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Rappan Athuk #111: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

In a missing chapter of our tale, the party encountered a prismatic pyramid containing the Ravager, powered by three beams of light. They nearly fell to the manifold eye-beams of a Gibbering Orb, but prevailed.

We bid a fond farewell to Valestar Eckhart, the last remaining member of the original party and its first scribe nearly four years ago. His conversion to Iomedae to unlike the powers of his new artifact sword came at the price of duty to a higher Cause, for he now joins the crusaders standing watch at Kenabres at the edge of the Worldwound.

Susurrus is on a sojourn, and Deckard Cain had to look into mysterious portents in the town of New Tristram.


6th day of Sarenith, 4722 AR

Three of our number have left us, and one mysterious stranger from this ancient prison has joined. None of us who remained had any healing power, so we were forced to rely on potions and scrolls. After maneuvering around some obstacles in our path, we returned to the great glass prism. It had not changed since we had left it, but we checked the blue tunnel anyway. There was nothing in it save a strange staff. After temporarily dispelling the blue light, the staff was revealed to be a potent staff of the magi.

“This world puts a dangerous amount of trust in elf-magic,” said I, “Where I come from, the elves destroyed themselves with their greed.”

It was then that I noticed the stranger, n, had pointed ears. I was in the presence of an elf! When I asked about his people, he told me he didn’t remember anything.

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Rappan Athuk #109: Dispelling All Doubt

The wardens of the monstrous Ravager test the party’s strength.


6th day of Sarenith, 4722 AR

I shot arrow after arrow at the golems surrounding us. My arrows flew faster than an unladen swallow, slicing through the rocky flesh of these creatures. I laughed loudly as I watched our spellcasters fail at any sort of magical attack against these foes. They were made of rock, therefore most wizardry accomplished nothing.

Given time, I would have slain them all but eventually, Susurrus found a spell that could damage them. He summoned a wall of lava that swallowed two of the golems as they tried to pass through it. Grom-Gil-Gorm and I tore our way through the remaining enemies. The room was now silent. The only thing that remained of interest was the big statue of an angel. We considered trying to free them but they had the *circle triangle group thingy* emblazoned on them. We figured that they were probably here to defend this place and freeing them would only lead to more fighting. We continued forward to the far end of the room where a tunnel led onward.

The tunnel was quite short and ended with a vault door. However, it was no match for the might of our paladin, Valestar. He turned the wheel and the door swung open. Beyond stood a fearsome undead. I lit a smoke stick immediately, expecting a fight, but Valestar held me back from shooting. He whispered quickly to me that this creature was less evil than most things we had encountered so far and that we should talk to it first and maybe get some information.

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Wrath of the Righteous #60 + 61: Out of the Wormhole, Into the Worm

When we last left our heroes, they had just obtained the Suture, a key to closing the Worldwound, and we licking their wounds their Magnificent Mansion. The commander of the demon armies, however, lay in wait for when they stepped out… (-GM)

13th day of Arodus, 4728 AR


When our heroes were ready, they charged once more into the treasure horde to confront this self-appointed “Storm King.” Supposedly a being of extreme power that would never back down from a fight who turned out to be nothing more than brief distraction, with no sense of honor.

Hiding in the rain and refusing to come and fight, our heroes almost decided to leave him alone and move on with their lives before he had finally worked up the courage to attack. The fight was quick and painless, aided by Nunya who created a gate to block out the rain and then summoned an extra large umbrella. Dealing with the rain proved to be the hardest part of the encounter, however, as our heroes dispatched the “Storm King” without suffering a scratch until he exploded in a cowardly suicidal explosion.

The party had already forgotten about this pitiful foe as they raced to their next objective, the arcane prison of Threshold. It stood on on an island at the bottom of an infested pit. Guarding the giant worm infested pit were 3 large Worms-That-Walk and 3 huge wyrms.

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Wrath of the Righteous #58+59: Seeking the Suture

The party could not steep any lower than they did in an unwritten chapter of our tale, from a brothel then down the infinite Rasping Rifts doing battle with leaders of the Cult of Deskari. When Nunya led an expedition back to the brothel to rescue some archons, they almost were killed by an ambushing ravener, an undead dragon. Iomedae’s Herald continues their tale. (-GM)

13th day of Arodus, 4728 AR

The corrupted Terendelev

We teleported away from the tavern, and not a moment too soon! The vile aura of the undead Ravener nearly killed both of my tiny comrades! I only caught a glimpse of the horrid thing, but what I saw was enough to give a lesser man nightmares. 

Returning to Drezen, we nursed our wounds and resurrected the temporarily deceased, although I can’t say I ever cared for this “magic” business to be honest. Do you know what kind of material components are in a Heal spell? No thank you; I’ll stick to treating my wounds with singing and essential oils.

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Rappan Athuk #108: Monsters, Monsters Everywhere, but Not a Coin to Loot

Grom-gil-Gorm does not forego his go to grumble.


6th day of Sarenith, 4722 AR

How did the trees live without sunlight?

We reached the bottom of the murky tunnel. The area was completely dark until Susurrus lit his elf-torch. What sort of monsters would you expect to find in a dark cavern? Rats, trolls, oozes perhaps? No, the monsters that assaulted us were trees. How did the trees live without sunlight? Where was their soil? What did they have against us? I asked myself these questions as we turned the attackers into splinters, and could not come up with the answer. (They were special stone treants! -GM)

Yet another padlock awaited us at the end of the room. The others were all frail of form, built for stealth instead of strength, so the burden of forcing the padlock open fell upon my shoulders. The door opened into a room filled with whirling blades of stone.
I knew the elves had a spell that turned stone into mud, but Susurrus told us that we faced “special” stone that did not respond to his elf-magic. We were forced to walk through and accept that we would receive a few cuts.
The walls of the next room we entered had a bas relief of the army that imprisoned the Ravager, along with a single statue in the center. These carvings failed to imprison themselves, as they all came to life and attacked us.
The others killed many of them, but they did so at range, cowering in the corner with their bows. I was the only one brave enough to face them head on. If there was any treasure in that room, it was I who’d be most worthy of it, yet there was no treasure. Not a single object of monetary value. It seems the heroes of this age would be paupers.
Signing off,


Deckard Cain, aasimar oracle 19
Death from Somewhere Irrelevantly Far Away, tiefling slayer 20
Doomfist, oread monk 18
Grom-gil-Gorm, half-orc viking fighter 19
Susurrus of the Wind, sylph wizard 19
Shia Labeouf, merfolk bard 18
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 20

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Wrath of the Righteous #57: The Deadliest Little Whorehouse in Iz

The party confronts the army general and visits a brothel. (-GM)

12th day of Arodus, 4728 AR

Sister Perversion

After pursuing Sister Perversion through the mirror, we found ourselves within the Rasping Rifts. Through the cobwebs and dust, we could see the seraptis running away!

“Turn and face us, you coward!” Pinacra cried.

Yet onwards she ran, further into the gloom. With some assistance from myself and Nunya, we teleported and slipped through the webs, hot on the temptress’ tail. Ahead we saw her on the other side of a bottomless rift, reunited with the one we were after, Mistress Anemora. Around the drider’s neck was the Nahyndrian Chisel, the artifact we needed to seal the Worldwound.

However, these femme fatales were determined to put up a fight. They summoned help in the form of demons, such as Balors!

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Rappan Athuk #107: Vault of Horrors

The party has gone “down the well” to stop the Ravager, and have found themselves in a lethal dungeon.


6th day of Sarenith, 4722 AR

If it wasn’t for Deckard Cain we would all be dead. Seriously. After being surrounded by wraiths he clutched up. Shia gave him a little more time to cast his spells so he was able to cast three spells in rapid succession. He first weakened all of the wraiths and made them more vulnerable to his spells. After that he cast Storm Bolts which, in case you didn’t figure out, makes giant bolts of lighting come out of his hands and strike everything. The enemies were about to descend on him but he burned them with his flames. Some survived but were wiped out when he regained his breath.

We retreated out of the room but this time made sure to not have everybody leave. We did not want to have to fight the wraiths for a third time. We summoned an apple tree with our Sapling Rod and Grom-Gil-Gorm and I ate a few apples to restore the damage the wraiths had dealt to our physiology. Those with more severe damage had to return to the capital to buy scrolls of spells that could heal them. 

Finally, we were all back together and ready to address the vault door. It was unlocked but very heavy. However with Grom-gil-Gorm’s mighty strength, we were able to pry it open enough for us to slip through. The walls in the room beyond were made of a strange rock. The rock was embedded with strange colored crystals and our wizard informed us that it had the special property of being immune to any magical effects. The room itself was filled with small pillars that seemed to go into the floor and up into the ceiling. There was another vault door on the other side of the room, but as I scanned the walls and ceiling, I noticed a secret door on the right hand side.

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