(Max S., Razor Coast 2/3 campaign)

Suli swashbuckler 12

Strength: 10 Dexterity: 21 Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 8 Wisdom: 12 Charisma: 20

I am a Suli Swashbuckler and I am good at fighting and killing monsters. I look like an ice queen. I have white blond hair and ice blue eyes. I am slender and look nice but as soon as you meet me you realize I am very vicious.

I also have long legs and I am very bad at making friends so Fitz and Naelgoar are heroes to me. I want to at least one day be as good a fighter as them. I also don’t think much when I go into battle so its nice that they pull me back when they need to.

I like to be shy and lonely sometimes but when I need to be I am confident. I like to hunt but I have always felt a pull to the sea and the fresh air. This is probably because I am an air elemental.

When I was a baby, people thought I was unholy just because my mom had been a gunslinger and was accidentally blown of a cliff by my wind power. My dad who was a fighter was so sad that he started smoking dragonsmoke. He also became very abusive. He eventually died when he wouldn’t pay the drug dealers back. He was found dead in an alley and with his intestines ripped out of his belly and they were wrapped around his neck. The detectives found out that the drug dealers’ catfolk barbarian had committed the crime. The town then decided to send me away down the river because they hated me and wanted me to die.

They sent me down a waterfall. I survived and floated toward an orphanage. I became an adventurer, and I roamed the seas as the ultimate Suli Swashbuckler.

Sarisa Level 12


6 responses to “Sarisa

  1. Emmett

    January 20, 2014 at 8:37 pm

    eek being hung by intestines instead of jasper’s hair. That’s horrible!

  2. Jasper

    January 23, 2014 at 8:48 pm

    ONLY MY HAIR. I now do not feel sorry for him Him dying

    • Emmett

      January 26, 2014 at 6:54 am

      lpl stabby old guy getting hung by intestines


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