Iron Gods (The Divinity Drive) #9: Chasing Hope

15 Aug

A map of the solar system, drawn by Numerian scholars

Ashtael Valjakra, steadfast deliverer of his people, continues our heroes’ tale. –GM

26th day of Sarenith, 4716 AR

I find that while the League of Technics, or whatever they may be, ruined my life through the use of the products of that accursed ship Divinity, I believe that those implements may help me and my people get home to Castrovel. And while I will not become one with it, as with the abysmal failure that my compatriots seem to call “M0nSt3r,” I will use it to destroy Unity, the one which controls it. I find some irony in that.  

But I must digress, I have much to tell.  

We left the ship, to buy supplies and to rest and relax. The taverns were abuzz with talk and people betting over who would win the Tournament for the Iron Crown, a tradition in Numeria to compete to be the nation’s champion and protector. My compatriot and teammate in the grand tournament, Rick Steel, and I bought a wondrous beast known as the apparatus of the crab. ‘Tis a glourious sight. But after that, I learned of a town ruled by a lashunta wizard known as Lady Altouna.

O fair Altouna, virtuous Altouna.  When I first saw her, I knew an old prophecy had been fulfilled, where one of the past and one of the present, stranded far, shall meet.  I began courting her, and in time, I had won her as my own.  The wedding will be set and it will truly be a marriage worthy of a king.  


We went back to the home of the androids under Deacon Hope to erode the faith of Unity.

I remember saying multiple times to Rick Steel before I went to court her, “I am not ugly, you fool, I’m just gruff.”  Ha, the look on his face when I told him that My Lady Altouna and I had been arranged.

But good things did not last, and we ventured into the ship, armed with our great metal crab and my undying love for Altouna, we were ready to face whatever there might be.  We went back to the home of the androids under Deacon Hope to erode the faith of Unity. Deacon Hope confronted us with a horde of kytons, and we fought valiantly.  I slaughtered kytons left and right, as my compatriots quailed in fright at their abilities. Ha, some masochistic devils standing against a honored member of the Tenfold Guard of the Ruling Lady of Glorious Qabarat.  

After we had defeated the kytons, we chased after the Deacon, who fled like a coerul flees a hunting party. We chased him into a side passage, where he disappeared. We then fought a four-armed alien with chainsaws, more kytons, and a room of floating brains. I have more to tell, but that is a story for another day.

-Ashtael Valjakra (Simon)


XP so far:

Ashtael Valjakra – 1,101,688
Invitavit Mentibus – 856,257
M0n5t3r – 1,057,958
Rick Steel – 1,229,125
Roger Maxson – 799,242
Romulus – 796,240
Viole – 794,791

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