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Rappan Athuk #49: I Get the Last Word

Herein concludes the party’s epic showdown with a Salamander Overlord and his court. The stonelord paladin Nioveskirian narrates. (-GM)

12th day of Neth, 4718 AR

The Salamander brought low.

The salamander overlord’s high-voltage barrage caused my compatriots to realize that cowering in the back of the room and flinging a few arrows at the enemy while I did the actual fighting alongside our semi-sentient allies might not have been as safe as they thought. Arthritic hovered toward the boss and gave him a taste of his whip while Shia rushed in bellowing a motivational non-silence and Deckard Cain struggled against the entrapping force cube. The others were not as brave. No Name was unwilling to risk his own life, instead summoning several brave archons who immediately charged the overpowered lizard. DSFIFA looked at the insignificant scrapes he had received and fled in terror, clumsily dropping his bow on the way out. Cowards.

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Random Dungeon Generator for the Class!

1447282693Our resident expert Max Schlosberg has found a VERY USEFUL website that randomly generates dungeons, complete with maps, descriptions, monsters, and treasure!

(If you want to GM in The Guild and want to use one of these dungeons, you will need to send me the dungeon first — I find that it doesn’t seem to give enough treasure.)

Check it out:
Random Dungeon Generator for Pathfinder RPG

-Your Informative and Tolerant Grandmaster


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