Iron Gods (The Divinity Drive) #8: The Hunt for Unity

08 Aug

19th day of Sarenith, 4716 AR


The artificial intelligence, Casandalee, which Romulus had been toting around in his pocket, told us more about the Ship…

My memory isn’t quite what it used to be, but I can still remember the day we found the way to our true goal. The artificial intelligence, Casandalee, which Romulus had been toting around in his pocket, told us more about the Ship. It was controlled by the artificial intelligence, Unity, which has been trying to find a way to free itself from the crashed spaceship since it landed 10,000 years ago. A long time ago it created Casandalee, and she ended up in our hands.

She gave us a complete map of the Security Sector, as well as information on a Vortex dragon, one of Unity’s lieutenants, and some tips on how to defeat Unity himself.

Unity could only be defeated from within his own cyber mind, and fighting him in a place where he controls reality itself would be suicide. However it was possible to weaken him. His followers were one of his sources of pride, and swaying them away from his path would be beneficial. It would also be good to take out his officers before going after him, including his aggregrate robot and the lieutenant controlling his robots, so we decided to make some cash, get some items, and go in for the kill.

Before heading back to Starfall, however, we decided to clear this floor.

We used the security-room cameras to track down some pale strangers and preceded to blast away at them and their laser turret. Both Ashtael and I were pretty much immune to their lasers because of our fire resistance, and we soon defeated those weaklings. We then preceded forwarded into some kind of on-ship prison, where abandoned drones still watched dusty corpses. Their eyes fixed upon us as we entered the room, asking questions like the others had before attacking. Viole summoned with me, while Ashtael and Romulus went into the fray. I summoned my classic shadow demon while Viole summoned two rocs!

The robots didn’t stand a chance, and soon only one remained. We all delayed until the rocs got a hold on it, then they ripped it clean in half. The parts sparked one last time before the glow died away.


We found, to our shock, a living prisoner. It was some kind of large creature, looking somewhat like a mind eater, with sacks all over it filled with brains, although most were empty now…

We investigated the prison and found, to our shock, a living prisoner. It was some kind of large creature, looking somewhat like a mind eater, with sacks all over it filled with brains, although most were empty now. We awakened it to question it, but the beast was overwhelmed by its hunger and would not make any deals that did not involve it eating someone’s brain. Luckily, Romulus was safe from such a beast, because we all know 7 intelligence is no intelligence at all. We knew nothing more could be gained from such a thing… well, most of us knew. Romulus was too busy drooling in the corner. But any way we decided to move on.

The final room was mainly ordinary, but it was also filled with pale strangers. We realized that one was different from the rest, with blood running down its face and a strange body unlike those of its peers. We thought that taking on such a thing was a mistake, so we shut the door, set up a wall of flame, and ran for it. It didn’t take them long to escape; however, moving through the wall of flame left them quite weakened. These flaming bloody zombies still couldn’t damage most of us, and to add idiocy to stupidity the leader tried to make me do a will save. Me! Will! Suffice to say, my bonus was higher than his DC and I just didn’t roll a one. Tricks of the mind may work on others, but not on one like I.

When it turned its sights to Romulus, I knew we had to end this fight before that brute attacked us! We once again proceeded to absolutely demolish the enemy forces, and it is honestly a miracle they haven’t surrendered yet.

Our plan to fight in the Black Sovereign’s tournament next time seemed to please everyone, and the promise of glory, blood, fame, and money had everybody on their feet. With teams of two and characters that complemented each other by having strengths where they had weaknesses, we knew this contest was ours.

-Rick Steel (Zack)


XP so far:

Ashtael Valjakra – 949,487
Invitavit Mentibus – 819,190
M0n5t3r – 1,020,891
Rick Steel – 1,072,991
Roger Maxson – 745,041
Romulus – 831,686
Viole – 815,849

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