(Nick, Age of Worms)

Human cleric of Desna 1
Strength 16, Dexterity 14, Constitution 14,
Intelligence 7, Wisdom 15, Charisma 7

Nothing, Darkness. Nothing, deafness. Nothing, blindness. Nothing, anosmia. Nothing, touchless. Everything.

My eyes blink open, I smell water and coal, mines? The sky is dark above me; only the moon brings a small portion of light, it’s white rays illuminating around me. Wait, a butterfly? A name comes to my mind, the only name I know, Desna.

The butterfly disappears into the moon and i am hit with a vision, the end of the world. I have a purpose, I need to stop this and become powerful, for Desna. I stand up, the gravel beneath my feet crunches as I step towards the dim town in the distance, its flickering lights the only lights for miles.

I approach the town and look around. A man beckons toward me and asks if I can help serve in his restaurant for the night because he’s understaffed. I nod my head in reply and follow him into his restaurant. The tables are bustling, and so much is happening. I figure i can make money and use it to buy equipment and become more powerful. I continue to live in the town; the busy streets fill my day. I meet a new friend, Ensorcella. I took a trip to the museum and found her wandering around and we quickly became friends.

Everything was fine, but I was getting tired of this life and was ready to move on, I heard rumors of a cairn with treasure still in it, and I left to head out for it in a week.




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