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Rappan Athuk #41: Well, Well, Well, What Do We Have Here?

The party’s exploration of Rappan Athuk comes full circle in today’s installment, as they explore the doom-laden natural passageways that surround Zelkor’s tomb. The stoney paladin Nioveskirian tells their tale. (-GM)

3rd day of Arodus, 4718 AR

Stirges are so annoying.

By now we’ve figured out that we’re going to have to fight something whenever we turn a corner, so we were prepared for the black skeletons that rushed at us from the newest little chamber we discovered. We clashed for a while, but our victory was inevitable, and it ended with a crunch as a skeleton which had been slowed to a crawl by Val was put out of its misery.

There was some rubble blocking the entrance to the next cavern, so we set to work clearing it. Non summoned earth elementals to help with the big rock transfer. While that was happening, Arv burrowed through to scout the room we were unearthing. He came back in a hurry, due to the huge stirge nest he encountered. Stirges are so annoying. Luckily, we had a plan.

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Rappan Athuk #40: An Important Find

The paladin Valestar Ekhart rejoined the party via teleportation magic, and found them sorting through the loot they had gotten from some trolls. He tells their story… (-GM)

2nd day of Arodus, 4718 AR

If the body of Death from Somewhere Really Far Away died with someone else’s mind in it, the wizard would survive but DSRFA would die.

Those vexing golems were suddenly not so vexing, as The Hero of No Name’s teleportation scroll activated, and we were whisked back to our comfortable home. We had a few other problems, however, the biggest of which was lying unconscious in front of us. DSRFA’s soulless body was still being occupied by whoever had taken control of him, and we needed to find a way to remove the trespasser and restore DSRFA’s soul.

Shia’s sharp memory came to our aid, however, and he identified the spell as Magic Jar, and said that if the body with DSRFA died with someone else’s mind in it, the wizard would survive but DSRFA would die.

We also found out that the spell would expire in about 10 hours, and so we teleported to Egorian to buy adamantine weapons and other items to help us when we returned to finish what we had started with our mystery caster and the golems. After some quick planning, we figured that we could teleport back before the spell expired, and then attack while the caster was down a spell.

It sounded good, and with a few arcane muttering and a couple waves of his hands, The Hero of No Name teleported us back to the cliff where we had discovered the secret door leading to the golems.

We waited out the spell, and everything was going according to plan. But nothing ever goes according to plan in the Dungeon of Graves. BlungyBooce suddenly pulled out his trusty revolver and took aim at Shia. Before any of us could react, BlungyBooce shot Shia twice, and turned to take a shot at Perseus, but his gun seemed to jam.

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Age of Worms #18: Exeunts and Alarums

When we last left our heroes, they had defeated devilspawn that they had just belched forth from their mouths before a delighted theater of Kintargo’s finest. The party’s hunter, Quinn, continues the tale. (-GM)

2nd day of Sarenith, 4741 AR

The play reached its end, and the crowd erupted in a roar. My companions and I bowed, and even Herb took a knee. It was truly awe-inspiring. After the performance we were invited by a local celebrity, Valeros, to go and party at his mansion.


The rest of the group left right away but I had to stay back and pray for a new bird, as my old one sadly perished protecting his master. He proved his name, Valor, ten times over.

Anyway, back to Valeros. It was rumored that he had a part of The Rod of Seven Parts. One seventh isn’t much, but we’ll take what we can get. Once we came to the party, we ran into the obstacle of getting into his back rooms. The entrances were guarded by uhhh guards. We didn’t see this one coming. We thought the guarded doors would be unguarded by guarding guards. Luckily there were no gardeners, or we really would have been in trouble.

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Age of Worms #17: When Can We Go Back to Our Populist Revolt?

The party, having made themselves outlaws, find a novel way to get out of their predicament… (-GM)

29th day of Desnus, 4741 AR

I awoke to find myself in a small house with an inquisitive-looking fellow watching over me. Apparently the crowd had carried me to safety after Barzillai Thrune’s guards defeated us. We were wanted criminals now and had to lay low for a while. I decided to work on Herbert’s new armor while we planned our next move.

Since the establishment here was all about devils and trickery, we assumed corruption was rife here. Our suspicions were confirmed when we learned, via an underground figure named Grandmaster Torch, that the guard captain would let us “repent” for our assault on the guards by submitting ourselves to the authorities and paying for the healing expenses plus a “convenience fee”, totaling to 7,000 gp. Pricey, but our chosen manner of procurement was simple — rob a bank.

The director, Robahl Nonon, was initially very unsatisfied with our performing abilities…

There were three guards at the entrance to the bank, who stepped aside when the roc-riding hunter, Quinn, said he was making a withdrawal. We waited outside, but we could see him going up to the kitsune teller.

“I’m here to make a withdrawal.” said Quinn. When the teller asked for an identification, he unsheathed his blade and said “I believe this is all the identification I need.”

It was easy work to dispatch the guards and retrieve the 8,000 gp we deserved. When we walked out with our prize, there was a crowd of commoners that cheered for us. We threw them some gold and platinum, and they cheered louder. Everything was going according to plan. With the masses at our backs, we would be able to overthrow these infernalists. Easily.

But there was still the matter of life imprisonment. We turned ourselves in and for our escape plan, we decided to participate in a bloody play known as The Six Trials of Larazod.

The director, Robahl Nonon, was initially very unsatisfied with our performing abilities, but over the course of the rehearsal week, we advanced to mediocrity. Sunaki was playing the wizard due to his spellcasting abilities, I was playing the the comic relief due to my endurance skills, Roger was playing Larazod due to his relative normalness, and Quinn was playing the torturer due to his physical build. There were two other actors in the play; one playing some sort of lordling and the other playing the judge.

Visbaronetess Delour Aulamaxa, the singer-narrator of our play

We got through the first few trials okay, and the one with the acid beast hardly scathed me. They have started to get more challenging, however. After the trial where a bunch of imps attacking us, I wasn’t sure I could hold out for another fight. Only time will tell.

Signing off,
Noway Amagonadaithisthyme (Nate)


Ensorcella, human sorcerer (vortex dragon blood) 6
Noway Amagonadaithisthyme, oread ranger 6
Quinn, human hunter 6
Roger, human slayer 6
Sunaki, human cleric of Desna 6

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Rappan Athuk #39: A Wet Level, or, a Set of Tough Adversaries

The paladin Valestar Ekhart rejoined the party via teleportation magic, and found them sorting through the loot they had gotten from some trolls. He tells their story… (-GM)

2nd day of Arodus, 4718 AR

After shopping, I rejoined the party, and I found myself in a large cavern, with the rest of my weary party waiting. They filled me in on what I had missed, and we explored the rest of the cavern.

A river cut through the middle of the room, and we decided to follow it to see if it led to the lair of the intellect devourer. DSRFA donned our magical helm of underwater action, and he and Shia swam ahead, while The Hero of No Name cast a fly spell of the rest of us and we flew above the water. The cave ceiling lowered as the river continued, cutting off all air, and so the swimmers went a little farther without us. They came back, explaining that they were swimming upstream and didn’t want to split the party.

We went back the way we came, and went down the river the other way. After about ten minutes of swimming/flying, the river tunnel opened into a familiar-looking cavern. A large mound lay to our left, and a passageway with a pile of purple worm excrement lay to our right. The Hero of No Name, our mapper, exclaimed that this was a room we had already explored, and we should keep going so as to not attract the purple worms. And, as if roused by his words, a fat purple worm burst out of the ground next to us.

We immediately attacked it, and myself and Arthritic Slaver charged it, and Orion’s powerful hoofs and my sword strikes wounded it grievously. It roared and grabbed brave Orion with its terrible maw. Suddenly, three flashes of fire pierced its tough hide, and the great beast released Orion, fell to the ground with great holes in it, and died a fiery death.

DSRFA laughed, and I shook my head at his cockiness. We decided to make a quick trip to Nerosyan to sell the what loot we had.

The purple worm roared and grabbed brave Orion with its terrible maw.

When we teleported in, we were greeted by a band of crusaders off to go defend Kenabres. They asked me to join their ranks, and even though I refused, Orion was tired of being eaten by worms. He looked at me, looked at them, and pawed the ground. I nodded and said farewell. The crusades needed his might, and I now have a roc named Perseus.

While Shia crafted magic wings of flying for Arthritic Slaver, I spent a month in nature trying to find a new companion. I stumbled upon a bear, clearly rabid, and it attacked me. I fought back, and a huge bird flew out of the sky to aid me. We fought together and were able to knock out the bear. I used my healing magic to cure its rabies, and we flew away before it woke up.

After meeting Perseus, we waited about 4 months for Shia to finish crafting Arthritic Slaver’s wings of flying, and then we went back to the dungeon.

We wanted to continue exploring the river tunnels, so we ventured back down the river route. This time, however, no flight magic was needed, because Arthritic Slaver had his new wings of flying, and I had Perseus, and because of this we were able to travel much faster.

We arrived at the end and found a pair of rotten corpses, who breathed out black mist that formed into two wraiths that attacked us. Not that I didn’t expect it, but it was refreshing to slay minions of evil after four months of waiting. I called upon the powers of good and activated my aura of justice, and myself and Perseus charged one of the ghosts. A magical claw combined with a few swipes from my blessed sword killed it (again). DSRFA called upon the holy power of my aura of justice and used his powerful flaming shots to burn it away.

We searched the small cavern, and I sensed an aura of evil stronger than anything we had dealt with before emanating from this cursed place. We saw another passageway, and continued down it to find a cliff, that at the bottom was what looked like a fortune in gold. It seemed all too good though, and I checked for any magical auras. Sure enough, the whole vein of gold was giving off a strong aura of illusion. Shia identified it as a illusionary hoax, and we descended.

Perseus was grievously wounded, and our best strikes seemed to have little effect on these rugged statues.

DSRFA searched the rock wall and found a well-hidden secret door. We sent 9rot, The Hero of No Name’s eidolon, down the passageway to check it out, and it came back telling us it was all clear. We went down to discover a door, and above it, written in magical runes, were instructions. They were instructions about opening the door, which had three holes in it. The instructions said that if an arm was inserted into one of the holes, it would be severed, but it would also open the door.

The Hero of No Name summoned up some earth elementals to scout the room, and when they burrowed through the walls, we waited. DSRFA, being as perceptive as he was, heard a hissing noise, a couple of thumps, and then silence. None of the poor elementals returned. The Hero of No Name then convinced one to stick his arms into the holes, and he immediately pulled them out. Or what was left of them. Both had been severed at the elbow, but there was no time to dwell on this, because the door slid open, and two large statues stood up and drew their swords.

I flew in atop Perseus and we both got good hits into the one in front of us, but even our heavy strikes seemed to have little effect. Shia roused us with his rallying cries, and DSRFA fired a salvo of deadly flaming arrows into another, but it seemed to have no effect. The Hero of No Name tried to grab them with black tentacles coming from the floor; they seemed to just ignore it.

Perseus was grievously wounded, and our best strikes seemed to have little effect on these rugged statues. They started breathing poison on myself and Perseus, and we just barely resisted its effects.

We needed to get out of there and quick. The ending will be recorded by whoever updates our story next. I will leave it up to them to finish the story of these vexing iron warriors.

-Valestar Ekhart (Marco)


Arthritic Slaver, half-orc fighter 8
BlungyBooce, vanaran pistolero gunslinger 9
Death from Somewhere Really Far Away, tiefling stalker 9
The Hero of No Name, aasimar summoner 10
Nioveskirian, dwarven stonelord paladin 9
Shia Labeouf, merfolk bard 9
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 11

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Age of Worms #16: A Really Long Battle

Our last session was unprecedented: a single massive battle that played out in waves in which our heroes almost lost several of their number. Roger recounts what happened. (-GM)

16th day of Desnus, 4741 AR

guardsAfter Mr. ‘God Emperor’, as the late Hans Grüber called him, retreated back into the fancy opera house and his cronies started attacking the protesters, I realized that I should get to a distance where those thugs couldn’t club me. I used my good old rope of climbing, attached to an arrow, to rappel up to the roof of the palace.

While this was happening, I felt the air crackle with power and my ears popped. I turned to see Hans’ hand’s enveloped with lightning, his sword pointing threateningly towards one of the thugs whose nose had started bleeding. That poor man looked like he had some regrets about serving as a guard. I jumped onto the roof, and arrowed a guard about to whack the tortoise Herbert. Herb then bit off his foot and screeched indefinitely. I admired his fighting spirit.

Suddenly, a shadow fell across the battle. I saw a large bird-like creature dive out of the sky and bite an arm of a guard, who started screaming and fell over. The bird’s rider had a long, magical pole topped with a wicked-looking blade, and he used it to ventilate the chest cavity of the guard in front of Hans. Hans seemed to trip, and a loud popping noise was heard: Hans had fallen into the fountain and electrocuted himself. I shook my head. This is what happens when one is not careful when using magic. I personally stay away from spells and the like, and only use it to enhance my bow and armor.


Hans seemed to trip, and a loud popping noise was heard…

Anyway, Noway and Sunaki were hacking away at the remaining guards, while Ensorcella’s beautiful hands had turned into sharp claws, and she was slicing and dicing them quite well. This, combined with regular passes from our new bird-riding warrior and a hail of arrows from yours truly, turned it into a rout. Suddenly though, two more guards with heavy plate armor stepped out of the palace and charged our party. A combination of arrows and the large claws of the bird were enough to take out the first, but the second attacked Noway. More came out, and it turned into a general melee, with the crowd scattering more by the minute. We were winning the fight against the armored soldiers, even though they were proving to be quite tough.

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Rappan Athuk #38: Don’t Feed the Trolls

Our resident opinionated dwarf, Nioveskirian, continues describing the party’s adventures in a deep cavern of Rappan Athuk. (-GM)

10th day of Gozran, 4718 AR

spectre-wizardAfter some tedious shopping and hasty introductions (including Valestar teleporting to Nerosyan to be replaced by Blungybooce –GM), we reemerged into the deep chambers we discovered yesterday. This latest cavern was so large it almost felt like we were outside. There were some goblins at the entrance, which we quickly dispatched, but other than that it was mostly just uneventful space.

Most of the tunnels branching out from the cavern led to dead ends, but there was one that led to a relatively small room with a sarcophagus inside. This spectre-wizard came out and fought us, which was really annoying because it was incorporeal. The Hero of No Name summoned some earth elementals to help Arvnevurr push the ghost out of the wall it was hiding in. I smited it with some of my righteous powers, and BlungyBooce finished it off with a rain of holy bullets. Most of the stuff that was in the sarcophagus was mediocre junk.

We ran into some more dead ends and then followed the cavern until it narrowed into a small passageway which then opened into yet another enormous cave. At the far end a river flowed through these two stone pillars reaching up to the ceiling. Arvnevurr burrowed ahead and said that a bunch of large humanoids was stomping around the other side.

“Hey Nioveskirian,” said the hyperactive member of our party Death from Somewhere Really Far Away, “I’m more defensive than you.”

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