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Rappan Athuk #56: The Hydra

The party does a favor for the goblin city of Greznek… (-GM)

1st day of Erastus, 4719 AR

Now, when the Goblin leader told us to go kill a hydra, I expected a bit of a challenge. The pesky goblins said they would lead us to the spot where the Hydra was, but we had to be blindfolded along the way. But what they don’t know is that with DFSIFA’S robe of eyes worth 120,000 gp he saw everything we went by anyway, which wasn’t much but a few hobgoblins. Nioveskirian was not with us because he was being stubborn and wanted to get away from the goblins so he went home. The goblins brought us to a large door and said, “The monster lies beyond!”

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Dead Suns #2: The Enemy Within

The feud between Paul and Nate is eternal and all-encompassing, spanning all time and space. The vesk soldier, Nikolai, bearing the universe’s best armor (for a Level 1 character), continues the party’s tale. (-GM)

8th Day of Rova, 317 AG

Chiskisk of the Starfinder Society

As the heat of battle died down, I sought the other brave souls who stood against the attackers. They were respectable people, except for an android who called himself Tequila. Whoever designed him must have had a cruel sense of humor, for this machine was riddled with defects. He burst into tears at the slightest misfortune, and sang with a discordant whine at the top of his lungs whenever someone mentioned his bulky weapon case. I took pity on the pathetic robot, and decided that he deserved more than the deplorable excuse for a name bestowed upon him by his sadistic creators. I shall refer to him hereafter as Paul.

As the others approached the body of the Starfinder dwarf who had been unlucky enough to receive a laser shot to the head (He had a name! Duravor Kreel. –GM), I spoke with a member of the law enforcement investigating the scene.

“Do you happen to know the whereabouts of a certain criminal? He originates from my homeland and I believe he has escaped into this station. He is known only as the Ranged Sneak Build.”

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Rappan Athuk #55: The Goblin City

The party encounters the fabled Goblin City in today’s chapter of Rappan Athuk. (-GM)

30th day of Sarenith, 4719 AR

I have never liked slides. Ever. Not even when I was a wee little baby (already a ranged sneak build at the time but I did not know it yet). So when the party decided to go down a really steep, slippery slide I was not thrilled. I then remembered my new cloak. It was very nice and could let me fly. So I turned into a bat and flew down. There was a closed door at the bottom but I waited for the rest of the party to come down before we opened it. Behind the door were a bunch of goblins.

The great green one, Tribitz

Now goblins are smart, (cough cough 10 Int cough cough) and they knew that if they tried to kill us they would be blasted to pieces. We stared them down. I could see the fear in their eyes… or was that pinkeye. Hard to tell through all the filth. After we intimidated them enough they said they just wanted to be left alone so they could find some gold. We told them we knew where a lot of gold was on an upper floor. In exchange for this information we asked for new information on the goblin city. It turns out it was right behind this group of goblins. We showed them how to get to the gold vein and took them through a fiery maze level and then we were on our way.

The goblin city, Greznek, was smaller than I had imagined. There were only about 500 goblins or so. We met some of the shopkeepers and talked about what merchandise they had to offer. There was nothing of interest so we moved on. After a little while a goblin approached us and told us that the king would like to speak with us. We had been expecting as much because very few non-goblins were in the city, and no outsiders at all. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rappan Athuk #54: A Very Vampiric Day

The party lays to rest some unquiet spirits in the Dungeon of Graves. (-GM)

12th day of Gozran, 4719 AR

As my fellow paladin Nioveskirian started to recount, we had walked into a large room with pillars lining the walls and strange runes that Shia, who is quite well acquainted in strange runes, couldn’t make heads or tails of. But that was suddenly no longer our focus, as a trio of wraiths came out of the pillars and started reaching their cold, dead, incorporeal hands out to Shia. DFSIFA quickly arrowed the first one, but there were still two more. Perseus flew us down and we made quick work of them with a combination of holy sword and holy claw and beak. But that was only three, and we all knew that more would be coming, and so when many, (37) more came out of the remaining pillars, we were ready.

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Dead Suns #1: Crossfire

Six passengers aboard the Okimoro dock into Absalom Station, the space-station capital of the Pact Worlds. Their trombone-toting android, Mark One Trombone Player, writes about their arrival. (-GM)

2nd Day of Rova, 317 AG

As I look around the crowded starship a few people stand out to me. There is one guy, Hector Hottie, who looks a little familiar combing his hair while using his phone as a mirror. Another, Chappy, is snapping his fingers, making little purple puffs of smoke. He is clearly a magic user. I notice a  figure like me, cloak concealing his features. The primary difference between me and Chee Kee is the bulges in his cheeks and the big ears he has. I do not know much about other races but I think the term for people like him is Ysoki.  I myself, for a little bit of background, am from The Burning Mother *religious crossing and mumbling*. Another person on the ship is a strange looking guy, XI, with all sorts of machine parts strapped to him like he had rolled through a scrap yard covered in superglue. Next to him is a similar looking creature but this one is obviously a machine. The last person on the ship is Nikolai, broad-shouldered, muscular looking, gray haired, ugly, and just plain stupid. He is one of those people where you could tell they were dumb just by looking at them. His nose is pressed up against the glass in a childish way and he has a big ol’ grin on his face.

We finally arrive at our destination, Dock 94 at Absalom Station. The doors to our ship open and the cold (but fresh) air blows in.

The idiot reaches into a Dora, the Explorer backpack (he must have found it in a dumpster and liked it) and pulls out a huge spiky stick. He places the weapon over his shoulder and walks off the ship. I look down and pat my trusty trombone case. I hoist the weapo… I mean trombone onto my shoulder and step out onto the loading dock. Hector Hottie is greeted by a bunch of fans and I have some distant memory of him being an Instagram star or something like that.

I notice a dwarf waving to us to come over. Some say he is with the Starfinder Society and are here to look for them. I have nothing better to do so I walk over to see what is up.

I had just gotten up to him when I hear a loud PEW and watch in horror as a laser bullet goes through the dwarf’s head.

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Rappan Athuk #53: Paul Is Broken

Nioveskirian speaks straight from his stony soul in this week’s writeup. (-GM)

12th day of Gozran, 4719 AR

What Paul (and nobody else) saw

Some of our more cowardly members had developed some claustrophobia, so we decided to explore the wilderness for a while, setting off as soon as everyone was fitted with a bird. We saw this island near the edge of the lake, and decided to see what interesting environs it housed. There was a plume of smoke near the center, which was probably some geyser or a cabin or something, but no, everyone had to think “dragon”. We flew toward the source of the ash-infused air, and found a cabin, just as I expected. So what if it didn’t have a chimney?

Suddenly DSFIFA loosed three arrows, which struck a formerly invisible dragon. The beast uttered a final roar before falling into the sea. The cabin turned out to be the dragon’s hoard where we found a lengthy collection of magic items, including a suit of armor that Shia identified as cursed. The room was filled with the skeletons of fools who thought the building was just a cabin. (Why would anyone think that? They didn’t get tipped off by the fact that smoke was coming out of it even though it had no chimney?) Me and Valestar gave them proper burials, because even fools deserve a final rest.

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Rappan Athuk #52: Stone Cold!

Deckard Cain sits us down and tells us what they found in the level containing a temple to Orcus. Stay awhile and listen! (-GM)

3rd day of Pharast, 4719 AR

Then we saw 4 Gorgon Hounds who had a strong breath that could turn flesh to stone.

Hello travelers! It is I, Deckard Cain again, in the second of my journal entries in the Rappan Athuk dungeon. This time the party had a less eventful, but exciting nonetheless adventure in the Orcus alter-temple whatever. We spent the majority of the time exploring blank hallways with nothing in them or on the walls, but DFSIFA (repeatedly saying “Blink!” to activate her ring) insisted on looking at them with her 1002 eyes (1000 on her robe/cloak and 2 on her head).


After a while of exploring hallways, we heard a group of creatures around the corner. They seemed to have heard us for they cast darkness around themselves. Seeing this, I channeled the power of daylight through my body’s connection to the sun god Sarenrae, pushing the darkness out of existence. Seeing their spell countered,  the creatures fled around the corner and through a door. We saw the tail of one of the creatures and recognized them as leucrottas, the creatures that Gudmund had entertained. We spoke to them, and they asked us for mercy. We gave it and explored their rooms and found another buckled boot and some droppings (by the creatures). We left the creatures and explored more halls with nothing in them for the purpose of mapping the area out.


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