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Slumbering Tsar #11: Ghosts

The party encounters shades from the past in the wall-fortress of Tsar. -GM

10th day of Sarenith, 4717 AR

“Well look here, another group of dead adventurers. Or, if you aren’t yet, then soon to be dead.”

The screams of the dead filled of the air as they drifted into the room. The party was struggling; even Nonek had broken a sweat. We were tired, wounded, and outnumbered. Hope seemed fleeting, and for a moment I thought all was lost. But then, Neptune raised his rail gun, shaking in his weary hands. The weapon slowly panned towards the wraith, before exploding in a tidal-wave of light and sound. The monstrosity was blown into oblivion by the barrage of debris. And, like a spark catching, visions of victory sprung up before us. Nirot raised his voice into a cry of battle and plunged into the fray. Jackie Sparrow was like a darting viper, exploiting weaknesses and taking out foes at the perfect moment. The foes tried to surround Nonek, but he simply laughed as blow after blow glanced off his armor.  All the while I stood behind them, manipulating the world to better suit our needs. We were glorious in our sheer power, and the undead could not hope to compete.

From there we retreated, needing to regather ourselves and regain what energy we had spent. Soon, we were back within the keep. Down into the tower we went, looking for clues in order to solve the mystery that is Tsar. We eventually came upon some barracks, which may have been built for the more expendable soldiers of the city. The party opened the lockers in search of anything that could be of value or use, but sadly we didn’t find much. However, the next floor down was another story. Chained to the wall was a spectral man, bound by manacles as dead as he. It seemed that he had lost all belief in escape long ago. He slowly pulled up his head to gaze at us. “Well look here, another group of dead adventurers. Or, if you aren’t yet, then soon to be dead.” He soon dissolved into incoherent ramblings, but not before telling us that the only way to set him free would be to burn his body deep below.

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Age of Worms #4: Another Day, Another Pile of Corpses

Hidden, deep within my email, lay an incomplete writeup by the still-living Noway Amagonadaithisthyme. Here it is, in its detailed-yet-incomplete glory. (-GM)

11th day of Gozran, 4741 AR


The grick

We were all feeling rather drained after the fight with the shadow-things, so we left the dungeon to rest for a few days. While we were in town, we heard these rumors that some children were going missing. Then there was some boring downtime stuff, and then we went back to the much more interesting creep dungeon.

Fortunately, there were no more shadow-things in the room. We went into a side hallway, and found a room with this big sarcophagus in the middle. A red flag went off in my mind. Sarcophagi meant dead things. Dead things meant undead things. We needed to get out now, cool, the sarcophagus lid was this really smooth granite that felt– and then the zombies ambushed us.

Well, they weren’t all zombies. One was this pale blue thing that had rotten fangs and a disgusting tongue. I was sure I had seen one before. What were they called again? It didn’t matter. Sunaki went to one of the zombies and cast a cure spell, which made it writhe in agony. Buddy stepped in front of me and shot one, Hans snowballed another, Ensorcella crossbowed a zombie in its eye, that really made it mad, and I went over to one and whacked it with my warhammer. And then the fighting really started.

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Guildmoor Gazette #3: Fire, Death, Rage!

bugle-callWeek 1, Friday
Price: 3 sp

Lavinia murdered, fire burns down firearms shop and Fluffy Bundts Bakery

As yesterday’s rally marched toward Castle Guildmoor, explosions rang out at Lavinia’s firearms shop, causing a fire that destroyed the shop and half of Fluffy Bundts Bakery. During the fire, Lavinia was murdered in her chair at Teresa’s Tonsorial Parlor.

“It was truly awful,” said Teresa. ” One minute I’m dyeing her hair, the next minute she’s this emaciated corpse! It’s so strange… My door was closed and I didn’t hear a thing.”

Grizzleby, the town sage, arrived soon after, but the perpetrator had already left.

“We already know a ghost was going after Lavinia, and I am afraid it succeeded,” Grizzleby said. “Ghosts are held to this earth by unfinished business, I can only wish that it has somehow found peace and moved on.”

“Lavinia was a wonderful person,” Teresa said. “I can’t imagine why a ghost would want to kill her.”

At the firearms shop, an improvised bucket brigade put out the fire, but not before spreading to the neighboring Fluffy Bundts Bakery. Luscious Lucinda, covered in flour, still passed out bundts to the volunteers.

Captain Staunton, when pressed about whether half-orcs or the thieves’ guild might be behind the troubles, demurred.

“We cannot reveal any of our leads until our investigation is complete,” he said.

Merchants say: “Make Guildmoor great again!”

The Guildmoor Merchants Association and the House of Winston sponsored a rally of about one hundred in the town square that marched to Guildmoor Castle, demanding greater protection against recent robberies and violence on town shops.

“We came to Guildmoor to get away from dragons, undead, and orcs!” said Caleb Mardigan, president of the Association. “Where can an businessman or businesswoman make a living on this cursed earth?”

“We have emptied our city coffers protecting half orcs and providing free healing for all, while honest men and women have to fend for themselves,” said Branford II of House Winston.

The Merchants Association organized a volunteer brigade to supplement the town guard.

Emotions ran high, when news arrived that Devyn Colby, guard of the Ainsworth Weapon Shoppe, died from injuries sustained while defending his shop on Wednesday night.

The rally spontaneously marched toward Guildmoor Castle chanting, “Ronulus! What about us!?”

More land cleared

Regent Ronulus reports that new land has been cleared for farming, and that prospective farmers are to report to Castle Guildmoor for more information.


Luscious Lucinda insists that the Bundt-Eating Contest is on for this Saturday.

“My roof is gone, but my oven still works,” Lucinda said. “I don’t care if we will have to eat among the ashes of my ruined shop, under the pouring rain!”

Your loyal correspondent,
Ayduin Ravanan

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