We Were Goblins!

28 Dec


(Of course, we all know that goblins are superstitious and would never write. So it’s actually Silas who writes this summary. –Grandmaster)

Our party was a small group of goblins from the tribe Licktoad. We were the bravest things in the town besides the king. One day, the king summoned us to his hut to talk. He told us we had to take fireworks from a place with Vorka the Cannibal in it.

That evening, our party was at a celebration. There were four dares for us to do. We tried them. First, we tried to ride Squealy Nord. Everyone failed. Then we tried to eat slugs. Reta Bigbad succeeded. Pog succeeded at the game hide or get clubbed, and Chuffy succeeded at the rusty ear biter. We won some stuff.

In the morning, we went on our journey. We had a battle with Lots-Legs-Eats-Goblin-Babies-Many and defeated him. Soon we found a crashed ship.

We had some battles with horses and dogs. Then we found Vorka. We had a long and close battle but in the end we won.

-Chuffy Lickwound (Silas)

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