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Stoneheart Dungeon #6: Packed Away

Groominator the Great was a talented goblin who danced circles around foes to protect his friends. He unfortunately says his last words in today’s writeup. *sniff* (-GM)

26th day of Sarenith, 4717 AR

Groominator the Great

We were about 24 miles out from town and we were going towards the place where we think the Stoneheart Dungeon was. But as soon as we had moved about a mile to the northwest, we found a camp of orcs. There were a few tents with about 12 orcs in the tents. I, Groominator, went over and stealthed alongside the zen archer Eagle One. We hid behind a rock, and I jumped out to hit the orcs. I hit one right in the face and almost knocked him out, then again, and he was dead. Then, Eagle One shot at the next one, and hit it almost out.

But now it was their turn to act. The ones around me surrounded me and hit me for only 6 damage. Then the other 9 orcs rushed out of their tents at the other party members. Our undead lord, Meme, roused all of her army and attacked. Two of them were gone in a flash as a skirmishing of blows led to an all-out battle. The WANDerer cast enlarge person on the eidolon, all of the horses attacked two of them knocking them out, and the horde of skeletons hit a bunch down.

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Rappan Athuk #27: Ghastly Corridors


Carpet dead and gear retrieved, the party returns to the main dungeon of Rappan Athuk! (-GM)

6th day of Lamashan, 4716 AR

The party was tired so we returned home. When we arrived, we found two new strangers at our front door. One was a slayer against the undead, and the other was a druid with a large chicken behind him. They asked us if they could join our party. Me and Valestar had become quite well known for our strength and the strength of our party members. I may have been spreading a couple of rumors that me and Valestar were having an affair.

The chicken man introduced himself as Aasif Skrojnogbe. The other man said his name was Isaac. The chicken, the two new guys, and the rest of the party started down into the dungeon. We went all the way down The Gut until we came to the madman’s door. We went through the rat nest and I am sure that those rats could barely contain their hunger for chicken.

We explored and found a secret door in the tunnel beyond. Inside was a weak old Ghast. We talked a little, had some tea, and then killed him. After a little while, we finally realized that we were at the main entrance to Rappan Athuk. At that point we turned around and went back to some unexplored hallways past the Dire Rat cave and into the level below (where the madman was).

We walked through some corridors before coming to a secret door. It led to another door that opened into a star-shaped room with a pentagram in the middle. The room was filled with Ghouls and Ghasts. The chicken dude and his chicken ran into the room and bravely died. We fought through 27 of them and found lots of treasure. Valestar scribbled prayers to Sarenrae all over the pentagram. Then, we left.

When we got home a portal appeared in the middle of our sitting room and a high and delusional cowboy walked through. We accepted him into our party and gave him a milkshake.

-Death from Even Farther Away (Paul)


Death from Even Farther Away, tiefling slayer 7
Lone Wolf, human samurai 6
Monkey, vanara zen-archer monk 7
Thoren, dwarven witch 7
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 9

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