Twilight Imperium Is Awesome, Part 3

The February 18, 2018 game of Twilight Imperium had something happen which might be unique to T.I. and is part of what I like the game so much… (-GM)

It was the first game of “Twilight Imperium: High School Edition.” (Of course, the name assumes that I’m a high school student, which I’m not. But bear with me here.)

Arrayed clockwise around the table, starting with me, were:

Ronald (green) – This was my 2nd attempt to play the sneaky tricksters The Yssaril Tribe. The space goblins can “stall” and stay in a round, to take a bunch of unanswered actions at the end of the round. They also are the kings of Action Cards, and can surprise the table with special powers out of their back pocket.

Torin (blue) – The undisputed champion of strategy games chose the wormhole-hopping Ghosts of Creuss. They start in a separate galaxy and have +1 move when starting in a wormhole. Their flagship tugs a Delta wormhole around with it. His sheer mobility was frightening and he could threaten much of the galaxy at once. There were two wormholes near my home system and so I eyed him with suspicion.

Enzo (black) – For his first game of Twilight Imperium, Enzo chose the solid Xxcha Kingdom, which start with Graviton Laser Systems which allows them to shred capital ships with their space cannons without researching a single tech. Their flagship also came equipped with 3 space cannons and could fire them into adjacent hexes. They can quash agendas and build an uninvadable bulwark o Planetary Defense Systems (PDSs).

Nate (yellow) – The Zealot of Defense chose the suicidal Yin Brotherhood, the army of clones who crash into opposing ships and convert ground forces to join their clone cause. Their flagship, when destroyed, destroys all ships in a system.

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Dead Suns #11: Temple of the Eleven

Last we left our heroes, they had entered the ancient elven Temple of the Twelve seeking a lost researcher and the secret behind the lost language. Oh, and they were about to get ambushed. (-GM)

1st Day of Lamashan, 317 AG

I didn’t really buy into Dr. Solstarni’s story, because if she had been taken by Devourers, then why wasn’t she eaten?

The next hallway snaked around a large room in the center. That was clearly where the boss was, so we saved it for last. We concerned ourselves instead with a group of cultists messing around with explosives. They used very advanced technology, such as a machine gun that fired from every barrel at once. However, it seemed they were in over their heads, for their “explosives” did not explode when I fired at them. Noobs. Everyone knows explosives are supposed to explode.

We found Dr. Solstarni tied to the wall. Apparently she had been captured by Devourer cultists and they were researching some relic. I didn’t really buy into her story, because if she had been taken by Devourers, then why wasn’t she eaten? I decided to watch her carefully in case she turned out to be conducting more than just research.

I wasn’t going to let a few bullet wounds stop me from completing our mission, but the others were fragile and wanted rest. We found a room with one of those constellations the elves shouldn’t have known about, and decided to sleep there, pretending it was the night sky. Our delusion of the outdoors failed when the stars activated their fire beams and tried to kill us. The fire cauterized our wounds, and within minutes we had regained our stamina and were ready to assault the boss room. No matter that I left a trail of my own blood; that was probably just indigestion.

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Rappan Athuk #68: The Tomb of Auris Veng

In a lost chapter of our tale, the party did some more mapping of the mazes and passage near the wererat Damien. They parleyed with the goblin military leader Herzord and conspired to overthrow the Orcus clerics of Greznek. They also gound a giant vertical cavern with a waterfall and tentacled flumphs floating about, and a secret chamber protected by an anti-magic zone atop it which was home to the flumphs. Jackie Chan continues their tale. (-GM)

1st day of Sarenith, 4720 AR

While Valestar communicated with the flumph elder about killing the blood orchids and the gibbering mouther, the rest of the party had a casual game of chess on Valestar’s bird. Valestar spoke with the ghost of the hero Auris Veng. It was revealed that Auris Veng had been lured to the flumph cave and been trapped, eventually dying of boredom and other lethal causes. When we killed the blood orchids using the spellcasters’ flame abilities, we returned to the flumphs and received scrolls and a staff of healing.

After we received our items, Auris Veng and the flumph elder told us about a hero Bofred who went missing, and if we returned Bofred to the surface a curse would be lifted allowing us to inspect Auris Veng’s treasure. The lens shining daylight into the chamber was the Auren Beacon, which had 2 claws remaining which meant we had to consecrate 2 more temples of Orcus.

Satisfied with our talk, DFSIFA, Valestar and Madrik the Spell Thief explored the bottom of the waterfall when a roper, a tree with tentacles, attacked them. After heroically killing it in one round, we went down four levels in a tunnel to a huge cave with a giant lake at the bottom. The whole party moved on to a secret door. When it was opened, poisonous gas filled our lungs. Luckily the party was fine! After we found there was nothing of importance or value in the room, we moved on to map the poison-spike maze and the “stupid face” maze. (Maze names provided by Madrik the Spell Thief.)

-Jackie Chan (Cayden)


Death from Somewhere Irrelevantly Far Away, tiefling slayer 15
Deckard Cain, aasimar flame oracle 14
Jackie Chan, oread flowing monk 13
Kung Fury, sylph martial artist monk 14
Madrik the Spell Thief, wizard 14
Shia Labeouf, merfolk bard 14
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 16

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Dead Suns #10: Love at First Sight

Our party was in the middle of fighting at the giant statue of an elven lady looking at the sky, hunting for a lost researcher to find more clues about the strange language they found on the Drift Rock. (-GM)

30th Day of Rova, 317 AG

The sniper

Jumping right in to the action, XI pushed the flying jellyfish off his head as Chappie miraculously got over his sickness. We ran to the large statue to try and evade the sniper, and heard shots go off. Chee Kee shot her, and she tried to escape by jumping but broke a leg.

We took the stairs. We decided it would be a good idea to interrogate her for information, so we bound her hands and feet.

“If you answer our questions, we won’t hurt you,” I lied. She refused. Nikolai started to reason with her but I kicked her in the head and intimidated her. She yelled about how her life was meaningless because of what’s to come, how the Devourer would destroy everything, how inevitable our defeat is. (Incredibles reference). I sensed that she wasn’t telling us something, but she wouldn’t talk. So I kicked her into some sacred pool of blah blah.

We them searched through the statue and found something odd. Drawn inside of the head were some pictures of constellations that had only been discovered in the past few hundred years, yet these markings were about 3000 years old.

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This is version 0.1 (beta) of rules for The Isle of Guildmoor!

Tell me if you (with perhaps a friend or two) want to adventure on the ISLE OF GUILDMOOR!

GUILDMOOR is an island dotted with friends, foes, lairs, treasures, and mysteries. Using Pathfinder RPG, you can use any race and monster as a base for your character(s)!

Your “Team” is all the creatures that you can control on the Isle of GUILDMOOR. Your Team will find and discover things that other Teams need NOT know.

Some things you encounter in GUILDMOOR will too be challenging for your group to face alone. You might want to return to them after you grow more powerful.

Every day of the Guild will be 1 turn. Depending on what you do on your turn, you can encounter monsters and earn XP, find powerful magic items, gain new allies, and/or find clues about quests. When your team gains enough XP, you level up and your Team can gain levels!

If you encounter another Team, you have the option of fighting them for more XP and loot. (You cannot combine Teams.)

Content Creators:

You can also tell me ideas of something people can encounter, and I might put it in GUILDMOOR. You can earn XP for createing locations and encounters that other groups will find!

Creating your “Group”:

We are using the Pathfinder RPG because of the huge amount of options and flexibility it gives. The Grandmaster can help you in learning how to play Pathfinder: it really isn’t that different from other systems, especially once you have created your character(s).

The “XP Budget” of your Team when you start is 3,200 XP or (Challenge Rating (CR) 7). This means you can have one CR 7 creature, two CR 5 creatures, three CR 4 creatures, one CR 5 and two CR 3 creatures, eight CR 1 creatures, etc.

An individual creature’s CR is a combination of its race and its class levels. Most standard Pathfinder races (humans, goblins, ifrits, etc.) get no base CR from their race. Each PC class level (fighter, wizard, etc.) adds +1 to the CR. NPC class levels (warrior, commoner, expert, etc.) add one less than PC levels do (minimum ½ a CR). A creature must have an Intelligence of 3 or higher to have class levels.


  • A Level 3 human wizard is a CR 3 creature, and uses up 800 XP of your XP Budget.
  • A Level 3 wizard ogre is a CR 6 creature (CR 3 from being an ogre, and +3 to the CR for 3 PC class levels), and uses up 2400 XP of your XP Budget.
  • A giant centipede cannot be a Level 3 wizard (RIP)

Ability scores: Creatures with PC levels who are your avatar can use unrestricted 15 point buy to determine ability scores. If a creature is NOT your avatar and has class levels, then if it has PC levels (e.g. fighter, wizard, etc.) then it starts with the HEROIC ARRAY of 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, and 8 before racial and other modifiers. If it has NPC levels (e.g. warrior, adept, expert, commoner, etc.) then it starts with the BASIC ARRAY of 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, and 8.

Money: Your combination of class levels and base creature CR also confer a gold budget to outfit your group with gear that corresponds to Pathfinder RPG guidelines.

Tell me the following (in writing, or at my email

  • Who is on your Team (up to 3 people)
  • The “idea” of your group of characters (a short written description of them) Some ideas for inspiration:
    Insane hermits in the woods (a druid and a ninja) who absolutely despise each other
    A bugbear who bullies and leads a group of goblins (each with different NPC class levels, such as Warriors, Experts, or Adepts) who are actually good-aligned but are misunderstood
  • Which character(s) are your “avatars” (your representative in the game world – what you know and find out will be limited to what they know)

How Guildmoor will run (this is a work in progress):

  • Your Team all starts together, in a single hex on the map.
  • Each day in the Guild is 1 day (and 1 turn) on Guildmoor. Each day, you can travel to a new neighboring hex, or explore your current hex. (You can always “fast travel” to a hex neighboring your known map of GUILDMOOR.)
  • Other students and I will GM your turn.
  • Some hexes will have a fixed encounter when you enter it. If not, there is a chance of a random wilderness encounter. (This will be based off of a table that other students and I will constantly be building.)
  • Encounters will be short – think 10 minutes or less. It can be a fight. It can be a couple living in a hut in the woods. It can be a cave entrance with a single encounter, like some monsters, a trap, or a combination of both.
  • You may be rewarded with XP, gold, magic items, “quest items,” or information!
  • NOTE: one possible way to approach GUILDMOOR is to find ways to attract others to follow your leadership! This can be through your extraordinary charisma, or more nefarious means…
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Twilight Imperium Is AWESOME

Yes, it is.

I almost won outright and had 9 points (1 short of winning), but I made a mistake and also Bruno took my home system RIP. (Losing your home system stops you from scoring Public Objectives.) Aidan was gaining momentum with a huge Barony of Letnev-sized fleet. Paul had a massive army of his uber-infantry in his home planet, but Bruno was planning on sending a war sun carrying a bio weapon his way…

If we hadn’t run out of time, victory could have gone to almost anyone, really. (Except Bruno.)

*cue the Darth Vader Theme*

Ended due to time!

1st. Yellow – Ronald, Emirates of Hacan
2nd. (a very close 2nd who also had 9 points!) Blue – Paul, Federation of Sol
3rd. Red – Aidan, Barony of Letnev
4th. (with 0 points… on purpose!) Purple – Bruno, Universities of Jol-Nar

#epic #willplayagain

See previous Twilight Imperium writeup

-The Grandmaster

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Epic Level 20 Cowboy

This video is my life right now. Those of you who stay up-to-speed with all the latest dank memes probably think this is old. But this video will be epic FOREVER:

-The Grandmaster

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