Iron Gods (The Divinity Drive) #6: Malevolent Malfunctions

15 Aug

18th day of Sarenith, 4716 AR


I managed to look up and saw a monstrous robot magnetically clinging to the wall that promptly began spitting exploding projectiles and colored beams of searing light at myself and my allies.

The world just… flipped. I was now walking on a cold metal door that led to Brigh knows what. There was mechanical clicking and scratching on the other side of the door. It was clear that our resident barbaric brawler, (Why not use more of an elegant weapon such as a Terminator model 40 megawatt phased plasma rifle?) Romulus, wanted to get right into the thick of things. He slapped a glowing red button that looked as if it were the sight sensor of some malevolent artificial intelligence. The thick skymetal door slid upwards into a recession in what used to be the ceiling. I  (but oh so deftly) landed on my face on the new floor.

I managed to look up and saw a monstrous robot magnetically clinging to the wall that promptly began spitting exploding projectiles and colored beams of searing light at myself and my allies. While we quickly dismantled the infernal machine with fists, arrows, and magic, it began questioning us our favorite colors. Odd.

At the time, we thought nothing of it.

As we continued down the corridor, the gravity thankfully returned to normal. It seemed apparent that the ancient space vehicle’s artificial gravity had malfunctioned.

Along the wall of the corridor, there were several supply lockers with nothing of interest. But, along the wall, there was another opening with a sign saying “HIGH SECURITY” and adamantine doors. We busted through and peered inside, and, to our horror, we saw the largest gathering of laser turrets man has ever laid eyes on. There were at least twenty of the things, or maybe it was seven, and before we could react they opened fire upon Romulus. He was covered in holes by the time those things stopped shooting and he staggered out of the room, only alive because of Rick Steel’s health link with him.

It was obvious that the prizes in that room, which we had quickly glimpsed, were more valuable than we had thought. However, we were surprised when the turrets began to cast spells out into the hallway, and soon had to retreat even farther down the hall. In the distance, we heard them asking us questions, “Why are we having this conversation?” “Where are you right now?” “Do you like hurting people?”.

*angelic chorus*

*angels singing*

Our hastily devised plan was this: Rick would go into fire elemental form, gain DR and fire resistance, and then cast energy resistance on himself to make him almost immune to the lasers. He would also be big enough to carry all of the loot out. He ran in with a battle cry, taking shots from all around as the turrets continued to cast spells on him. It wasn’t much longer till he noticed that the turrets did around zero damage to him. He started to laugh but then realized that these turrets weren’t done yet. They made acid and hailstones the size of a head fall from the ceiling, and cast fiery spells of destruction. Even these were not enough to deter Rick as he escaped down the hall.

However, and as soon as he dispelled his spells, greater shadows sprouted from the walls. They began to drain our strength, causing Romulus to give off a shriek of horror. Rick fell into a coma and even I almost fell, but luckily I was now wearing power armor, which was a rare artifact located in the room Rick looted. We were left there, weak, comatose, and in new gear. The future is unwritten.

-Roger Maxson (Otto), with the assistance of Rick Steel (Zack)

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