We Saved The Guild!

30 Jan

Tabletop Club at King Middle School

Just a BIG THANK YOU to all the parents and students who showed support when we found out we would get cut for spring semester!

As of Sunday, our class was cancelled due to a budget cut in the King afterschool program. As of Wednesday morning, we got our class restored to one day a week. As of 1PM, we went back to two days a week!

It took a collective effort to save the class! Many, many, many of you sent emails, made calls, and paid visits expressing your love and commitment to this program. This brief moment of adversity has only strengthened the spirit of the class.

At the end of class Wednesday, students drew a thank-you poster — complete with dragon — to the program director Mr. Alford-Leaks, who had managed to eke out funding from a tight budget to save the program.

The second semester promises to be even better, now that some students have more ambitious plans for adventures. My Rappan Athuk campaign continues, and Galen’s Tomb of Horrors continues. Simon, Otto, and Jackson will get started soon with their zombie apocalypse campaign. I hope I’m able to keep up with all of you! See you next week!

Your Munificent Grandmaster

EDIT: A message the afterschool program director sent out to parents who emailed him:

Hello All,

After the heartfelt emails and passionate pleas from all of you, I was able to move some things around to squeeze enough out of the budget to keep the class for the two days per week through the first week of June.  I will send out an updated schedule with the additional day reflected on it tomorrow.  Your students can sign up for the classes in my office in B-1.  They can see myself or LaShonda to sign up for Table Top.
Some of you expressed an interest in raising money or paying an additional amount to support the class.  If you would like to donate funds to the program to support scholarships for students who need financial assistance, we would be very grateful.  Any additional financial support is truly appreciated.  
I also want to extend my thanks for the wonderful cupcakes that were brought in today.  My staff truly enjoyed them.  When I turned around to partake in one, they had already been devoured.  There were only crumbs left in the box.
Enjoy the class.

John Alford-Leaks
Program Coordinator
King Visionaries After School Learning Program
Berkeley L.E.A.R.N.S.

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  1. otto christenson

    January 31, 2013 at 10:53 am

    oh yess!


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