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Wrath of the Righteous #30: Alushinyrra

The party has decided to pay a visit to the capital of the Midnight Isles, Alushinyrra, to investigate Nocticula the First Succubus and her possible alliance with the demons behind the Worldwound. They chanced upon a ruined temple to Nocticula in the wilderness. The Incredible Fella narrates. (-GM)

19th day of Sarenith, 4728 AR

While the puzzle of these statues was not overly difficult, the stakes were raised significantly by the appearance of powerful shadowy creatures with every wrong move. After getting tired of fighting all of the time, Sigarda, using her mysterious powers, ascertained the order in which to complete the puzzle and the party began to finish it. Nunya blindfolded the first statue and glowing runes appeared on its wings. Nunya then kissed the third statue to activate it. The second statue was activated with a sacrifice of miscellaneous demon bits, and Beckles activated the fourth one with a demonic ritual. It was greatly disturbing and everyone involved wished they could un-see it, but it would haunt them to their last dying breath.

Upon the completion of the ritual, all four statues were covered in glowing runes and a portal opened up leading to a demonic brothel somewhere in the Abyss. The party went in and found themselves to be in Alushinyrra, the most populous and famous city in the Midnight Isles. The party was now much closer to seeking conference with Nocticula and completing their diplomatic mission.

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Wrath of the Righteous #29: An Abandoned Shrine

In a missing chapter to our tale, our heroes succeeded at closing the rift to the Abyss in the Midnight Fane and tried (and failed) to interrogate some demonic bebilith spiders. They now decide to pay a visit to the capital of the Midnight Isles, Alushinyrra, to investigate Nocticula’s alliance with the demon lords behind the Worldwound. Jex narrates. (-GM)

17th day of Sarenith, 4728 AR

Seraptis demon

“Why can’t we just walk,” I thought as we plane-shifted for what felt like the 100th time. We arrived in a strange looking part of the abyss, and after a little bit of confusion, we made our way toward the Midnight Isles’ capital, Alushinyrra, to a large broken-down tower. On entering, we saw many statues that were identified to be depicting Nocticula, that evil demoness. After a brief discussion about what we were going to do the Incredible Fella fired at us, while a bunch of shadows emerged. We quickly took down The Incredible Fella and started to deal with the shadows when a four-armed woman with a snake tail crawled through the entrance (a seraptis demon -GM). We immediately targeted her and took her down quickly.

Then it was investigation time. We looked at the statues trying to find out what they meant. On the far left was a statue showing Nocticula with her arms and wings wrapped around her with the words “In the darkness our lady is unseen yet not unknown,” so we put a blindfold on it and red runes appeared on its wings. The second is when things got weird. The statue depicted Nocticula aiming a hand crossbow with the words “To know death at our Lady’s will is to become one with her world” So we, and by we I mean Beckles, decapitated the four-armed demon and started smearing blood all over the statue.

Eight of the same shadows emerged from the walls surrounding us. Beckles was touched all over and went comatose. I then channeled the power of Sarenrae and used my natural charm to whirlwind myself over to Beckles’ collapsed body. None of them were defeated, yet. They came at us and tried to literally pull out our strength from our bodies. We were fairly hurt but still going and eventually brought them all down. Beckles was healed up and we turned back to the statue.

My time talking grows to a close as Nunya kisses a statue.

-Jex (Enzo)

Nocticula as depicted in legend, harvesting a demon lord’s heart



Orog the Demon Butcher, half-orc fighter 12 (champion)
Jex, skittermander paladin 5 / whirling-dervish swashbuckler 7 (champion)
Beckles, strix brawler 13 (champion)
The Incredible Fella, human ranger 6 / diviner wizard 1 / arcane archer 5 (champion)
Dar-Ahud the Sandstorm, keleshite human geokineticist 12 (champion)
Nunya, gnome spirit-guide oracle 13 (hierophant)
Sigarda, ratfolk hagbound witch 7 / demoniac 5 (archmage)

5 mythic tiers

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Rappan Athuk #79: Brain Dead

In a missing chapter of our tale, the party further explored the Great Cavern and raided a lair of tentacled trees, ropers, before heading deeper into the dungeon in a level swarming with maggot-infested undead. Kung Fury continues their tale. (-GM)

24th day of Calistril, 4721 AR

We continued to explore the foreboding fungus caverns. We had yet to find a single living creature here besides me. The others didn’t have maggots infesting them, as was the only common characteristic of the zombies on this level, but I was sure they were dead. How else could they smell so bad?

There was a cave filled with troll zombies, goblin zombies, bug zombies, and human zombies, all of which we dispatched immediately. In the cave we found an intricately carved golden crown, which Shia identified as a major crown of blasting. The crown could fire a beam of light that was particularly potent against undead. I took it because none of the others could wear it; the crown wouldn’t fit over their stupid masks.

We walked down a tunnel which ended in a cave-in. Madrik wasn’t here to turn all the rocks to mud, so we had to clear it out ourselves. While we were doing so, more zombies attacked us. Deckard Cain conjured a wall of fire, which burned much of their overripe flesh, but also blocked me from due processing them. Eventually he turned it off, and I was able to see the horrors on the other side. Not only was there a zombie purple worm heading toward us, but I spotted a zombie dragon as well. Some lawful stupid knight probably went through all the effort to slay this dragon, but then was like “we must giveth it a proper burial” and dumped it here for us to deal with. We dealt with it all right.

That cave was mostly rubble, so we moved on to another cave. So many caves. Where did these people find so much limestone? Valestar sensed a big evil ahead, so we all got ready for a fight. We needn’t have worried, because there was only this creepy stone. It glowed an alien color that doesn’t have a name in this language, but is the same color as a purple worm. Shia said it was the Stone of Karsh, used by the armies of Orcus in the battle for Tsar. It animates the dead (surprise) and is really evil. We took it to the Pope to see if we could destroy it.

As we were standing on a grassy hill waiting for the Pope, I noticed my blood pressure rise. Shia said “You know, I just realized something. No matter what we do in our brief lives, the universe will eventually collapse and destroy all of our accomplishments. What’s the point of pretending that we can make anything last in this cold, harsh world? In the end, it will all become dust. No, better to side with destruction. Better to show the masses how easily their fleeting existence can end. I must show them the truth. I must be an agent of entropy.”

With that, he attacked us, and we all beat him up. It would have been like the fifth time Shia was killed by his companions, but luckily the Pope arrived and sent him to some rehabilitation center. His clergy got to work on researching the artifact.

It would be nice to end on that note, but we decided to keep exploring. There was a river which we went down, and a folding boat which we probably broke. Best climax ever, amirite?

Signing off,
Kung Fury (Nate)


Death from Somewhere Irrelevantly Far Away, tiefling slayer 16
Deckard Cain, aasimar flame oracle 15
Kung Fury, sylph martial artist monk 16
Madrik the Spell Thief, sylph wizard 16
Shia Labeouf, merfolk bard 10 / pathfinder chronicler 5
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 17

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Rappan Athuk #78: Roast and Meteor Swarm My Ropers

After the redemption of Valestar Ekhart, the party returned to the Great Cavern, with the flame oracle Deckard Cain in tow. They stood before a yawning cave mouth. Cain tells their story. (-GM)

20th day of Abadius, 4721 AR

When I rejoined the party I had no idea what they would be up to, and knowing them it was probably something very dangerous. As it turned out they were actually in a cave complex trying to snuff out whatever evil they detected there. Shia identified the the substance on the ground as Roper feces and that we should watch out for them as they looked much like the stalactites around us. We walked into another cave and were greeted by two tentacles aimed at our frontliners. They latched onto party members and tried to sap their energy. The once-again paladin Valestar pulled out his sword and sliced the tentacles off of him and his mount. DFSIFA then promptly filled one of the ropers visible to us full of arrows. The other one was burnt to a crisp by my hand and then pounded into the ground by Kung Fury. Read the rest of this entry »


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Wrath of the Righteous #27: Those Damn Demons

We last left our heroes as they were fighting their way into the Midnight Fane, to close a gate to the Abyss. The brawler Beckles continues their tale. (-GM)

17th day of Sarenith, 4728 AR

Nunya wanted to figure out what the weird machines and beakers all did, so The Incredible Fella and I took a quick nap.

We were in some evil demon lab place, and I couldn’t care less about all the weird machines and bubbling beakers. Nunya wanted to figure out what they all did, so The Incredible Fella and I took a quick nap. Unfortunately, something loud awoke us, and I saw a group of burly looking monstrosities. They didn’t look particularly tough, so I ignored Nunya’s explanation of their native habitat and genus and decided to find out the easy way if they were a real threat.

One of them looked tougher than the rest, so I flew over to him and punched him a few times. I didn’t think I had hit him that hard, but he fell over and didn’t look like he was gonna get up. I threw him an ice pack and beat up the next one. They quickly proved to be about as combat-ready as a toddler, and The Incredible Fella’s good bow skills and me beating them senseless ended the fight quickly.

While we had been fighting however, Nunya had been working on figuring out what was in the lab. She pointed out a few bottles of alchemist’s fire and some liquid ice. I was a little confused. I have never had a formal education, but isn’t liquid ice just water? I asked Nunya about this, and she launched into a lengthy explanation of the alchemical process to make it, and how it is a remarkable substance that freezes quickly in contact with air. I grabbed a bottle just in case, and went to look for some real loot.

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Wrath of the Righteous #26: This Doesn’t Feel Like Home

Nearly a year has passed since the original heroes of the Fifth Crusade stopped the advance of the demon armies into Mendev and crusaders retook the strategic citadel of Drezen. As the war grinds on in a stalemate, our heroes embark on a secret mission that may unlock a means to close the Worldwound forever!

17th day of Sarenith, 4728 AR

These people, along with the “divine” pink furball, looked much better suited to fight alongside the demons, not against them.

A group of soldiers marched past, yet again disturbing my meditation. It would be easier if there was something to concentrate on, like a tree or a lake. But everything was infused with the Abyss. Even the stars seemed to burn with demonic intensity. I had to close my eyes and shut out the tainted world in order to regain calmness. Focus internally. Relax.

I heard the patter of footsteps, but this time they were not from the soldiers. A bug-eyed creature with tiny limbs and pink fur all over its body was walking toward me. Was one of the wizards playing some practical joke? I poked it in the head and confirmed that it was not an illusion. It got all offended and went on about being Sarenrae’s chosen warrior on a divine mission to fight demonkind. It then introduced itself as Jex, a “skittermander” from the future. I eventually decided to trust it, because someone with malicious intent wouldn’t make up a story that outlandish. Besides, it couldn’t exactly stab me in the back with those tiny arms.

Jex explained that Queen Galfrey had summoned me along with several other crusaders on an urgent mission. I was soon to learn that the term “crusader” had been applied very generously. Sitting before a teleportation circle were a strix with brass knuckles, a huge half-orc wielding a bloody axe, a ratfolk with skulls and vials of blood on her tattered robe, and an ordinary human with a bow, who looked extremely out of place next to his companions. These people, along with the “divine” pink furball, looked much better suited to fight alongside the demons, not against them.

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Rappan Athuk #77: The Final Test

Brooding amidst his muldane doldrums, the fallen paladin Valestar Ekhart continues to lead the party seeking redemption in the Great Cavern of Rappan Athuk.

18th day of Abadius, 4721 AR

Gugs are fugly.

After the party returned me to normal after being turned to stone, we kept wandering the dungeon. We found ourselves in a larger room with a bunch of gugs, large creatures with a gaping maw instead of a mouth. They roared, and we charged.

Despite being easily four times my size, they weren’t able to hit me, and their size made them clumsy. I was able to cut two down before any hit me, and DFSIFA finished off the others with a hail of arrows. The fight was over quickly, but we could hear more coming from the other opening of the room.

Madrik was almost out of spells, and we were all tired, so we decided to go home. Madrik quickly teleported us home and we all had a well-deserved rest.

Upon returning to the room, a couple of gugs that had been eating some rats roared in surprise and were hit with a few DFSIFA arrows. They went down, and we heard more coming. We ran down the tunnel and saw a group of them approaching. Madrik smiled and cast a spell and a wall of lava appeared right behind them. Jackie Chan ran forward and threw one into it, where it proceeded to shriek and melt from the intense heat. I ran forward and attacked them, and the combination of our two monks, DFSIFA, me, and them being pushed back towards the lava wall meant they didn’t last long.

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