05 Mar

Ryse-Larc(Psst! This is the 400th post on the website!)

For this spring’s Guild Tournament, we are having an Arena Design contest! If your design is selected, then people fighting to win the tournament would have to fight in your arena!

You will earn 6-15 XP for a good idea, some rules, and any other work you put into it. Use this graph paper to get more points. If your arena is selected, you will get up to 25 XP!

Submissions are due by the end of Guild on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11. NO exceptions!

Make sure your Arena meets the following criteria:

  • Reward a variety of character abilities. NO class or build should have a big advantage.
  • Make sure it’s still mainly a fight between the CHARACTERS — not a fight against your arena…
  • At least 2 skills should be important.

Look at previous Tournament posts to see some of the past arenas


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