Iron Gods (The Divinity Drive) #7: The Surveillance Room

15 Aug

The second “make-up” writeup! =D –GM

18th day of Sarenith, 4716 AR


The W.A.R.D.E.N.s gave Romulus advice as they fought him, saying such things like, “Always assess your opponents before entering battle.”

After last time, our heroes knew that this ship held far more valuable treasure than they had previously assumed. Roger Maxson now had powered armor, a technological artifact that might have been on this ship for centuries. Romulus now wielded an RPG, just in case things got a little bit rowdy. I had….well… money! I had loads and loads of cold, hard, cash. Mon5t3r rejoined us right after all the cool stuff happened, so he got nothing.

We were able to get some restorations cast on us and then we were on our way. At first it was just some more boring lockers, but as we entered the space gym we saw two human-like shapes. We came closer to see they were strongly built robots with a human like covering, and the word W.A.R.D.E.N printed onto their bodies.

Romulus wanted to test himself against these metal fighters, so Mon5t3r and I stood back as he entered the fray. The robots gave him advice as they fought him, saying such things like, “Always assess your opponents before entering battle,” “Follow through with your hits for maximum efficiency” and other such things. Romulus was able to beat these relatively weak foes, but kept the head of one in hopes that it could later be used as a sort of advice giver, telling him what to do in situations where his 7 intelligence might otherwise get him killed.

After moving out of the gym, we saw a cold, white room with a decomposed skeleton inside, lying against the wall. However, as soon as we entered the room its eyes lit up with a blue fire and it rose. It opened its mouth and a terrible shriek came out, calling down a storm of snow, clouding the room in frost and snow. Moments later we couldn’t see the creature at all, and we split up in order to try and confront it. I summoned a shadow demon to help us, and it wasn’t long before the screams began.


The skeleton’s eyes lit up with a blue fire. It opened its mouth and a terrible shriek came out, calling down a storm of snow, clouding the room in frost and snow.

One of us saw it for a second as its claws flashed out from the storm to slash us, only for it to be gone by the time we turned its way. The shadow demon was able to find it relatively easily, but did almost no damage because of the thing’s immunity to cold. However, eventually the thing went in for the kill, attacking Mon5t3r over and over again. He began to weaken from cold and blood loss just as the rest of us arrived. I had used one of my strong spells and summoned a giant spider-like demon-eater. The two began to fight immediately, but it was clear that my pet had gone after something a bit too big for him to swallow. He was useful, however, by delaying the creature and keeping it in one place, and as we surrounded it, it was clear it had no way out. The thing died slowly, glaring up at us with hate-filled blue eyes.

I healed the group and we got to our feet as the storm cleared. We found ourselves in two rooms. The first had a holographic projector, and we played discs lying around that showed old surveillance footage. We saw the ship’s encounter with the mysterious Dominion of the Black, footage of the crew going insane, and then finally the ship’s into what is now Numeria.

The “motion detector” we found back from the alchemist turned out to be a digital life form named Casandalee. She was created by Unity and had tried to flee when she understood his true purpose. She agreed to help us destroy Unity, and told us that we had to cut off the divine energy it derived from its followers, destroy its aggregate robot, destroy its lieutenants, a commander of the robots and a vortex dragon. Romulus put her in his pocket. The second room was room that had live fees from surveillance cameras from throughout the ship, including other rooms of the security sector. We saw other creatures that we might encounter. 



We decided to investigate one more room before taking a rest, and we entered what appeared to be a hospital. We began to explore but we were attacked by some geists, lost spirits that had died here long ago. I began to “put them to rest,” channeling positive energy into one and casting heal on another, instantly killing it. However they gave Romulus and Mon5t3r nightmares, which almost killed Mon5t3r until he remembered that he was immune to fear. Huh. Anyway the rest of the geists were ‘set free’ and we looked around inside.

I saw a neurocam, clonepod, and an autodoc. With the prospect of a magnificent healing station and the argument of who to clone on our minds, we once again rested. We challenge our fate.

-Rick Steel (Zack)


XP so far:

Ashtael Valjakra – 815,187
Invitavit Mentibus – 785,590
M0n5t3r – 987,291
Rick Steel – 910,791
Roger Maxson – 759,674
Romulus – 834,290
Viole – 759,674

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