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Dead Suns #16: Beating a Dead Corpse

In a missing chapter of our tale, the party followed the Ministry of Eternal Vigilance’s leads on the Corpse Fleet. Their investigations brought them to a marrowblight outside the city. Their government vehicle became food for a gigantic irradiated ellicoth, which in turn became disemboweled by an over-eager android (a.k.a XI). The sniper continues the story. (-GM)

25th Day of Lamashan, 317 AG

The ellicoth

My heart had finally started calming down after the epic battle less than 24 hours earlier. XI added some new parts to his drone so that it could search the gargantuan leviathan thingy some more. He found some more weapons and items. He also found his fair share of dead animals and rocks and such. After about 2 hours, he returned to our makeshift camp and informed us that he got out all he could get. Since the party had no way of flying back to Orphys, we had to walk. As we walked we saw numerous piles of bones, some of them reaching 50 feet or higher into the black sky.

After 3 hours of trekking along in this arid landscape, my keen senses noticed something. There was a figure crouched behind a rock at the top of a 30 foot high pile of bones. Chee Kee also noticed the figure. We alerted the party that it was probable that we would be ambushed in the following seconds. As we suspected, the figure, Captain Zeera Vesh, stood up from its cover and began a speech about how its comrades had failed to kill us but it would and blah blah blah. I took out my ever-present bottle of Tequila and took a swig. I was thinking something along the lines of “Here goes nothing.”

During this long and drawn out proclamation of our deaths, Chee Kee was able to sneak up undetected toward her perch on the top of the bone pile. And, as always, jeopardizing the integrity of our mission, Nikolai yelled attack. At this point, we assumed that he would charge up the mound of bones, sword drawn, yelling some war cry. But instead he moved a single inch forward.

I realized that I would be as dead as **** if I waiting for him to get into range. I pulled out my rifle and activated the haste upgrade on my armor. I move forward and shot twice. Unfortunately this creature’s tough hide blocked most of the damage I dealt. By now, Chee Kee had flanked all the way around this now obvious sniper. He lined up his pistol just right and pulled the trigger.

A loud bang echoed and the sniper visibly jerked, the bullet dealing a great quantity of damage. During this, a group of 6 skeletons jumped out from hiding behind us and fired magical missiles at the party. Now the party was split because half of us were attacking the skeletons and the other half were attacking the sniper. Chee Kee kept pounding shot after shot into it. Meanwhile it was “cleanup on aisle skeletons” as XI and his drone mowed them down.

Chee Kee put the last shot home and the sniper fell to the ground, dead. As we suspected, she was part of the Corpse Fleet and was sent to ambush us and kill us. We looted everybody and found a decent treasure horde. Among these riches we found a datapad. XI hacked it and among other things, we found an un-edited version of the message telling the Cult of the Devourer where to go (which the Corpse Fleet had intercepted). They were to go to the Nejeor system to get the “key” to the “Gate of Twelve Suns.” We returned to the Ministry of Eternal Vigilance and told them what had happened and showed them all the information we had found. Ambassador Nor sent us each a substantial amount of credits for the work we had done. We said that we planned to go to Nejeor.

Now excuse me, I must rest up before our journey.

Signing off,
Your favorite drink,
Tequila (Paul)


XI, android mechanic 7
Chappie, android technomancer 6
Chee Kee, ysoki operative 6
Hector Hottie, halfling envoy 6
Tequila, android soldier 7
Nikolai, vesk soldier 7

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Rappan Athuk #74: Be Careful What You Wish For

This is a stirring tale that spans space, time… and dimensions. Kung Fury gathers himself after returning from his harrowing journey and tells the party’s story.

12th day of Lamashan, 4720 AR

Me, Madrik the Spell Thief and Deckard Cain were waiting at the house while the others were still trapped in the maze. They were in a room with black and white tiles, and like all rooms with clearly visible tiles, this one sprung a trap if you stepped on one. On the floor lay a mostly erased message that was written in chalk so it could be easily erased.

“__________________ entirely false.
Walk __________ true line ________;
follow _____ not step ____________.”

There was also a poem on the far wall which no one bothered to write down.

After a few hours of getting burned, sickened, slowed, teleported back to where they started, and, in Jackie Chan’s case, killed, they finally figured out that they needed to walk in a straight line through the middle. (Oh, and Valestar got chants of Orcus following him around, and became a strobe light. -GM) Most of them were cursed with something, and Valestar was recovering from a near-death experience, though otherwise he looked more able than usual. They entered the next room, which had a throne in it but nothing was magical.

At this point those of us back home got bored and decided to find where the others went. Madrik wrote and prepared a spell that would let us communicate via short telepathic messages. We told them to stay where they were so we could find them, and they described the room they were in. We tried to teleport to it, but because of the fascist entity inhabiting that level we ended up in a different room with four doors. After entering some more rooms, we found a room that looked exactly like the one they described to us, except they weren’t there and we sensed magic. After taking the coins that were lying around, I bravely decided to sit on this magical throne.

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Rappan Athuk #73: Mazes and Misdirection in the Massive Menacing Megadungeon

“Don’t split the party!” (-GM)

2nd day of Rova, 4720 AR

With the return of our map keeper, Madrik, we were off to another dark corner of Rappan Athuk. As we entered another large cavern, I felt the loss of Perseus more than ever, and I knew he would have loved to soar through the dark air, snacking on any bats that we chanced on.

We found a staircase leading us down to a white sand beach, and we saw a few giant scorpions in caves across the river. DFSIFA shot a few, and a stream of them started flowing out of the caves. DFSIFA kept firing arrows into the encroaching enemy, and even this exotic encounter decided that an encounter with an extraordinarily effectual entity such as us would not prove fruitful. Soon they had all retreated from whence they came, and we went through the door that DFSIFA noticed to our left.

It led us to a tiled hallway that twisted and turned for a while, and seemed to change behind us. Madrik threw his pen at the wall, as these strange halls were unmappable. We wandered for a while, and ended up at a door. It led to a square room with filthy murals in alcoves on each wall. With a little cleaning, they revealed scenes of evil-looking armies marching, with shadowy figures blasting spells at holy looking pursuers. DFSIFA searched the room and found nothing, so we moved on.

After another few hours of wandering and a quick fight with an ooze, we found another door, this time revealing a kite-shaped room with a small basin at the top and a small trough running from basin to a grate at the bottom. The room was empty save for a bloated corpse in the basin. Jackie Chan fished it out, and we grabbed his magical armor, sword and Helm of Underwater Action. We kept moving, and after more moving hallways and turns, we found another room. It was two long corridors of coffins with pictures of evil-looking warriors on them. DFSIFA thought one of the coffins next to us looked a little odd, and his instincts were spot on. As Jackie Chan got near it to inspect it, it grew a mouth and tried to bite him. Shia cried out that this was a mimic, and started rallying us with his cries. I shook my head and gave it a good stabbing. It didn’t last long between my swift sword strikes, Jackie Chan’s massive fists and DFSIFA’s arrows.

I saw a disturbance in the water down the tunnel, and I saw Madrik’s hand wave and then disappear.

The rest of the coffins were empty, so we kept moving. After another few winding passages, we found ourselves in a large cavern with a river running through it. There was a door about twenty feet to our right, and opening it nearly flooded the cavern. It seemed that the passage behind the door had been flooded, and by opening it, I had literally opened the floodgate. However, as the waters drained out of the room, I realized that Madrik and Deckard Cain had disappeared. I saw a disturbance in the water down the tunnel, and I saw Madrik’s hand wave and then disappear. I sighed, as he was our ticket home, not only having our maps but also the only one able to teleport us home. It was just Jackie Chan, DFSIFA, Shia and me. The party had been split by some mere water. I shook my head and tightened my grip on my sword.

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Rappan Athuk #72: Ghosts ‘n Goblins

The party, fewer in number and their paladin without his powers, continues to press deeper into the dungeon’s depths. Death from Somewhere Irrelevantly Far Away continues their tale. (-GM)

2nd day of Rova, 4720 AR

It is in grim circumstances that I write to you. The paladin has lost his holiness, both of our spellcasters are out with the flu, and our martial artist broke his wrist. So today only 4 of our powerful party descended into the depths of Rappan Athuk. We started by exploring a large cavern we had found on level 6. The area had been cleared of any hostiles, but there was a river flowing through the cavern. The water was dark. Black to the common eye. We traversed down the river, some by air and some swimming beneath its filthy surface.

After a short while of traveling, my keen ears detected sounds up ahead. I halted the party and listened closely. The sounds of pickaxes hitting stone floated up the river. I then picked up the sounds of 2 people conversing. No they were not quite human. Then I finally put my finger on it; they were speaking in Goblin. I informed the party that it was a goblin mining expedition and that we could approach. We moved closer and closer to the sounds. Once we were within line of sight, one of the goblins noticed our presence. He notified the others and pulled out a dagger. All the other goblins did the same and took their battle stations. Then one of them realized that we were the heroes he had heard so much about; he told his forces to stand down. We made small talk, but we had no business bothering them so we moved onward.

Up ahead, I heard sounds of splashing water echoing around. Shia droned on about how this meant there was a cavern ahead and that the splashing sound was water rippling as it made eddies against the current and so on. We pretty much ignored him until we got to see it for ourselves. The cavern was large, but nothing we had not seen before. The party twiddled their thumbs while I searched the entire cavern thoroughly. Just to make sure I had not missed anything, I put on the helm of underwater action and swam down to check the bottom. The water was so murky that I could not see, so I just ran my hands along the river bottom. Surprisingly enough, after 10 minutes of doing this my hand bumped into a latch. I wrapped my hand around and tried to pull myself closer but instead the latch moved toward me opening up a secret tunnel. I swam to the surface to tell everybody to come on down and check out what I had found. Intrigued, we made our way through the tunnel. After blindly swimming for about 50 feet the water receded to our feet and we could walk normally.

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BIG Sale on the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game!

The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is really fun, and can be played with 1 through 6 players. You cooperate with other players to take on bosses, gain experience, and gain gear! There is a BIG sale, and you can currently get entire Adventure Paths for 67% off right now!

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Dead Suns #14: To Eox Plox

The party’s sniper, Tequila, reports back to the Starfinder Society on their progress hunting down cultists seeking what seems to be an ancient super weapon. (-GM)

23rd Day of Lamashan, 317 AG

Dear Chiskisk,

Now I know it has been many moons since I have written but I am sure the others have filled you in along the way. At least partly.

So we were all on a small asteroid that was known as a Cult of the Devourer outpost. We had defeated some guards around the place and looked on all of the computers. We found a recording of a high ranked official in the Cult of the Devourer say that “everybody should converge on *KSHHHHHHH* immediately.” At the exact time where he said the place, the screen and audio had blurred into static, completely negating our ability to figure out what place he was referring to.

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