Wrath of the Righteous 1, #6: A City in Ruins

21 Feb

kenabres2Since we last left our heroes, the party fought its way through (but did not destroy) an evil tribe of mongrelmen, encountered some demons, and finally reached the surface of Kenabres! They found the once-proud border city destroyed by the demons’ attack, with sounds of battle and piercing screams occasionally breaking the silence. They encountered some tieflings and returned the rich noble, Horgue Gwerm, to his mansion, where he paid the party and decided to stay in his provisioned vault… (Grandmaster)

22nd of Arodus, 4727 AR

skull-crossbones5Abrikandilu demon

After we all got back to the city of Kenabres, we decided that we should go to the library, the Church, and Rudis’ Grandma’s house, but we got attacked by some more rats, 6 of them! Oblivia was so scared that she teleported inside a nearby house and wouldn’t even open the window. Fortunately, Ezuri did all the work like usual and killed most of them with minimal help from Rudis and Sophia.

After Ezuri took care of the rats, the party decided it would be a good idea to check the abandoned houses for survivors. Sophia had her toad go inside some of them to check/steal everything in sight. When we found no survivors, we went to the library (90% was destroyed and Aravashnial was super sad). Inside were 5 captives, and 4 evil Tieflings and their evil leader.

It was a long hard battle with Ezuri doing most of the work. Sophia freed the captives via a toad, and Ezuri did the finishing blow. We were able to rest for a little while, but not long enough before we started off again.

skull-crossbones5When we got to Rudis’ grandma’s house, it was locked. But nobody was home…

We went to Rudis’ Grandma’s house, but we encountered an abrikandilu demon along the way! It was terrorising a store and there were 2 innocent civilians inside so we decided to help. Some of the more acrobatic people (Rudis, Sophia, and Oblivia) went in through the window, Ezuri smashed through the door and engaged the demon in head-on combat and saved the day! (Even though Rudis got scared and ran away) After Ezuri slayed the demon, we escorted the shopkeepers with us to Rudis’ Grandma’s house. When we got there it was locked, (Rudis had the key) but nobody was home, so we let the civilians stay there and went onward towards the Church.

Along the way, we saw some crusaders, but when they saw that Oblivia was a Tiefling, they flipped out and not even Ezuri’s Amazing Charisma could get us out of it, so we knocked one out and the rest ran away. Then we questioned him and found that the Crusaders had been unable to sleep for days because of the Demon Attack so we let him sleep and we went on our way.

– Zander (Ezuri)


XP so far:

Ezuri: 5,920
Hayaku: 4,420
Oblivia: 3,220
Rudis: 4,720
Sophia: 5,320

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5 responses to “Wrath of the Righteous 1, #6: A City in Ruins

  1. ronaldsf

    February 21, 2014 at 8:00 pm

    I’d also add that the crusaders stabbed an innocent woman in the street, trying to “bless” their weapons against the demons. Afterward, she told the party some new info: there are rumors that Mendev is sending an army to Kenabres to win it back; Lord Hulrun was killed and his body on display somewhere on top of the hill in Old Kenabres; and some familiar faces have been seen among the demons, so cultists must have been stationed in Kenabres all along…

  2. Meenuman (or nick)

    February 25, 2014 at 7:47 am

    You forget that I helped kill the rats! I summoned a snake during the library I helped bash the door down! It’s as if I’m not there! 😡

    • ronaldsf

      February 25, 2014 at 5:12 pm

      Oh that’s too bad. Well that’s what the comments are for hehe


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