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Rappan Athuk #48: Boxed In!

The party, undeterred, returns to confront The Master and his court. (-GM)

8th day of Lamashan, 4718 AR

Greetings, Travelers! You will find these lost documents if you continue on the way our party has walked before you. They will tell you about what are adventures were like and give a summary of the creatures we fought.

So now that I seem to be stuck in this box of force above the party, I may as well record with magic writing (to write very fast) about what has happened so far this second run in the Cavern of Lava. I am Deckard Cain, new to this party as of a month ago. I came in search of new revelations about my mystery type, fire. And when that Paladin Valestar (Who is sitting on his golden toilet right now) told me that the party was currently in a cavern filled with fire and lava, I had to agree to join them.

Anyway, after our first run with 2 deaths (Arthritic Slaver and Shia) and a dead companion (Arvnevurr), we teleported back to the house and resurrected Shia and Arthritic and waited for a new companion a month later. Shia crafted a Banner of Ancient Kings, which gives us morale boosts on our actions.

Everyone but Valestar teleported back in ready for a fight, facing the room of the last battle when I saw 10 or so regular salamanders behind us back in the cavern slithering around who had not yet noticed us somehow.

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Rappan Athuk #47: Hot Damn!

The party faces its greatest challenge yet. (-GM)

9th day of Rova, 4718 AR

Here is a five-word summary of what was going on: Cavern. Lava. Hot. Hot. Hot. So hot that even Valestar declared that it was too hot for his holy bottom and went to sit on his golden toilet. He teleported back a few minutes later with an old man by his side. The old man introduced himself as Deckard Cain. We brought him up to date with everything that had been going on. It was so hot down there that even The Hero of No Name looked hot and that’s saying something cause that old guy never looks hot or cold or anything for that matter.

The party was kinda awkwardly sitting around on a bridge of gold when suddenly a SALAMANDER SLITHERED OUT!! Ok, so I know that does not sound very intimidating but these were pretty big salamanders and there were four of them. Two of them were larger and stronger, and two looked about what an average huge fiery salamander would look like. The more powerful salamanders of the group held themselves with an air of confidence like they were some kind of noble.

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Rappan Athuk #46: A Long Day of Maps

Our intrepid heroes, victorious from the Great Battle of the Phase Minotaurs, continues exploring their maze, now minotaur-free. (-GM)

9th day of Rova, 4718 AR

We immediately looked for a way to get Nioveskirian out of the floor, but sit would not budge, even when Perseus sat down on it.

After defeating the minotaurs, we wanted more action, and so we went down one of the passages leading out of the cavern. The tunnel eventually became rough masonry, and suddenly the floor underneath Nioveskirian disappeared. He fell into the ensuing pit, and the floor blinked back into existence.

We immediately looked for a way to get him out, but the floor would not budge, even when Perseus sat down on it. Eventually we decided to break out our trusty adamantine pick, and a few hours of Arthritic Slaver and me hacking away at the stone created a hole big enough for us to pull him out. The hardy dwarf looked fine, although he was a bit mad. I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye, and I turned to see a big ooze about to engulf Perseus, with me riding him. Perseus had noticed as well, and with a quick flap of his great wings, we were far from the smelly mass of goo. DFSIFA laughed, shut his eyes, and killed it with two quick arrows. He found it more akin to playing a children’s game than actual combat.

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Wrath of the Righteous #18: Sneakily Swiping a Stolen Span

It’s all about alliteration today, as our ongoing effort to archive the adventures of our audacious association of intrepid explorers indefatigably ensues. Courtesy of Ghalt. –GM

26th day of Rova, 4727 AR


“I didn’t particularly care about the logistics, I just wanted to kill some stuff.”

So after our successful annihilation of more tieflings (demon worshipers, AGAIN), we decided after some debate (not really), to retake the bridge spanning the dried Ahari river basin. Beyond lay Citadel Drezen.

My initial idea was to get the prisoners that were on Paradise Hill, but the catapults on the stronghold were in range of it, and they could mess us up. So we decided to sneakily swipe the bridge, so we could take the stronghold more easily, so we could not worry about getting squashed by a catapult as we freed prisoners.

I didn’t particularly care about the logistics, I just wanted to kill some stuff.

So me and Deathwish used our superior stealthiness, and our climbing skill to get to the ropes. I forgot to mention why we didn’t just do a full scale assault. They had these mutated Auroxs that were like all demon-y, and they were tied to the supports of the bridge. So they could just have them pull, and collapse the whole thing, which would really suck, so we cut the ropes to make it so they couldn’t do that.

So anyway, we snuck in, and were able to get three of the four ropes cut before the stupid beasts smelled us. One charged me and pissed me off quite a bit by biting me (the pain was nothing compared to its breath, trust me). Deathwish ran to the last rope and chopped it, then was trampled by two angry demon cows. I turned and filleted one with shards of earth. I suddenly felt much more powerful, and was then gored twice by those dumb beasts. Luckily, my tough skin made it not very painful, and I was angrier than ever.

I turned and launched a blast of earth at the one to my left’s head. Right as the blast left my hand, I had a mental picture of the number one showing on a multisided die, and it veered off to the right and killed a bird out of the sky. I blinked a couple of times, and blasted it again, landing a solid rock in its behind and killing it dead. Meanwhile, Deathwish had been doing his usual: slicing and dicing. He downed the last one, and started climbing up to the top.


I looked up onto the tower, saw nothing, looked lower, and saw the nastiest tiefling I have ever had the displeasure to happen upon.

While this had been happening, the rest of our demon-slaying crew had been hiding behind a rock nearby. They then ran out and charged the few crossbow-firing tieflings on the bridge. I ran up the wall of one of the towers after seeing a blast of magic, hoping I could get the drop on a demon. I wasn’t that lucky, unfortunately. I looked up onto the tower, saw nothing, looked lower, and saw the nastiest tiefling I have ever had the displeasure to happen upon. He was a lump with another lump in the front, which I assumed was his head, and a third that was his hump.

While he was gibbering some silly spell, I blasted him across the tower, nearly killing him. The rest of the party was busy killing the rest of the tieflings that were at the tops of the other towers, and the ones on the bridge. Then, that rude lump of a tiefling clawed me right in the arm. At this point I was really just done with all of the crap I had to put up with to kill some demons. And I couldn’t even find demons, so I was supposed to fight tieflings?! So I put all of my anger and frustration into a powerful metal blast that tore him in half, as in, one half still on the tower, one half on the other side of the bridge.

I then proceeded to loot the scoundrel’s body, while the rest of the tieflings surrendered. He had some cool potions on him, and a wand of dimension door, which we realized could be very useful for infiltrating the stronghold, which we will do tomorrow. It was pretty fun, but I need to sleep. That battle kinda did hurt, and we will probably assault the stronghold tomorrow, so I need my rest.

Whoever is reading this, kill some demons. Bye for now.

Ghalt (Marco)


Deathwish – vanaran ranger 7, champion
Ghalt – hobgoblin kineticist 7, champion
Idanogin – ifrit bard 6, marshal
James – aasimar paladin 6, champion
O’Connell – aasimar paladin 5, hierophant
Unit 11 – aasimar ranger 6, trickster

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