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Wrath of the Righteous #40: The Goddess

The Goddess of valor, justice, and honor, Iomedae, personally asks our heroes to undertake a dangerous mission in today’s writeup. (-GM)

11th day of Erastus, 4728 AR

Iomedae grew displeased…

When our heroes had slain the daughter of Baphomet and returned to their own plane, they had urgent news to report. They told Queen Galfrey that the herald of Iomedae had been captured and they recounted the tales of their adventure. They were to be dispatched on a rescue mission of such importance, that they gained an audience with Iomedae herself. Throughout their reports both with the queen and Iomedae, the loudmouthed buffoon Nunya kept attempting to say very foolish things indeed. So foolish in fact, that while speaking to Iomedae, Sigarda had no other options than to physically prevent Nunya from opening his big mouth. Displeased with Nunya‘s foolishness and with the display of how little control the party had over its own members, Iomedae grew displeased and provided only one artifact to aid them in their journey to free Harold. Had The Incredible Fella not shown his vast knowledge and skill, they would have received naught but a dirty look. Read the rest of this entry »

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Wrath of the Righteous #36: That’s a Lot of Damage!

After fleeing from the Anti-Pope and saying goodbye to an angel, the party returned to Coryphyr to hunt the servants of Baphomet… (-GM)

2nd day of Erastus, 4728 AR

Our heroes were shifted into a gaseous state and hurried out over the Midnight Isles. Following the river that they had encountered before, they made their way farther inland.

Suddenly, they saw a barge, anchored in the demonic stream. On it, were two peculiar looking zombies. They decided to engage their new foe but quickly realized that they had gotten more than they bargained for. As they descended towards the deck, a powerful antipaladin came out of the cabin and removed the magic which kept our heroes afloat. They made it down safely but found themselves surrounded by this strange new foe.

Without hesitation, The Incredible Fella launched a volley of arrows into one of the undead.

“Wow!” Everyone remarked, “That’s a lot of damage!”

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Wrath of the Righteous #35: Coryphyr

The stirring tales of impressing a succubus noble, stopping demon terrorists, attaining new mythic powers, speaking with the First Succubus herself, and some party members having a PROFANE ASCENSION with her, are all lost to the ages, due to some stubborn unproductive party members. The party witch, Sigarda, takes up the mantle. (-GM)

1st day of Erastus, 4728 AR


When I regained my senses, it seemed we were deep within Nocticula’s realm. In cages around the room, I saw twisted and scarred abominations, cursing their gods while praying for death. I had to admire Nocticula’s style, a bit like that of my own master, Mazmezz. Some of my partners had seen the wisdom of selling those little things we call our souls. They had given theirs to Nocticula in exchange for a demonic boon. It was almost starting to feel like deja vu from my own past.

We talked for a bit with Nocticula, and formed a shaky alliance on the premise of stopping a rival Demon Lord, Baphomet. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, eh? However Nocticula isn’t the best person to have as a friend. She’s that one friend who always socks you on the arm and makes jokes that are kind of mean but you don’t say anything because if you did she would just laugh harder at you for complaining… my rat ears aren’t that big ok Harold?!!?!!

Sorry about that. Anyway, Nocticula sent us through a portal into one of the Midnight Isles. While we didn’t know it at the time, we later came to learn it was known as  Coryphyr, after the demon lord whose corpse infused the land. The water around us was toxic to the touch, and even the air was acrid and smelled of brimstone. In the sooty sky above, spinning in circles within circles, were thousands upon thousands of Vrocks. As long as we escaped their notice and avoided the local fauna, we were relatively safe it seemed.

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Wrath of the Righteous #32: You May Be Eligible for Substantial Compensation

As the party continued to save Golarion from demonageddon, the oracle Nunya was determined to right some wrongs in Nocticula’s metropolis den of depravity. (-GM)

22nd day of Sarenith, 4728 AR

SlaveMart’s Loss Prevention Program

Playtime was over. We were out of the arena and into the real world, where the real people live. And there is no better way for real people to spend their time than to give other real people the sweet taste of freedom.

In my wind form I approached the building that was none other than the hub of the vilest vile, SlaveMart (a disgusting place, I assure you). I slid under the door as easily as wind slides under a door. I rematerialized and saw several slaves staring at space. Using my chime that opens things, I unlocked their manacles of not-freedom. Instead of leaping in joy from the fact that they were just given a new life, the slaves continued to stare into space. This was worrying, but not as worrying as the two vrock demons that teleported into the room.

The vrocks started to dance a rhythm that would destroy us all when complete. I put on my best harsh boss voice and reprimanded them for putting property in danger, but they continued to dance with wild abandon. Putting some magic into my words, I enthralled one of them, causing it to stare into space just like the slaves. To the other, I sent to the plane of negative energy, where it would eventually become a wraith. Now that the vrocks were dealt with, I could focus on making the slaves enjoy the fact that they are no longer slaves.

“I tell them that life is worth living.”
GM: “Make a Bluff check.”

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Wrath of the Righteous 3, #4: The Cult

During a missing chapter of our tale, our entombed heroes proceeded toward the bad mongrelman tribe, to neutralize them and earn their way to the surface. The wizard Oska Svoskhut recounts some of what happened and takes up scribing duties. (-GM)

20th day of Sarenith, 4728 AR


We knew the mongrelmen waited just on the other side of the rise. Chief Sull knew it too, for he and his people laid low, waiting for someone to come and save them. And we came. Of course, we had come at the correct time, right at the stalemate between the cancered people of Neathholm and the Baphomet worshippers. We got our bearings and set off over the rise towards the unfriendly tribe of mongrelmen. Of course, the gate was barred, so we tried to bluff our way past the guards. That didn’t end well. Just take my word for it. You didn’t want to see all the bodies strewn across the cavern. Past the barricade, there was a tunnel.

Once we were inside, we made our way through the cave system, with a few scuffles with cultists along the way. Soon enough, we were deep in the heart of the cave system. It was dark, so our torches were essential to our survival. There was a hole in the ground, so we decided to explore it. Jinx hopped down, but misjudged the distance and landed flat on his face. As did I, but WWYWMB (I will whack you wit mah bo) made it safe and sound to the floor. It was a tough battle. Iron scraped against iron and magical balls of light flew through the air. After much scuffling, everyone was splayed on the floor except for the blind man, Aravashnial. He fought heroically. Soon enough, and with the help of multiple potions of healing, we were back on our feet, and once again, cultists bodies riddled the floor.

The leader had a note that hinted that they were part of a greater design. (See below.)

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Wrath of the Righteous 3, #2: Beneath the Earth

In the unwritten first chapter of our tale, our heroes were celebrating the completion of their Crusader training when a great cataclysm befell the border town of Kenabres. The city’s stalwart leadership were slain by a balor demon and other lieutenants of the Worldwound, sending our heroes into a chasm with the blessing of Kenabres’ silver-dragon guardian, Terendelev. The Fifth Crusade has begun.

17th day of Sarenith, 4728 AR

there were these really annoying giant cockroaches that were actually really strong and hard to kill.

It was the morning of the 2nd day of adventuring, and we had just woken up inside of Torag’s temple after a hard day. We had heard that the temple, if clean, would protect its inhabitants with some kind of magical enchantment, so we cleaned it up the day before, and in the morning, it felt as if we were under the enchantment of bless.

The day before, there were these really annoying giant cockroaches that were actually really strong and hard to kill, and during the night and in the morning, there had been some scratching and chewing noises coming from outside the temple, and the entire party thought that it must be some kind of animal trying to get in but failing because the temple was protecting us. So, we all went outside and found nothing, but the sound was coming from outside of the cave where the temple was. We walked out, and I peered around the corner, and there was, just as like we had expected, a small creature burying into a small depression in the rock, I thought it might be some kind of hole where an animal might live. I started singing, and Will Whack hit it with his bow, and after a little bit of fighting, we killed the vile beast.

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Wrath of the Righteous 3, #1: Descent

Herein lies the lost chapter telling the humble beginnings of our MYTHIC heroes! (-Someone far in the future)

15th day of Sarenith, 4728 AR

Day 1:

After the written exam came the real test…

My field instructor at the Crusader Academy told me to keep a journal on all my adventures in the Crusades, and since today is our last day I think it fitting to do it now. I obviously can’t write in here during the test but before and after is fine.

Okay, I just finished the written exam and now it’s time for the real test, combat!

Our group of students was led out of the building by one of the instructors. We made our way to the middle of the field. The instructor began casting a spell, and 4 seconds later a demon appeared. We were all quite surprised at its sudden appearance, but it was rather weak and the 5 of us disposed of it quickly. Everybody clapped after all the groups had finished slaying the abominations.

Day 2:

Everybody was chipper and ready to receive their diploma. True greatness lay beyond in the lands outside the protected cities, where the Crusades endlessly battled demons and whatever hellspawn that came out of that wretched hole. The ceremony was set for 3 pm, so we had time to put on our fancy hats and “freshen up.”

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