resurrection

Death from Furthest Away (Bruno) tells the party’s tale from a level of Jacob’s Tower.

If you are in the weekend Jacob’s Tower campaign, DO NOT READ, for there be Spoilers! (-Grandmaster)

The walls are pink and shiny, not unlike flesh…

When I wake up, I am lying in what appears to be some rotten foul-smelling place. The walls are pink and shiny, not unlike flesh. The ground is soft and squishy, and some putrid, slimy oozes slowly leak out of the roof.

Alongside me are three other people. I know them fairly well and trust them enough to be here with them. There is Zarya (Paul), a vanara techslinger who is very powerful. There is also Zeny (Aidan), a strix monk who will be very useful because of his ability to fly. And last but not least, there is Arthritic Slaver (Cayden), but is very big, like if he had a permanent enlarge person spell on him. Zarya wields a Masterwork arc rifle, Zeny wields a +2 composite longbow, and Arthritic Slaver wields a large whip. I, Death From Furthest Away, wield a +1 shock composite longbow.

Suddenly, a small spirit manifests in front of us. He is about the size of a fist and is shaped like an upside-down raindrop. A few inches from his shimmering body is an expressive pair of eyes and a mouth, hovering in mid-air. He starts talking.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you heroes for answering my summons. I am Tik, obedient and willing servant to the titan Haradim. My master, one of the old gods, far before your time, was maliciously set upon by his enemies in the Eternal Fields of Battle. Due to their treachery he was grievously wounded, and I transported him here to the Everlasting Void to heal.”

We all have no idea who this is. He continues talking.

“Time passed in the Void, and much was my surprise when my master’s wounds refused to close. The injuries were simply too great. We have floated here for time beyond time, waiting for heroes such as you to help. Haradim’s wounds are numerous and deadly, and they must be healed for my master to return to his full vigor.”

We all know what he’s saying now. Much to our disgust. We’ll have to go through his body, and heal every part of him that’s injured in any way. There better be some pretty coin at the end of this. I need some boots of speed.

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