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Rappan Athuk #70: Day of the Tentacles

Seeing the party entering a hellish level, the holy warrior Valestar rejoins the party. He tells their tale. (-GM)

26th day of Sarenith, 4720 AR

After we defeated the hellhounds, our new mapper Madrik the Spell Thief wanted to complete his maps of this area. We walked around for a while, encountering nothing but a few rats and a long rock in one otherwise empty room. Finally, we turned a corner and found a door that Madrik exclaimed had a magic aura. I approached it cautiously and Madrik told me it was probably safe to open, as he backed away. I opened the door carefully, but nothing exploded and nothing was shot at me. I was a little disappointed, as I was hoping something would happen. The room it revealed was just another boring box that was empty save for a odd shimmering in the air in the middle of the room. Shia looked at it carefully and then exclaimed that it was another teleporter. Madrik told me to go through, and I obliged.

I found myself in a natural tunnel somewhere, and as the rest of the party appeared around me, I asked Madrik if he had any idea where we were. He was pretty sure we were on the same level, but other than that he had no idea. I shrugged and started down the tunnel. After a few turns and some more tunnel, we found ourselves in front of a black marble door that looked very tough. As DFSIFA was at home taking a nap, we had no one with us able to unlock it. I tried to bash it open, but even with Perseus and Jackie Chan’s help, it didn’t budge. Right as I was about to give up, I heard voices casting spells on the other side of the stubborn door. I cast a few defensive spells, then called out to whoever was on the other side, and requested that they open the door.

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Dead Suns #13: Devour Machine Broke

The party explores an… empty hideout of the Cult of the Devourer. The party muscle/vesk narrates. (-GM)

23rd Day of Lamashan, 317 AG

We emerged into a big dark room with a computer in the center, as well as a ghast that had been cut up into cubes. Chappie decided to hack the machine, and while many of us helped him, I was unable to participate due to my thick fingers. The computer was some sort of settings board, with buttons that switched “Temperature,” “Pressure”, “Lights,” and “Big Scary Devour Machine” on and off. After turning on Lights so we could see the room, I suggested we turn off the Big Scary Devour Machine, but was informed that decision-making was to be left in hands with sleeker digits than mine.

There was a door in the wall, so I decided to open it. As I was walking, a big laser blasted me and started sliding around the room. This was the Big Scary Devour Machine? I was unimpressed; it was barely a Medium Scary Devour Machine. XI and the others broke it easily, and the devastator-impersonator fizzled into nothing. I continued to the door and opened it, determined to not let the puny heat skewer obstruct me.

The door opened to a big U-shaped hallway with a bunch of other doors. We went to the door at the far right, and found some living quarters. The next room had three robots, which we dispatched. There was some inferior light armor, which my companions fawned upon while I knew not to stray from the true armor. One of the dressers was actually a fire trap, and after we triggered it we found some unlooted loot, like an electrostatic field which I got. Also among the loot were some necrografts and a datapad with a video of a verthani mentoring some gnome. They were singing some song that contained the phrase “Nyara knows.”

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Rappan Athuk #69: Jurassic Bark

Kung Fury don’t need no anger management. (-GM)

25th day of Sarenith, 4720 AR

Our mappers decided we should continue to go back through the dungeon covering every corner of every level we could find. We found ourselves staring past a river and up a large cliff. We decided to fly up (Madrik, Kung Fury, Shia and I) to see what was up there. Taking a quick flight up, I saw 9 large cat creatures. Seeing nothing special about them besides their hostility towards us, I threw out a superheated fireball from my energy reserves. The spell struck and nothing was left of them except the stench of burning fur. We explored the rest of the cavern finding nothing else of interest there.

We found a small hallway that led up to a door with a strange symbol with 4 diagonal lines with little ends coming out at 90-degree angles. Kung Fury had a look of wild rage in his eyes as he told us that the symbol on the door was a Swastika, the symbol of his ultimate enemy Kung Führer. He burst open the door but to Fury’s obvious annoyance, there was nothing of importance besides a wight. We did discover however that we were on the level at the bottom side of The Well.

Madrik the Spell Thief and Shia then decided we should go back to the level with Damien the wererat for there was a water passageway we somehow never went through. We went down a level and found the temperature to be rising significantly. We came upon an open chamber with a large iron barred gate with a door that looked very strong. But the real danger was obviously the humongous vicious-looking dog in front of us. It had three heads and was at least 15+ times bigger than any of us…

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Dead Suns #12: Dead Rocks

Our heroes seek out the Cult of the Devourer to stop their destructive plans. This takes to them the Pact Worlds’ asteroid belt called the Diaspora… (-GM)

23th Day of Lamashan, 317 AG

Because their captain Alera Okwana was not an idiot, they agreed to talk.

After we traced the signal to the Field of the Lost, an uncharted and dangerous part of the Diaspora, we decided to go shopping on Castrovel and upgrade our starship’s armor, power core, computers, defensive countermeasure system, and weapons. We got a persistent particle beam on a turret mount.

When we finished upgrading our starship, we traveled through the Drift to the Diaspora. As soon as we exited the Drift, we encountered some space pirates who were part of the Free Captains. We intimidated into giving us information. Because their captain Alera Okwana was not an idiot, they agreed to talk. During the conversation, we used our amazing diplomacy and knowledge to learn that the Corpse Fleet had passed through here not too long ago. After the conversation, we thanked the pirates for their time.

We decided to continue to the asteroid where we had tracked the cultists. The asteroid was known as K9204. When we arrived at K9204, we found that most of the asteroid’s surface was jagged and rocky except for one area that was flat. We decided to land on the flat part and explore. It wasn’t too long before we encountered a Sarcesian sniper which proceeded to shoot my drone so we shot it until it died. We then proceeded to loot its corpse. We noticed that some of the sand was a different color and looked like it had been disturbed, so we sifted through it and found a corpse and some money.

The skreesire

As we continued exploring the rest of the flat area of the asteroid, we noticed similar looking patches of sand. When we searched through the other patches of sand we found some dead sarcesians, a trap door and some skreelings which we dispatched easily; however, one of them killed my drone. Above the sand where we found the trap door there was a skreesire. The skreesire put up a good fight but in the end it was not able to surpass the strength of the party.

-XI (Torin)


XI, android mechanic 5
Chappie, android technomancer 5
Chee Kee, ysoki operative 5
Hector Hottie, halfling envoy 5
Tequila, android soldier 5
Nikolai, vesk soldier 5

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Twilight Imperium Is Awesome, Part 3

The February 18, 2018 game of Twilight Imperium had something happen which might be unique to T.I. and is part of what I like the game so much… (-GM)

It was the first game of “Twilight Imperium: High School Edition.” (Of course, the name assumes that I’m a high school student, which I’m not. But bear with me here.)

Arrayed clockwise around the table, starting with me, were:

Ronald (green) – This was my 2nd attempt to play the sneaky tricksters The Yssaril Tribe. The space goblins can “stall” and stay in a round, to take a bunch of unanswered actions at the end of the round. They also are the kings of Action Cards, and can surprise the table with special powers out of their back pocket.

Torin (blue) – The undisputed champion of strategy games chose the wormhole-hopping Ghosts of Creuss. They start in a separate galaxy and have +1 move when starting in a wormhole. Their flagship tugs a Delta wormhole around with it. His sheer mobility was frightening and he could threaten much of the galaxy at once. There were two wormholes near my home system and so I eyed him with suspicion.

Enzo (black) – For his first game of Twilight Imperium, Enzo chose the solid Xxcha Kingdom, which start with Graviton Laser Systems which allows them to shred capital ships with their space cannons without researching a single tech. Their flagship also came equipped with 3 space cannons and could fire them into adjacent hexes. They can quash agendas and build an uninvadable bulwark o Planetary Defense Systems (PDSs).

Nate (yellow) – The Zealot of Defense chose the suicidal Yin Brotherhood, the army of clones who crash into opposing ships and convert ground forces to join their clone cause. Their flagship, when destroyed, destroys all ships in a system.

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Dead Suns #11: Temple of the Eleven

Last we left our heroes, they had entered the ancient elven Temple of the Twelve seeking a lost researcher and the secret behind the lost language. Oh, and they were about to get ambushed. (-GM)

1st Day of Lamashan, 317 AG

I didn’t really buy into Dr. Solstarni’s story, because if she had been taken by Devourers, then why wasn’t she eaten?

The next hallway snaked around a large room in the center. That was clearly where the boss was, so we saved it for last. We concerned ourselves instead with a group of cultists messing around with explosives. They used very advanced technology, such as a machine gun that fired from every barrel at once. However, it seemed they were in over their heads, for their “explosives” did not explode when I fired at them. Noobs. Everyone knows explosives are supposed to explode.

We found Dr. Solstarni tied to the wall. Apparently she had been captured by Devourer cultists and they were researching some relic. I didn’t really buy into her story, because if she had been taken by Devourers, then why wasn’t she eaten? I decided to watch her carefully in case she turned out to be conducting more than just research.

I wasn’t going to let a few bullet wounds stop me from completing our mission, but the others were fragile and wanted rest. We found a room with one of those constellations the elves shouldn’t have known about, and decided to sleep there, pretending it was the night sky. Our delusion of the outdoors failed when the stars activated their fire beams and tried to kill us. The fire cauterized our wounds, and within minutes we had regained our stamina and were ready to assault the boss room. No matter that I left a trail of my own blood; that was probably just indigestion.

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Rappan Athuk #68: The Tomb of Auris Veng

In a lost chapter of our tale, the party did some more mapping of the mazes and passage near the wererat Damien. They parleyed with the goblin military leader Herzord and conspired to overthrow the Orcus clerics of Greznek. They also gound a giant vertical cavern with a waterfall and tentacled flumphs floating about, and a secret chamber protected by an anti-magic zone atop it which was home to the flumphs. Jackie Chan continues their tale. (-GM)

1st day of Sarenith, 4720 AR

While Valestar communicated with the flumph elder about killing the blood orchids and the gibbering mouther, the rest of the party had a casual game of chess on Valestar’s bird. Valestar spoke with the ghost of the hero Auris Veng. It was revealed that Auris Veng had been lured to the flumph cave and been trapped, eventually dying of boredom and other lethal causes. When we killed the blood orchids using the spellcasters’ flame abilities, we returned to the flumphs and received scrolls and a staff of healing.

After we received our items, Auris Veng and the flumph elder told us about a hero Bofred who went missing, and if we returned Bofred to the surface a curse would be lifted allowing us to inspect Auris Veng’s treasure. The lens shining daylight into the chamber was the Auren Beacon, which had 2 claws remaining which meant we had to consecrate 2 more temples of Orcus.

Satisfied with our talk, DFSIFA, Valestar and Madrik the Spell Thief explored the bottom of the waterfall when a roper, a tree with tentacles, attacked them. After heroically killing it in one round, we went down four levels in a tunnel to a huge cave with a giant lake at the bottom. The whole party moved on to a secret door. When it was opened, poisonous gas filled our lungs. Luckily the party was fine! After we found there was nothing of importance or value in the room, we moved on to map the poison-spike maze and the “stupid face” maze. (Maze names provided by Madrik the Spell Thief.)

-Jackie Chan (Cayden)


Death from Somewhere Irrelevantly Far Away, tiefling slayer 15
Deckard Cain, aasimar flame oracle 14
Jackie Chan, oread flowing monk 13
Kung Fury, sylph martial artist monk 14
Madrik the Spell Thief, wizard 14
Shia Labeouf, merfolk bard 14
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 16

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