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Rappan Athuk #49: I Get the Last Word

Herein concludes the party’s epic showdown with a Salamander Overlord and his court. The stonelord paladin Nioveskirian narrates. (-GM)

12th day of Neth, 4718 AR

The Salamander brought low.

The salamander overlord’s high-voltage barrage caused my compatriots to realize that cowering in the back of the room and flinging a few arrows at the enemy while I did the actual fighting alongside our semi-sentient allies might not have been as safe as they thought. Arthritic hovered toward the boss and gave him a taste of his whip while Shia rushed in bellowing a motivational non-silence and Deckard Cain struggled against the entrapping force cube. The others were not as brave. No Name was unwilling to risk his own life, instead summoning several brave archons who immediately charged the overpowered lizard. DSFIFA looked at the insignificant scrapes he had received and fled in terror, clumsily dropping his bow on the way out. Cowards.

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Rappan Athuk #48: Boxed In!

The party, undeterred, returns to confront The Master and his court. (-GM)

8th day of Lamashan, 4718 AR

Greetings, Travelers! You will find these lost documents if you continue on the way our party has walked before you. They will tell you about what are adventures were like and give a summary of the creatures we fought.

So now that I seem to be stuck in this box of force above the party, I may as well record with magic writing (to write very fast) about what has happened so far this second run in the Cavern of Lava. I am Deckard Cain, new to this party as of a month ago. I came in search of new revelations about my mystery type, fire. And when that Paladin Valestar (Who is sitting on his golden toilet right now) told me that the party was currently in a cavern filled with fire and lava, I had to agree to join them.

Anyway, after our first run with 2 deaths (Arthritic Slaver and Shia) and a dead companion (Arvnevurr), we teleported back to the house and resurrected Shia and Arthritic and waited for a new companion a month later. Shia crafted a Banner of Ancient Kings, which gives us morale boosts on our actions.

Everyone but Valestar teleported back in ready for a fight, facing the room of the last battle when I saw 10 or so regular salamanders behind us back in the cavern slithering around who had not yet noticed us somehow.

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Rappan Athuk #47: Hot Damn!

The party faces its greatest challenge yet. (-GM)

9th day of Rova, 4718 AR

Here is a five-word summary of what was going on: Cavern. Lava. Hot. Hot. Hot. So hot that even Valestar declared that it was too hot for his holy bottom and went to sit on his golden toilet. He teleported back a few minutes later with an old man by his side. The old man introduced himself as Deckard Cain. We brought him up to date with everything that had been going on. It was so hot down there that even The Hero of No Name looked hot and that’s saying something cause that old guy never looks hot or cold or anything for that matter.

The party was kinda awkwardly sitting around on a bridge of gold when suddenly a SALAMANDER SLITHERED OUT!! Ok, so I know that does not sound very intimidating but these were pretty big salamanders and there were four of them. Two of them were larger and stronger, and two looked about what an average huge fiery salamander would look like. The more powerful salamanders of the group held themselves with an air of confidence like they were some kind of noble.

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Rappan Athuk #46: A Long Day of Maps

Our intrepid heroes, victorious from the Great Battle of the Phase Minotaurs, continues exploring their maze, now minotaur-free. (-GM)

9th day of Rova, 4718 AR

We immediately looked for a way to get Nioveskirian out of the floor, but sit would not budge, even when Perseus sat down on it.

After defeating the minotaurs, we wanted more action, and so we went down one of the passages leading out of the cavern. The tunnel eventually became rough masonry, and suddenly the floor underneath Nioveskirian disappeared. He fell into the ensuing pit, and the floor blinked back into existence.

We immediately looked for a way to get him out, but the floor would not budge, even when Perseus sat down on it. Eventually we decided to break out our trusty adamantine pick, and a few hours of Arthritic Slaver and me hacking away at the stone created a hole big enough for us to pull him out. The hardy dwarf looked fine, although he was a bit mad. I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye, and I turned to see a big ooze about to engulf Perseus, with me riding him. Perseus had noticed as well, and with a quick flap of his great wings, we were far from the smelly mass of goo. DFSIFA laughed, shut his eyes, and killed it with two quick arrows. He found it more akin to playing a children’s game than actual combat.

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Guildmoor Gazette #3: Fire, Death, Rage!

bugle-callWeek 1, Friday
Price: 3 sp

Lavinia murdered, fire burns down firearms shop and Fluffy Bundts Bakery

As yesterday’s rally marched toward Castle Guildmoor, explosions rang out at Lavinia’s firearms shop, causing a fire that destroyed the shop and half of Fluffy Bundts Bakery. During the fire, Lavinia was murdered in her chair at Teresa’s Tonsorial Parlor.

“It was truly awful,” said Teresa. ” One minute I’m dyeing her hair, the next minute she’s this emaciated corpse! It’s so strange… My door was closed and I didn’t hear a thing.”

Grizzleby, the town sage, arrived soon after, but the perpetrator had already left.

“We already know a ghost was going after Lavinia, and I am afraid it succeeded,” Grizzleby said. “Ghosts are held to this earth by unfinished business, I can only wish that it has somehow found peace and moved on.”

“Lavinia was a wonderful person,” Teresa said. “I can’t imagine why a ghost would want to kill her.”

At the firearms shop, an improvised bucket brigade put out the fire, but not before spreading to the neighboring Fluffy Bundts Bakery. Luscious Lucinda, covered in flour, still passed out bundts to the volunteers.

Captain Staunton, when pressed about whether half-orcs or the thieves’ guild might be behind the troubles, demurred.

“We cannot reveal any of our leads until our investigation is complete,” he said.

Merchants say: “Make Guildmoor great again!”

The Guildmoor Merchants Association and the House of Winston sponsored a rally of about one hundred in the town square that marched to Guildmoor Castle, demanding greater protection against recent robberies and violence on town shops.

“We came to Guildmoor to get away from dragons, undead, and orcs!” said Caleb Mardigan, president of the Association. “Where can an businessman or businesswoman make a living on this cursed earth?”

“We have emptied our city coffers protecting half orcs and providing free healing for all, while honest men and women have to fend for themselves,” said Branford II of House Winston.

The Merchants Association organized a volunteer brigade to supplement the town guard.

Emotions ran high, when news arrived that Devyn Colby, guard of the Ainsworth Weapon Shoppe, died from injuries sustained while defending his shop on Wednesday night.

The rally spontaneously marched toward Guildmoor Castle chanting, “Ronulus! What about us!?”

More land cleared

Regent Ronulus reports that new land has been cleared for farming, and that prospective farmers are to report to Castle Guildmoor for more information.


Luscious Lucinda insists that the Bundt-Eating Contest is on for this Saturday.

“My roof is gone, but my oven still works,” Lucinda said. “I don’t care if we will have to eat among the ashes of my ruined shop, under the pouring rain!”

Your loyal correspondent,
Ayduin Ravanan

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Haunting of Harrowstone, Part 5: Rising Embers


Near the end of the ceremony, the oil lights exploded and the building got set on fire.

Elvis continues the tale of Harrowstone…

20th day of Neth, 4715 AR

After the little child’s death, the townsfolk held a meeting at the Temple of Pharasma. We were discussing ways to improve our security and be more successful in stopping the Splatter Man from possessing people and spelling “Vesorianna” in blood. A while into the conversation, my party and I took the stand. We explained that in order to catch this murderer we needed more supplies. We asked the townsfolk if they could give us some money. The townspeople gave us each one hundred gold pieces.

Near the end of the ceremony, the oil lights exploded and the building got set on fire. While the inhabitants of the town all fled in terror, I actually decided to save the people who were burning to death. Soon the rest of the party joined me. After we saved everyone, we were going to leave the building, but then I realized how important the town hall was to the townsfolk so our party extinguished the fire. Floating heads fought our party while we were putting out the fire. We easily killed them.

At about 4:00 we headed down to the dungeon. From the prison we found a pit leading to the dungeon. I am very good at acrobatics, so I back flipped into the pit. While the rest of my party was trying to get down, zombies came at me. I singlehandedly killed the zombies while the rest of the party didn’t lift a finger to help. When we all got down, we entered the prison’s dungeon. We saw a lot of skeletons rattle to life. Thanks to Torell’s channel energy, we defeated them semi quickly. We entered a room with a headless skeleton. This one was different than the others. He was much more powerful than the others. He seemed to be wearing a guard suit.


We entered the prison’s dungeon and saw a lot of skeletons rattle to life…

We fought him and were lucky to come out alive. By then, we were tired and headed back to the village to sleep. I was a little suspicious that the guards would not prevent the Splatter Man from writing another letter on the wall, but the guards said we could trust them.

When I woke up, I saw an “I” written in blood. I was mad. I also saw a “T” written in blood. I knew the “T” was for Torell. We decided to go back to sleep. Everyone in in our party dreamed of the same thing. We were fighting a dragon. In the end we defeated him. When we woke up we had magic items in our hands.

-Elvis (Silas)

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