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Rappan Athuk #76: I’m da boss, I’m da boss, I’m da boss, I’m da boss, I’m da boss… I’m da boss, I’m da boss, I’m da boss, I’m da boss, I’m da boss, I’m da boss.

We last left our heroes as they encountered powerful spellcasting mummies deep within Rappan Athuk. Stay awhile and listen as the flame oracle Deckard Cain tells us what happens next.

20th day of Kuthona, 4720 AR

Valestar had strode up to the mummy, but before he could get close enough to swing his sword the mummy pointed a withered finger at him and uttered a word in a guttural voice and in a flash our warrior was no longer there. DFSIFA was standing still, paralyzed by the mummies’ terrifying gaze.

Doomfist ran straight up to a mummy now, swinging his fist in a deadly uppercut, but as soon as he made eye contact with the creature he stopped, seemingly oblivious to the danger around him while he stared off into space.

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Rappan Athuk #75: The Great Cavern

The party keeps its promise to a floating eyeball and finds that the lead takes them to the most immense level yet. Valestar Ekhart narrates.

11th day of Neth, 4720 AR


After some brief argument, which mainly consisted of DFSIFA wanting to go down the tunnel to 3 levels down, and us saying no, we finally agreed to go deal with the other floating eyeball that the eye of the deep wanted us to deal with. This giant eyeball was trivial to fight, and our new friend Gundar was quite grateful. He gave us a magic sword, and despite its negligible value, I appreciated the gesture.

Madrik had us go to a huge cavern over a mile across, and we wandered for a while, only encountering a few gargoyles and some goblins hard at work mining. I yawned, as did everyone else, as it seemed that there was nothing to do besides skewer rats and walk.

Finally, we came upon a huge mushroom. It was actually one of many, as there appeared to me a fungus forest in front of us. We flew above it and it stretched as far as we could see. I saw a quick movement in the mushrooms and one of the smaller one walked out towards the party. We flew down and i donned my Helm of Comprehend Languages. We parlayed, and once it understood our intentions weren’t to harm them, many more mushroom people came out and oohed and aahed at us. One tugged on my leg and pointed. I followed it into the forest, and saw about 100 feet in front of me, a large troll tearing up their mushrooms. I shook my head, drew my sword, and charged it. I took it by surprise, and my flaming sword made it unable to regenerate. It was dead before it knew what had hit it, and all the mushrooms cheered.

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Rappan Athuk #74: Be Careful What You Wish For

This is a stirring tale that spans space, time… and dimensions. Kung Fury gathers himself after returning from his harrowing journey and tells the party’s story.

12th day of Lamashan, 4720 AR

Me, Madrik the Spell Thief and Deckard Cain were waiting at the house while the others were still trapped in the maze. They were in a room with black and white tiles, and like all rooms with clearly visible tiles, this one sprung a trap if you stepped on one. On the floor lay a mostly erased message that was written in chalk so it could be easily erased.

“__________________ entirely false.
Walk __________ true line ________;
follow _____ not step ____________.”

There was also a poem on the far wall which no one bothered to write down.

After a few hours of getting burned, sickened, slowed, teleported back to where they started, and, in Jackie Chan’s case, killed, they finally figured out that they needed to walk in a straight line through the middle. (Oh, and Valestar got chants of Orcus following him around, and became a strobe light. -GM) Most of them were cursed with something, and Valestar was recovering from a near-death experience, though otherwise he looked more able than usual. They entered the next room, which had a throne in it but nothing was magical.

At this point those of us back home got bored and decided to find where the others went. Madrik wrote and prepared a spell that would let us communicate via short telepathic messages. We told them to stay where they were so we could find them, and they described the room they were in. We tried to teleport to it, but because of the fascist entity inhabiting that level we ended up in a different room with four doors. After entering some more rooms, we found a room that looked exactly like the one they described to us, except they weren’t there and we sensed magic. After taking the coins that were lying around, I bravely decided to sit on this magical throne.

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Rappan Athuk #73: Mazes and Misdirection in the Massive Menacing Megadungeon

“Don’t split the party!” (-GM)

2nd day of Rova, 4720 AR

With the return of our map keeper, Madrik, we were off to another dark corner of Rappan Athuk. As we entered another large cavern, I felt the loss of Perseus more than ever, and I knew he would have loved to soar through the dark air, snacking on any bats that we chanced on.

We found a staircase leading us down to a white sand beach, and we saw a few giant scorpions in caves across the river. DFSIFA shot a few, and a stream of them started flowing out of the caves. DFSIFA kept firing arrows into the encroaching enemy, and even this exotic encounter decided that an encounter with an extraordinarily effectual entity such as us would not prove fruitful. Soon they had all retreated from whence they came, and we went through the door that DFSIFA noticed to our left.

It led us to a tiled hallway that twisted and turned for a while, and seemed to change behind us. Madrik threw his pen at the wall, as these strange halls were unmappable. We wandered for a while, and ended up at a door. It led to a square room with filthy murals in alcoves on each wall. With a little cleaning, they revealed scenes of evil-looking armies marching, with shadowy figures blasting spells at holy looking pursuers. DFSIFA searched the room and found nothing, so we moved on.

After another few hours of wandering and a quick fight with an ooze, we found another door, this time revealing a kite-shaped room with a small basin at the top and a small trough running from basin to a grate at the bottom. The room was empty save for a bloated corpse in the basin. Jackie Chan fished it out, and we grabbed his magical armor, sword and Helm of Underwater Action. We kept moving, and after more moving hallways and turns, we found another room. It was two long corridors of coffins with pictures of evil-looking warriors on them. DFSIFA thought one of the coffins next to us looked a little odd, and his instincts were spot on. As Jackie Chan got near it to inspect it, it grew a mouth and tried to bite him. Shia cried out that this was a mimic, and started rallying us with his cries. I shook my head and gave it a good stabbing. It didn’t last long between my swift sword strikes, Jackie Chan’s massive fists and DFSIFA’s arrows.

I saw a disturbance in the water down the tunnel, and I saw Madrik’s hand wave and then disappear.

The rest of the coffins were empty, so we kept moving. After another few winding passages, we found ourselves in a large cavern with a river running through it. There was a door about twenty feet to our right, and opening it nearly flooded the cavern. It seemed that the passage behind the door had been flooded, and by opening it, I had literally opened the floodgate. However, as the waters drained out of the room, I realized that Madrik and Deckard Cain had disappeared. I saw a disturbance in the water down the tunnel, and I saw Madrik’s hand wave and then disappear. I sighed, as he was our ticket home, not only having our maps but also the only one able to teleport us home. It was just Jackie Chan, DFSIFA, Shia and me. The party had been split by some mere water. I shook my head and tightened my grip on my sword.

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Rappan Athuk #66: Titan Strength

The party empties a holy tomb? *gasp!* (-GM)

30th day of Desnus, 4720 AR

“Don’t go there friends, it is a very dangerous place that you would not like to visit,” our wererat friend Damien had said. I thought that we maybe should’ve listened to him when I saw the huge ghost of a storm giant flow out of the coffin, raising his 15-foot long warhammer above his head that Illuminated light around the holy shrine we stood in.

You’re probably thinking, “How did you get to this place? Why are you attacking one of a race of giants that served the Titans? And why are you desecrating a holy tomb?” Gods, if Valestar was here for this he would’ve lost all ties with the Paladins.

It all started after we brought back news of victory to Damien: that we killed the spider queen that had harmed him. We had also restored his sight so he kinda owed us a lot. As payment, he gave us a map of the vast amount of mazes and tunnels he and his rats had explored over the years. He also had a large amount of knowledge about the structure of Rappan Athuk.

So back to the huge Storm-Giant-total-annihilation thingy. The giant hesitated for a second, giving us the chance to get the jump on him. I took action first, murmuring an incantation for a spell that would completely burn the giant away in holy fire, but the spell seemed to not affect him. I cursed and shot 3 red-hot rays of fire at the giant, weakening him partially. Kung Fury used this opportunity to move up and launch a flurry of complex maneuvers, striking the giant on the side of his jaw, stunning him and allowing Kung to land additional blows on him, getting a solid blow on his second fist and a savage hook to the kidney. DFSIFA laughed, realizing he would get the final blow and used his stick thrower to strike down the giant.

Kung Fury looked angered by this result – and who could blame him – leaning over and punching DFSIFA’s arm making him drop one of his precious special stones, widening the crack already in it. In the giant’s loot, whose name turned out to be Kor, Servant of Ereg-Tal the titan. A poem on the wall stated that he also lay here resting for eternity.

“Woah!” said Shia. “Ereg Tal died 5,000 years ago fighting the demons in a glorious battle!” Before the building of Rappan Athuk, too.

Kor had some gems, a powerful hammer that could shatter rock, and a belt. Shia looked carefully at the belt, studying it. Then his eyes brighten and he yelled.

“It’s a belt of Titan Strength! It grants the wearer the strength of the Titans and the Brawn!”

I looked to the monk Jackie Chan, the most qualified in my eyes for the belt but then (who woulda thought) the archer DFSIFA tried to claim it, thinking it would help him more than Jackie. He argument was settled quickly and left us with a mad DFSIFA (as usual).

We went into a room across the hall, finding the coffin of Ereg Tal. But to our surprise, Tal had remained untouched by undead spirits like Kor. With the help of Jackie and a woolly rhinoceros which had the coffin tied on its back, we teleported it back to the capital, appearing right in front of the church of the clerics. Store vendors looked at us along with city guards who I wasn’t sure were gonna help out or arrest us for animal cruelty.

Out of the chapel strode the head cleric along with a priest and Valestar, who thanked us for the remains of one of the great titans so the could be dealt with properly.

So we headed back to one of the unexplored places the rat showed us, and we came to a bridge carved to look like skulls. Kung Fury was sure it was a trap devised by someone from his timeline he called by the name of Gittler or Mittler or something. So after an hour of checking the bridge in various ways and a string of curses directed from Kung Fury to DFSIFA, we decided it was safe to cross.

We got across fine, looking around and saw a strange red boulder. DFSIFA identified there was a small hole in the rock and said we should peek through. We detected a strong magic aura in the hole, so we had my good spellcasting friend Madrik the Spell Thief mage hand it out. It turned out to be a ring with 2 rubies on it, each representing a wish we could make.

We kept heading down and got to a body of water we would have to go under, I had to relinquish my more powerful form of a fire elemental to do this. Just as Madrik and I were going to come out the exit, a small shock jolted me. 2 balls of lightning winked out of existence again, 5 appearing around DFSIFA giving him a headache eventually. The wisps were brought down by our physical fighters.

Signing off,
Deckard Cain (Aidan)
“Stay awhile and listen”


Death from Somewhere Irrelevantly Far Away, tiefling slayer 15
Deckard Cain, aasimar flame oracle 14
Jackie Chan, oread flowing monk 13
Kung Fury, sylph martial artist monk 14
Madrik the Spell Thief, wizard 14
Shia Labeouf, merfolk bard 14
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 16

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Rappan Athuk #46: A Long Day of Maps

Our intrepid heroes, victorious from the Great Battle of the Phase Minotaurs, continues exploring their maze, now minotaur-free. (-GM)

9th day of Rova, 4718 AR

We immediately looked for a way to get Nioveskirian out of the floor, but sit would not budge, even when Perseus sat down on it.

After defeating the minotaurs, we wanted more action, and so we went down one of the passages leading out of the cavern. The tunnel eventually became rough masonry, and suddenly the floor underneath Nioveskirian disappeared. He fell into the ensuing pit, and the floor blinked back into existence.

We immediately looked for a way to get him out, but the floor would not budge, even when Perseus sat down on it. Eventually we decided to break out our trusty adamantine pick, and a few hours of Arthritic Slaver and me hacking away at the stone created a hole big enough for us to pull him out. The hardy dwarf looked fine, although he was a bit mad. I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye, and I turned to see a big ooze about to engulf Perseus, with me riding him. Perseus had noticed as well, and with a quick flap of his great wings, we were far from the smelly mass of goo. DFSIFA laughed, shut his eyes, and killed it with two quick arrows. He found it more akin to playing a children’s game than actual combat.

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Rappan Athuk #45: In-N-Out

The party returned to exploring Rappan Athuk’s maze, looking for a way down to the fabled goblin city. (-GM)

18th day of Arodus, 4718 AR


We started the day like most days: with a vote. The choices were to go into the maze below a sinkhole we had found earlier, or explore somewhere else. The verdict was to go down the sinkhole so off we went.

We found a tunnel at the bottom of the sinkhole and followed it for about 80 feet. As soon as we turned the corner, Ghost-Wolf was killed by some unseen attacker. Directly after, The Hero of No Name grunted in pain and fell to his knees. Unseen attacker turned out to be unseen attackers as the monsters revealed themselves. Four powerful looking goblins stood surrounding the dead body of Ghost-Wolf, their daggers raised.

Further down the tunnel, more goblins emerged. The goblin in front seemed to be the leader and shouted at us, “I AM THE MIGHTY SASHA!! TREMBLE IN FEAR FOR BEFORE YOU STANDS THE POWERFUL LEADER OF MINING EXPEDITION 38!!!” A little goblin in the back mentioned how being a failed mining expedition wasn’t really something to use to intimidate people. It should really give you -2 on your roll or something. Then after thinking for a second, the party finally realized that this could be the party that was with Gurran and his small group of miners that got separated. We told Sasha that we would be right back.

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