Wrath of the Righteous 1, #2: Time to Go to Church

21 Nov


Since we last left our heroes, the group’s initial forays into the dark had them encountering giant-sized vermin, an abandoned campsite, and some discarded equipment including a valuable brooch. The group’s sorcerer, Oblivia, called the rich civilian they were with a “derp fish” (amongst other slights), prompting the furious nobleman to stomp away.

Salvatore continues our Tale…


16th of Arodus, 4718 AR

After the rich guy, Horgus Gwerm, left them, they thought if the group survived the dungeon that this man would not give them any money. So they tried to find him.

Ezuri saw a bright green light in the distance. Ezuri is not the smartest one there, but he was smart enough to know that flashing green lights, probably not a good thing. Ezuri told the other fighter in the group (Rudis) that they should go check it out. As a paladin, Ezuri was not scared of the green light and Rudis could not see it. When Ezuri and Rudis got there, they saw the rich guy with a rapier inside of a giant dead fly! Horgus said in a rude voice, “It’s about time you found me, this place is really dangerous!!!” After that he started to say gibberish that no one could understand.

Hayaku, being the nicest one, healed the rich guy, and he said to him, “Oblivia has changed. She is no longer rude or evil, and you can trust her.” The rich man thought for a while.

“I still do not trust Oblivia, but I trust you, Hayaku and Ezuri, for you guys seem most trustworthy and I see you as a friend, and for that I will give you 1,000 gold if you get me out. You have to get yourselves out, so why not me? Plus it comes with a reasonable price.”

Rudis thought of a good way so that the rich guy would not hate Oblivia: “I understand, because trust is too strong of a word to use for someone like her, but we accept your gift. We will help you get out of this place. I hope this will just improve our friendship.” Hayaku and Sophia noticed how well he spoke, for not only did he sound convincing but he also spoke with great emotion.

skull-crossbones5Horgus Gwerm

Horgus let out a laugh and then began to speak, “Here we are… about to die and you talk about friendship, but I understand for I am not a fool. Let the adventure begin!” Oblivia smiled coldly as if to say “idiot.” Luckily the man did not notice.

They continued on. Sophia saw some dwarven ruins behind where the fly was and tried to figure out what it meant with no luck. She cursed as they continued through the dungeon. Ezuri is always in front for he has armor that is better than anybody else’s, so that is why he saw the church first. That is why he pointed it out to Hayaku (his best friend) and Rudis.

The rogue slowed them down because when she fell she had wounded her leg badly. The blind wizard who has been keeping silent also wanted a break. Oblivia sneered and said, “Those slow derps,” underneath her breath.

Sophia explained to the group that the magic users had to regain their spells and she also said “…plus some rest would be nice.” That made Horgus say it was a good idea and Rudis thought it was a good idea, who was beaten from the previous battle. Oblivia said, “I will stay outside and guard am not going into that dusty place.” It was true: the church looked like it had not been tended to for a very long time.

“Um… I will guard too, if there is something in there it probably won’t be too hard to kill without me,” said Ezuri.  Horgus said he wanted to stay guard because they needed a real fighter outside. Oblivia snickered to herself. Sophia said that she was going inside just in case they needed someone with intelligence to be with them. Rudis said he was going in and so was the rogue and Hayaku.

Rudis was the first to step into the room. It was a narrow hallway (5ft wide, 10ft long). They squeezed through the hallway and got to the door. Rudis opened door at the other end of the hallway. He saw broken benches and a man sitting on the far-right one. Rudis ran to the far left of the room to see his face. He could not see it very well so he got closer. When he finally got a good look at its face it was too late. The man was an undead creature! It opened its mouth as a green blast light came out of it.

skull-crossbones5Anevia Tirabade

“Damn  the color green,” Rudis yelled. “Punch, punch, punch it in the face.” The group knew the punching part was his battle cry and ran into the room. The creature took a punch to the face, as a reaction it struck Rudis with his claw. Rudis stumbled into the corner of the room, which he immediately knew was a bad idea.The rogue took action by shooting arrows at it, while Sophia used her telekinetic fist against the creature. Hayaku channeled energy. The creature dodged the arrows and blocked Sophia’s punch. There  was a green glow in the creature’s eyes. Rudis punched and punched, but it had no effect. Sophia started to cast disrupt undead but failed.

Hayaku screamed, “Die, you undead creature! I am a cleric of Sarenrae you have no chance of winning this battle!” As he said so, he tried to punch the undead creature with the cure light wounds spell in his hand. Rudis also tried to scare the creature: “My grandma can kick your ass.” His attempt did not work as well.

The creature decided to attack Rudis. It roared as it swung its claws. The claws struck his chest, and blood went everywhere. Rudis had not felt so much pain ever since the demon attacked him when he was young. Hayaku and Sophia screamed as if they were feeling the pain — they have known Rudis ever sense childhood, he could not be dead now.

To everyone’s amazement, Rudis got up off the ground, he was not dead. Ezuri heard the screams from inside and was about to go in…

“I will go inside. We need a good fighter out here,” said Oblivia. Before Ezuri could say anything she was already inside. Ezuri did not feel confident: he felt like he was abandoning them just as he felt when he escaped from demon ritual (abandoning his parents). He hates the feeling of guilt.

Sophia jumped forward and tried to stab the creature, but it dodged and struck her with its claw.

“What would my blood brother have done better than me?” she thought. Rudis slowly stumbled out of the corner. Oblivia shot an arrow at it but missed. Hayaku hit the creature with cure light wounds. The rogue Anevia saw it standing one second and the other on the ground.

Anevia said, “You, Hayaku, have talent and you should be proud.” Ezuri could not help but go inside, the feeling of guilt had overwhelmed him. Horgus tried to protest but eventually came inside also. Sophia told Ezuri what happened. He looked over at Hayaku and said, “My man, you killed the beast.”

Hayaku blushed, “You’re amazing.” The blind wizard, Aravashnial, told the group to rest. Ezuri stayed up he did not sleep. He started to clean the church up. 45 minutes after they started to sleep, there was something attacking the door.

skull-crossbones5Sophia explained to the group that the magic users had to regain their spells and she also said “…plus some rest would be nice.”


Ezuri decided to get close to the door.


He noticed that it was the top of the door.


Ezuri woke up the rich man and asked him to help him.

“Hey, why did you wake me up?!?!?”hollered the rich man.

Thump … thump.

Ezuri told the rich man to be quiet.

“You are the most capable person at this moment, I need your help.” said Ezuri.

Horgus about it and then said, “You must have been impressed by my sword skills. I will kill the monster for I am the most capable, hooray for me.” Oblivia snickered while she was meditating.


Ezuri heard the creature move to the bottom of the door. He kicked the door hoping that it would fall back prone. Something small and dark came into the room. It was dark all of a sudden. The rich man freaked out. He ran out of the room and screamed, “Wake up!”

A loud groan came from the group, but they got interrupted by the sound of loud smacking like something was eating. Hayaku was the first one to go into action. He lunged into the hallway of darkness to save his best friend. Ezuri tried to scream but the thing was on his face, eating it!

skull-crossbones5Anevia stabbed the creature. It jumped onto her face. They saw it just in time to see it devour the face of the rogue.

Ezuri tried to get it off his face but failed and fell unconscious. Hayaku could tell that Ezuri just got knocked out and cast rebuke death. Anevia also went into the hallway and tried to stab it but failed. Rudis, still very badly wounded, woke up. He could only hear a loud static sound and, every once in a while, a heartbeat. Rudis would not let one of his comrades die, so he went into the fight. Oblivia got up off the ground and looked to see what was going on. Sophia told the blind wizard and told him everything that she could see.

Horgus hollered, “Hit it, come on you can hit it, how hard can it be?” Rudis screamed at the creature, trying to distract it.

“Gram-gram could shoot you in the face, and kill you!”

The small creature slipped off Ezuri’s face and jumped up onto Anevia’s face. Hayaku went to the side of his almost-dead friend and healed like he had never healed before. Oblivia charged into the tiny hallway and attacked the creature.

Oblivia’s claws did not hit the target. The creature jumped off the rogue’s face and onto Hayaku’s. Hayaku tried to take it off his face with no luck. He also fell unconscious. Anevia stabbed the creature. It jumped onto her face. They saw it just in time to see it devour the face of the rogue. Anevia lay there dead.

Everyone got angry, even Oblivia. Oblivia tried to strike it with her claws but failed. Finally, Sophia use her telekinetic fist and killed the creature! There was no time to celebrate: Rudis checked the rogue for a pulse, none. Oblivia carried Hayaku out of the hallway and the rich guy pulled Ezuri. When Hayaku woke up, he healed everyone including himself.

When they were all healed up and rested, Ezuri and the rest of them cleaned the temple. They started to talk about dreams. Ezuri told the group about his dream: one of his old friends had an afro. When he saw him in the dream, his friend pulled a ballista out of his hair, shot at him and missed. Then his friend got angry, pulled a horse out and rode away. Everybody laughed at this, even Oblivia.

There was a strange buzzing outside the door, but nobody opened it this time. To counter the time, Sophia started to make a book. Rudis tried to learn how to read better. Hayaku prayed. Oblivia was silent, staring into open space. Ezuri was studying the door. The blind wizard broke the silence: “We have to leave soon, or else we will die of hunger.” Horgus was practicing sword play and said, “Here we are trapped… but it’s worse out there. Sure the buzzing stopped but now there’s a new sound that is more a thumping again.” There was a new sound.

Rudis said, “Sir, like I said yesterday, this will improve our friendship, the more fights we have the closer we are.”

Horgus responded, “Our friendship is so good now we are friends. In fact I am friends with everyone here now except Oblivia who I respect.”

Ezuri said, “I do not find your point. No matter if we are friends or not, we must continue or starve.”

skull-crossbones5Aravashnial took a closer look/feel of the statues. Aravashnial said his theory was true about mutants coming underground from the First Crusade…

The rich man let out a sigh.

“Of course you are right, my point was invalid.”

The blind wizard Aravashnial spoke up.

“No, no your point was valid.”

The group noticed that the wizard was being strangely nice to Horgus. Sophia assumed that the wizard was being like this because he needed money to become no longer blind. Ezuri had enough of this conversation and said he was opening the door in 30 seconds. When everybody was in position, he opened the door. The first thing he saw was a giant cockroach!

Ezuri struck it, Rudis flanked and Sophia telekinetic-fists it. It looked injured. Sophia cast enlarge person on Rudis. Oblivia took action by shooting a magic missile at it.

The rich man yelled ,”Come on Rudis, punch, punch, punch it in the face!”

After Horgus said that, Rudis turned the cockroach into a splat. The remaining cockroach hit Ezuri with its antenna, regardless of his armor.  Hayaku healed Ezuri. This battle is easy and quick — thought Sophia — we are getting better as a team. Ezuri was mad at the roach. He tried to hit it but missed. Rudis missed also. Oblivia hit the roach with a magic missile but it did not kill it. Finally, Ezuri hit the roach with his warhammer and it split in half!

Horgus said, “We are the best team ever!”

Oblivia whispered to herself, “Yeah, like you ever do anything.” 

They continued on. Aravashnial needed somebody new to tell him what was going on since the rogue is dead. Sophia volunteered to be his “eyes.” They got to a large room full of statues of sad crusaders. But right in front of them was another darkmantle! Sophia recognized that the creature that killed the rogue was a darkmantle. It immediately cast darkness

The darkmantle tried to attack Ezuri, but he smashed it.

Hayaku said, “We are learning how to kill this horrible monsters, we are getting better.” As soon as he said that another dark mantle attacked them. Oblivia cast magic missile. The creature looked injured but not dead. It attacked Rudis, but before it could do anything it was punched but not dead. Oblivia cast her last magic missile, and it killed the creature.

skull-crossbones5Everybody turned their heads towards the exit way and saw a green dwarven wizard. The dwarf cast color spray on the people in front.

Horgus stopped screaming orders and said, “Ezuri you are amazing.” Oblivia hated this rich derp and was already thinking of a plan to scare him away. Sophia and the Aravashnial took a closer look/feel of the statues. Aravashnial said his theory was true about mutants coming underground from the First Crusade. Ezuri, Hayaku, Rudis and the rich man were making jokes. Oblivia sat down at the far right of the room and stated sharpening her claws. Hayaku suggested to continue on.

Everybody turned their heads towards the exit way and saw a green dwarven wizard. The dwarf cast color spray on the people in front. They all resisted. Ezuri charged at it, slamming his warhammer into its chest. Rudis charged and missed.

Oblivia yelled, “This is not going to end well…” then she went over to Aravashnial, held up his arm, and said “…cast any spell you know.” The wizard cast sleep, which did not affect the dwarf. The wizard warned Oblivia that he could never memorize spells again so he wanted to save them. Hayaku summoned a hawk and it hit the wizard. The wizard used a potion of invisibility out and drank it.

Sophia’s toad could sense the dwarf. Would they be able to find him?



XP so far:

Ezuri: 1,240
Hayaku: 940
Oblivia: 140
Rudis: 540
Sophia: 1,140

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  1. Nick

    November 21, 2013 at 5:37 pm

    Grand fricken opus great job sal i liked oblivias muttering about horgus and rudises war cry. BTW ronald i wan to do the next!!!!!


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