GREAT Deal on Pathfinder 2nd Edition bundle!

THIS IS AN AMAZING DEAL if you’re interested in PF2. It expires on August 4, 2020.

(7/25 Update: The physical Core Rulebook has sold out!)

$30 + shipping gets you:
Physical version of Core Rulebook (total $20 if not getting the book)
PDFs of Core Rulebook, Bestiary, Lost Omens World Guide, Lost Omens Character Guide
PDFs of many Pathfinder Society adventures (short published adventures)
PDFs of “flip mats” that can be used in online RPG gaming


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Gaming During the Coronavirus Outbreak, and New “Guild of Berkeley” Discord Server!

(To all Friends of The Guild, past and present!)

Staying at home all day sucks. And the governor is saying that school probably will not resume this spring. But it’s vital for us all to avoid contact with others to save lives. Still, social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation. I am setting up ways for people to stay in contact and to game.

  1. I set up a “Guild of Berkeley” server on Discord, to socialize online and meet-up to jointly play games (including tabletop RPGs, board games, and share screens to play video games)
  2. I am starting an online “open table” (drop in and out) old-school D&D campaign online using voice or video chat and a virtual tabletop
  3. Maybe some of you want to gamemaster (GM) your own RPG online! (Maybe I’ll want to play)
  4. We can play board games together online
  5. I am continuing my RPG campaign, and setting up new ones for the length of the COVID-19 lockdown, using Pathfinder RPG, D&D, or Starfinder
  6. We can play video games together online (including turn based tactical games like Pathfinder: Kingmaker and XCOM)

More information on each of these things is below. If you’re interested, join our server on Discord and/or email me at

1. Join the New “Guild of Berkeley” Discord Server

Before the current lockdown I honestly was mystified by the immense popularity of Discord. I didn’t see what exactly it allowed people to do and I thought: why learn a new program?

It’s actually extremely simple to use – you basically form friends online and can start group chats. That’s it. It’s what’s on top of that that makes it so popular among gamers – you can easily create group audio chats, group video chats, and let your friends see what you see on your own screen (e.g., a video game you’re playing on your computer)

The “Guild of Berkeley” server currently consists of several people in the King M.S. Tabletop RPG afterschool program. But it’s also a great place for alumni and friends of the program to find each other while we’re all in our homes. You can see what others have posted in the common board, find your friend online, start a video chat to play a tabletop RPG together, or run a video game on one computer and several of you can talk to (and optionally also see) each other while you’re looking at the same screen.

I have created “Channels” within the server, which are like subgroups within the group. As the server gets more active, we can make more Channels as needs arise.

(This post has several ideas of what we can organize via Discord.)

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Signal of Screams #5: Mixed Signals

In a missing chapter of our tale, the party met some other notable personages and availed themselves of the resort’s luxuries. At the welcome gala, the party hanakan/dinosaur saw a mysterious shadow… –GM

20th of Erastus, 320 AG (After Gap)

Virlae Nilufeh

Our heroes left off at the resort. Last time, a fraction of the party had seen a shadow lurking through the hallways. However, Zhova the vlakan hacker patrolling the hallways outside the gala had seen nothing. So Extinction the dinosaur heavy gunner rushed out of the gala to investigate. However, that’s where the trail ran cold.

The rest of the gala was uneventful, and the heroes returned to their rooms to sleep once the gala had ended. However, upon sleeping they were greeted by terrible nightmares that woke some of them up out of fear. Once they woke up they realized that all of them had been gifted with special powers from the nightmares. Some jumped an extra distance; others were given extra unarmed melee power; but all in all they were very small abilities. 

So after these stressful nightmares, the party decided to go to the spa to relax. However, in the spa the party was attacked by Virlae, one of the Buzzblades! She seemed driven to a point of insanity and started furiously attacking the party. They were with another member of the Buzzblades, Lomer, a solarian who just seemed so confused by what was happening.

Then combat began between Virlae and the unarmed party. At the beginning, the party only tried to grapple her, but she proved very resistant so the party began to punch Virlae. At the sight of his friend in danger, the solarian deployed his hammer and rushed towards the party. So Freddy Mcgee deployed his hammer and began an epic duel.

The rest of the party continued to grapple Virlae with little success. Things only defused when Zhova snuck away and hacked into the encrypted guard channel to alert all guards of the attack. Apparently, Virlae was under some kind of illusion that led her to believe that everyone around her were monsters with bloody claws and bared fangs.

Apparently adventurers can’t get two seconds of calm time.

-Zhova (Brooks)


Azara Scarhorn, kanabo vanguard 7
Extinction, hanakan soldier 7
Freddy Mcgee, trox solarian 7
Nee, android mystic 7
Zhova, vlaka operative 7 / mechanic 1

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Hell’s Rebels #13: The Mole

In a missing chapter of our tale, the party assaulted a salt factory and rescued prisoners who are now working with the rebellion..–GM

18th of Desnus, 4715 AR

With a tengu rogue named Taka joining to aid the rebellion, Malcolm noticed one of their supporters, Morgar Manthai, acting uneasy. Upon closer inspection it was revealed that some kind of “rat” in our hideout was making him into a mole for the city guards.

A stakeout was planned for the night. Indeed, there was something in the dark and Taka noticed it, he quickly signaled to Malcolm that there was something in the dark. As we waited for the thing to reveal itself, an imp appeared and launched an acid arrow at Taka, but for this new rogue it was nothing.

Throughout the fight, the whole party struggled to even hit the imp. As we were about to kill the imp, it yelled for mercy and said she was bound to her contract, and we must destroy the contract. We decided that Malcolm should rip the contract, and as the imp died it seemed at peace.

With the immediate danger averted, we moved on to start researching the imp’s former masters, the Sarinis: a noble family we needed to cleanse.

-Posol (Cayden)


Herald of the Forgotten Forge – forgeborn fate witch 4
Malcolm – gnome undead-blooded sorcerer 5
Narkwood – dwarven fighter 5
Posol Roshchi – leshy warpriest-cleric of Nethys 4
Taka – tengu rogue (mastermind) 4

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Age of Ashes #29: A New Journey

After Phantasm died in the last assault on the Cinderclaw Mine, Death, Sweet Death chose to retire and rejoin Ronald Lump’s prosperous flock in Breachill. They return to the Mwangi Jungle to help the elves against the Cinderclaws. Their new cleric of flame continues their tale. (-GM)

26th of Abadius, 4720 AR

El Fuego

As we rejoin our Intrepid team of adventurers, some of the party seems stronger. We are joined by Ruun, a catfolk champion with amnesia, who says he existed as Yoink for a while. And there is me: a flaming human aasimar cleric, El Fuego. We both have riding drakes. And there is Death from Above, another oracle who says he’s not a bird (he’s a bird).

Our first night on the road, we have a great sleep and are well-rested in the morning. However the next night our camp might as well have been a pit of lava: many of us contracted dysentery, the scourge of our journey in the jungle.

We continue our trek east searching for the elusive unknown pillar. After several days, we found it. But upon charging in we find that it is well-guarded by several grippli, fey-like things, and a few more enemies. One enemy begins to play mind tricks on us. But eventually we push the pillar over and our enemies hath been smote.

We settle in for a long rest, but we don’t get it. We’re attacked in the night by a party of charau-kas and boggards. Fighting for a night’s sleep is apparently a very good motivator, because we rapped up the fight really.

We leave our heroes in a blissful state, sleeping.

– El Fuego (Keaton)

Death from Above, tengu oracle of ancestors 6
El Fuego, human-aasimar cleric of Ronald Lump 6
Roody, gnome barbarian 6
Stone-Cold Steve Phantasm, elven thief rogue 6
The, hobgoblin alchemist 6
Yoink, goblin paladin of Ronald Lump 7

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Tomb of Annihilation #24: The Raid

The party assaults Hrakhamar, once-home of Musharib’s dwarf tribe. –GM

7th of Alturiak (“The Claw of Winter”), 1493 DR (Dalereckoning)

As we explored the mineshaft that was once home to a clan of dwarves now infested with fire newts, we came across some strange bird creatures who seemed to be trapped. When we approached the birds and firenewts they started trying to attack us and we were quickly overwhelmed. I thought I was dead but then the last bird and firenewt fell and we had won. But we still had to drive out the fire newts who had taken this cave from a clan of dwarves. We had not known what was to come so we kept going. 

(They were now under attack from a new group. -GM)

-Circle of Death (Oscar)


Bellow-Boy the Toxic, dragonborn paladin 5
Broken Bones, dwarven barbarian 5
Circle of Death, aasimar druid 5
Dalbin Firestorm, human wizard 6

Exelar, aasimar warlock 5
Ya Boy, dragonborn paladin 3/sorcerer 2

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Shattered Star #19: Village of the Ungrateful

The party, after having divided and conquered the boggard tribe, conscripts them in a crusade against their Maiden tormentors… or so it seemed. –GM

28th of Desnus, 4712 AR

I moved up to Mama Beballa’s lifeless corpse, took out my dagger and began vigorously removing her head from her torso. With a satisfying slice the last few sinews broke and I grabbed her matted hair into one of my fists. I lifted up the head and waltzed over to her hut, my boots making prints in the slick mud. Several boggards surrounded her hut, most of them frantically searching for treasure. I squeezed the hair tighter and began to scream; bits of loose flesh flew out of the severed neck and splattered against boggard and wall alike. I ordered them to stop and to leave. They reluctantly dropped the gold they had looted onto the ground and dispersed from the hut.

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Dragon of Icespire Peak #7: Assault on the Shrine

The party finds strange new allies against orcs threatening the land around Phandalin. –GM

8th of Flamerule, 1495 DR (Dale Reckoning)

We follow the tracks of the green beast, which Natasha recognizes as a troll. They lead us to a river with a log bridge across it. I cross it on my hands and knees, and when I reach the other side, the troll leaps out from hiding and attacks me on the ground, its claws leaving large tears in my armor.

Nylathrï leaps across the log with the grace of a cat and then strikes out at the troll, wounding it. Meanwhile, Manticore shoots the ferocious beast with arrows, Todd summons bolts of force to strike it, and I imbue my sword with lightning and attack. Natasha, remembering from her studies that trolls fear fire, shoots a bolt of acid at it, although unfortunately it manages to nimbly dodge it. In addition, the troll’s wounds begin closing, making it even harder to defeat.

Noticing the use of acid, the troll hurtles over the river to Natasha and strikes! After just three vicious blows, Natasha slumps to the ground, unconscious. I follow the troll across the river and continue attacking it, but its regeneration leads to a long fight. When the Baroness finally knocks the troll unconscious, we see that it is continuing to regenerate. Then, I attack her with my fiery blade, allowing the flames to leap onto the troll, halting its regeneration and truly killing it.

To give the wererats proof of its defeat, I cut off its head.

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Age of Ashes #28: Blind and Mad

In a missing chapter of our heroes’ tale, the party, reduced in number, returned to the elven village and took the portal back to Breachill to lick their wounds and check on their citadel. They return to the jungle to destroy the remaining pillars. (-GM)

26th of Abadius, 4720 AR


Ronald is being annoying because he won’t give me an exp deduction for doing a write up. We are in a clearing with a dragon pillar. Our new party member, Death from Above, a bird-like tengu oracle who can sometimes look human, is now cursed by spirits of his ancestors floating around him. El Fuego has a flaming hair problem. I, Roody, am awesome as always.

The dragon pillar is apparently fighting us now, and I am blinded and I hear El Fuego say, “EL FUEGO!!!” and “OW, I’m blinded too!”

Suddenly, a small dragon humanoid pops out from the pillar. We are fighting the brutal dragon currently, but we are still configuring ourselves. I attack the mighty beast, and I hit myself in the head or something and critically fail. *yawns*

This fight is going on a while… We are flanking this little dragon and beating it into the ground, and meanwhile my spirits are arguing with Death from Above’s, but mine are obviously better.

The dragon-charau-ka

The fight is almost finished, the dragon is at 6 hp. Ronald is not letting me throw my javelin on Calvin’s turn. (Dem’s the rules! -GM)

The dragon is dead, phew. Everyone is happy, but I still wanted to throw my javelin on Calvin’s turn.


– Roody (Rudy)


Death from Above, tengu oracle of ancestors 6
Roody, gnome barbarian 6
Stone-Cold Steve Phantasm, elven thief rogue 6
The, hobgoblin alchemist 6
Yoink, goblin paladin of Ronald Lump 7

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Tomb of Annihilation #23: Hrakhamar

The party’s warlock Exelar doesn’t like Dalbin Firestorm. And he really doesn’t want to work with him in reclaiming their dwarven guide’s ancestral home. –GM

7th of Alturiak (“The Claw of Winter”), 1493 DR (Dalereckoning)

Dalbin the annoying wizard: 1.2 stars
Dalbins familiar: 0.8 stars

We come across this weird thing in the jungle, with 5-foot square tiles, one of which has a maze in it. After tracing the maze, the grounds opens and we find a fountain that has water that when drunk feels like we have 10 temporary Hp.

Musharib guides us to the mountains, and we climb around. Then we see an idol, with a lot of snakes. Circle of Death starts talking to the idol, and is led to a hatch and finds a dagger. Circle of Death is confused by the whole thing. The snakes also really like me, Definitely. The dagger is nice, and looks cool. We then leave the area.

While we walk, it seems Dalbin has the false notion that his familiar is better than mine. We go along the mountain, and meet this dwarf from his people who apparently is very dumb. He welcomes us and we go to the camp. Musharib introduces us to his mentor. We prepare to reclaim their former forge and home, Hrakhamar, from fire newts. We go into the mountain, and they promise much money for our work.

For some reason Dalbin makes his obviously inferior familiar invisible, even though he is supposed to be the smartest in the group. The annoying familiar sees some machines, with the evil fire newts making them work. They appear to be making some badly-crafted weapons. Musharib tells us where the reward will be and other stuff about the dungeon. The familiar continues his useless things, Dalbin complains about how his familiar can’t open doors, but he knows my familiar could so he, obviously being picky, favoring his familiar over mine even when picking mine would have been the obvious choice. Dalbin’s “great” familiar has to run away from some creatures. Dalbin’s Familiar continues exploring. Dalbin’s familiar runs away from some birds, because again it can’t fight. This is taking almost as long as Dalbin’s constant detect magic.

10,000 hours later, the “amazing” owl returns to the group. Dalbin then forces his idea of attacking the fire newts on us. Then forces an idea for attacking the entire mine on us. Bellowboy and Circle of Death are very loud as we attempted to sneak past the fire mephits. It’s only a miracle Dalbin doesn’t fail the stealth check also. We then attack the fire newts.

I valiantly kill one, and then Musharib comes forward. The combat continues. Mr. Insecure (Dalbin) casts grease to protect his delicate robes. Dalbin then chooses to sacrifice Musharib because “He’s dumb.” Circle of Death makes the ground grow spikes.

That’s it: the LAWFUL GOOD wizard decides to kill someone just because. What a sham. Thankfully everyone is surviving, but the fire newts are going around the spikes and grease. 

-Exelar (Calvin)


Bellow-Boy the Toxic, dragonborn paladin 5
Broken Bones, dwarven barbarian 5
Circle of Death, aasimar druid 5
Dalbin Firestorm, human wizard 6

Exelar, aasimar warlock 5
Ya Boy, dragonborn paladin 3/sorcerer 2

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Rise of the Runelords #8: Chopper’s Isle

After dealing with the monsters below Sandpoint, the town’s grouchy blacksmith approached the party for help. –GM

1st of Lamashan, 4707 AR (Absalom Reckoning)

Das Korvut

Oh no.  This is not good.  I’m no doctor, but when JigamaThing’s body was thrashing around like a madman, I got scared.  I had no clue what kind of poison that demon had, but my wolf almost threw in the towel because of it.  It looked like a losing fight, but luckily the small rogue pulled through due to Jail’s sucking of poison…

We had a few leads in Sandpoint: a lead on some goblin tribes and a Sandpoint legend about The Chopper.  In the demon’s notebook it said that the well that gave birth to the sinspawns came to life here 5 years ago, the same time Chopper went on his killing spree, the church burnt down, the priest died, and his daughter went missing. 

Das Korvut asked us for help. His son went missing during the Chopper’s killing spree.  He asked the town guard to investigate the Chopper’s dungeon and they said there was no point.  During the night, Das thought he heard his child saying “I’m here papa.”

We went to Chopper’s Isle and went underground.  We saw a strange room with strange designs with birds and drawings.  And Vecchio was seeing things.  We found Das’ child… who tried to kill us.  I am not going to say that I had the worst luck and accuracy of shooting in my life.  Never going to say that. 

We found Das’ child…

Back at the beginning of the dungeon we found a bat… but that was strange because we had to dig our way down, so how was it breathing?

Best wishes,
Thanatos (Ryan)


Isaac, half-elven fighter 2
Jail, tiefling cloistered cleric 2
JigamaThing, elven rogue 2
Thanatos, elven ranger 2

Vecchio Uomo Foglia, leshy wild druid 2

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Tomb of Annihilation #22: The Queen of Omu

The party encounters the queen of the garden. –GM

21st of Hammer (“Deepwinter”), 1493 DR (Dalereckoning)

As we approach the final bell, I notice that many of the strange birds are perched nearby, staring at us. They seem more aggravated than usual. Before entering the bell, we take a short break to treat our wounds. Then, we enter the bell.

Once we open the door to the bell, we see that it is a decrepit royal apartment. The bird-controlling woman that the tiny folk had told us of is sitting on a throne in the middle of the large room. Birds stand around the edges like servants. The woman introduces herself as Queen Zalkoré. She is wearing a heavy veil, and we cannot see her face.

She says she sees into the past, future, and present, and often contradicts herself. Sometimes she talks to an invisible lover that we cannot see, other times she says he is dead but she still speaks with him, and still others she scoffs at the idea of her being able to speak with him. She also says that she was exiled from her kingdom (Omu), but other times says her garden is the kingdom of Omu.

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