Iron Gods (Lords of Rust) #8: The Haunted Wreck

07 Aug

Eli (Poptart) continues our heroes’ tale, where they lifted the mist that was shrouding part of Scrapwall by exploring a derelict spaceship called the Chrysalis…  –GM

4th day of Arodus, 4715 AR


John Cena and Poptart cast light spells accomplishing nothing, for the mist inside the ship was too thick…

We started our journey with a shrouding mist over an unknown land.

Poptart, the healing slave, had the amazing idea to ask Dinvaya Lanalei, another cleric, about this land and we headed to a Church of Brigh. It didn’t take long to get there and, when we did, the priest was no help whatsoever. So now we embarked on the useful quest that this misty land held, our journey was far but no problems occurred on the way.

Eventually, we reached the shrouded land. There were two great doors that Bob’s Dad’s/Frank’s horse couldn’t fit through so we took it by foot. As we opened the doors, mist poured in, limiting our view to five feet.  John Cena and Poptart cast light spells accomplishing nothing, for the mist was too thick. As the adventurers looked around, they noticed they were in a spaceship and all thought LOOT! They ran down a hallway where there were 3 doors so they used their common sense and headed into the loud screeching door “GENIUS”. Bob’s Dad, Tom and Xanthra set in first but saw nothing except for rubble flying at their faces. They got scared and ran, but Tom was hurt so Poptart ran in and healed him only to be hit by a cup, taking one damage. Poptart knew it was undead poltergeists but couldn’t to anything because his turn was over. Tom ran, too, and John Cena came in looking for the invisible things.

The spooked scrubs outside cried there 1-4 rounds outside, as Poptart and John Cena took charge, casting spells blindly. Poptart was a cleric so he used his channeling to make a wave of light, rainbows, and not-so-fluffy Brigh unicorns, dealing 3d6 damage to the poltergeists and over time killing all three.

They set towards the door across the hall and saw a room of cryogenic pods filled with zombies. The party mowed them down in two turns and broke the door into another room containing a wraith and one zombie, which they destroyed. The wraith had no problem dealing a lot of damage until Frank and Poptart killed them both with their MLG poltergeist murder powers. The group was right about the loot, finding a gun that kills robots, plastic explosives, and a safe house egg thing.

-Eli (Poptart)

XP so far:

Bob’s Dad/Frank – 29,108
Idanaw – 25,172
Jerry – 26,205
John Cena – 35,808
Poptart – 19,579
Tom – 25,261
Xanthra the Black – 29,670

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