Dead Suns #4: In Space, Plenty of People Will Hear and Be Annoyed By Your Scream

The ghost ship is not so after “dead” after all… (-GM)

10th Day of Rova, 317 AG

In the next room we spotted a dead goblin – excuse me, they’re called space goblins now, because otherwise it would be impossible to tell that they were in space – sprawled on the floor. His heart had been ripped out, presumably by a space akata. We went into another room and fought more space akatas. This appeared to be a storage room of some kind, housing a flare pistol, mining equipment, more noqual, and a bunch of labeled rocks.

One of the goblins tried to “fix” the arc emitter we found until Chappie realized he was basically making it into a grenade.

The next room was slightly more interesting. We found three space goblins, alive this time. They said they had sneaked on the ship before it got space akata’d. One of their number had ventured outside of this room and never returned. We promised that we wouldn’t kill them in return for them helping us explore whatever remained on this ship. They agreed, and one of the goblins tried to “fix” the arc emitter we found until Chappie realized he was basically making it into a grenade. Together we explored the remaining rooms, and basically found what we found in the others. (Plus the package for the Eoxian Embassy that they weren’t supposed to open. -GM)

Then came the bridge.

There were several space akatas in this room, and one that was blue and tougher. Chappie bravely ran up to one of them and blasted it with electricity, killing it instantly. The others, except for the space goblins and Tequila, fought bravely as well. I was knocked unconscious in the climax of the battle and reawoke just in time to slay the blue space akata.

We found the space captain’s log in this room, with three entries. The first was to report that they found some interesting geodes in the drift rock. The second said that the space spaceship was being overrun by strange creatures, and that they were going to vacuum the space spaceship to try to get rid of them. The third was recorded in an engine room, and the space captain was wearing a space spacesuit. She grimly reported that the vacuum didn’t work, and that there was a new, more powerful space creature “coming from the rock!”, so they were going to the Drift Rock for shelter. Odd.

The next move was, naturally, into the Rock. The Space Rock. On it we found the Eoxian ship we shot down, with the cockpit empty. Maybe we would find the space zombie space pilot in the Space Rock. We approached the Space Rock’s space caves. The first room we found held a space zombie, so we assumed it was also a space pilot.

“Hail, fellow denizen of the Pact Worlds!” said I to the space zombie. “We wish to inquire upon the reason for your combating our ship as we approached this sector.”

“Mgklkfjklkllkgfvjdsfvhbsdfh!” replied the space zombie.

As we put the space soul to its final rest we noticed it had a space acreon uniform and a large space tongue.

What did this mean? Find out next time, on space space space space space space adventures!

Spacing off,
Nikolai (Nate)


XI, android mechanic 2
Chappy, android technomancer 2
Chee Kee, ysoki operative 2
Hector Hottie, halfling envoy 2
Tequila, android soldier 2

Nikolai, vesk soldier 2

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Dead Suns #3: Open Fire

The party is sent to investigate the mystery ship and asteroid in this installment of Dead Suns… (-GM)

10th Day of Rova, 317 AG

I need to write quick because my ship is about to leave. Pretty much we captured the leader of a gang and made the leader give us proof that Astral Extractions had paid her to kill our dwarf friend. After we turned her in to the authorities, we returned to the hotel.

At our hotel, a message had arrived. It said that the head (get it cause he had a big head) of the Eox embassy on Absalom Station would like to meet us and had a proposal. We decided that this would be a good thing to check out (Eox dudes are creepy). We arrived there a little bit later and was greeted by the man himself. He introduced himself as Devalarsk Nor, and told us that he was the mediator over dispute over the lost ship Acreon and the Drift Rock. He said that he needed us to go investigate the ship and bring him a box filled with something very important. He made it very clear that we could not look in the box. As we left, a little security drone with a camera followed us out so they could see what we were doing.

Devalarsk Nor. (Eox dudes are creepy)

As we walked out, Hector Hottie’s phone beeped, telling us that Astral Extractions wanted to have us come in to talk. We figured it was only fair because we had talked to the Hardscrabble Collective. We arrived, and the first thing I saw was an enormous cake. I walked over, got a plate and got a huge slice. As I ate it however, my stomach churned and felt awful. I put down my plate. They show off some of the work they do. On my way out I grab the plate because I think it was drugged and I want to send it in for testing.

It is almost time to board a ship that would take us to the ghost ship. As we are walking over there, we get a video call from the Hardscrabble Collective. We answer of course and exchange greetings. The person on the screen says that he knows we are going to the ship. He wants to know if the crew members on the ship were found and what happened to them. We tell him we will look for any clues we can find and report back to him.

We board our little shuttle and take off. As we take off, another ship takes off behind us and seems to be following us. It is a small Eox-class fighter but the kind sold on the market. It gets closer and closer until one of the guns on it fires at us. We are excited and nervous with the prospect of a starship battle. It will be the first for most of us. We loop around, our guns blazing. After a long time of circling and shooting each other the enemy ship finally breaks apart and goes crashing into the massive asteroid towed behind the ghost ship.

We fly over to the ghost ship now and see that the back airlock of the ship is open. We get out of our ship and board the other. Inside, we are confronted by 2 masses of black tentacles. Their creature run up and bite us. We shoot them but those of us with laser pistols seem to do no damage. The creatures just absorb the fire. After a long time of me slowly dealing damage to them with my hunting rifle they finally fall to the ground. Dead.

-Tequila (Paul


XI, android mechanic 2
Chappy, android technomancer 2
Chee Kee, ysoki operative 2
Hector Hottie, halfling envoy 1
Tequila, android soldier 2

Nikolai, vesk soldier 2

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List of Premium Pathfinder Items Updated!

They have been updated for the month of November. Happy shopping!


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RPG Campaigns in Fall 2017

Join one of the RPG campaigns that I am running this fall! (These are separate from the afterschool program.)

There is an online application to sign up for one of these groups. If you are interested and/or have more questions, parents/guardians should contact me (Ronald) at guildgrandmaster AT gmail DOT com! Contact me by Wednesday, November 1. Spots are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis!

Princes of the Apocalypse (investigate elemental cults in the Forgotten Realms)

The party continues its investigations into the Sumber Hills, where brigands and strange cultists seem to have sinister designs that may threaten the humble town of Red Larch. Set in the iconic Forgotten Realms. (Uses 5th Edition D&D. Continues at Level 5, goes until Level 14.)

Dead Suns (galaxy-spanning adventure)

This is the first adventure path for the new science fantasy Starfinder Roleplaying Game, which combines exotic alien races, futuristic technology, magic, and starships! Dead Suns begins when a derelict ship arrives at Absalom Station towing a mysterious asteroid. Investigating it only raises more questions requiring traversing the galaxy to answer them… (Uses Starfinder RPG. Goes from Level 1 to 12)

Serpent’s Skull (find the lost city)

The party is marooned on an island and must find its way back to civilization. Meanwhile, they uncover clues to a legendary lost city filled with vast treasures. But others know and will try to race them to find it! (Uses Pathfinder RPG. Goes from Level 1 to Level 17.)


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A ninja certification test!

This looks interesting. I want to see the test questions!

Gaming news site Kotaku posted about this:

“According to At Press, the certification test will be held at Zojo-ji, a Buddhist temple in Tokyo. The examination is thirty minutes long and covers your ninja knowledge of the Koga-ryu school.”

See article

-A Curious Grandmaster

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No Guild this Week

Unfortunately, I am unable to run the class this week due to some real-life Level 20 challenges. We will continue the adventure next Monday…

-A Sad Grandmaster

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GREAT Sale on many Pathfinder RPG books!

Between now and October 24th at 11AM, Humble Bundle is offering digital versions of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and the Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box for ONE DOLLAR. If you add the Strategy Guide, Bestiary, GameMastery Guide, and 2 full-size adventure modules that’s only a total of EIGHT DOLLARS. You get more at higher levels, including a lot of small 32 and 64 page books that fill out the setting and provide more character options in Golarion; there are more details on the Humble Bundle page.

If you want to learn more about some of these books, see my Shopping Suggestions for Parents #1 and.#2.

We use three systems in The Guild: Pathfinder RPG, Starfinder RPG, and D&D. These digital books are for use with the Pathfinder RPG. HOWEVER, Pathfinder and Starfinder are VERY similar: the Beginner Box (and the more advanced Core Rulebook) teach a system that, once absorbed, means that a kid can easily play Starfinder RPG as well.

Also, proceeds to Humble Bundle go to a good cause!

– Your Informative and Ever-Thoughtful Grandmaster


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