Druid 18Nolgrin
(Nate, Kingmaker campaign, Razor Coast 3 campaign)

Lawful good dwarven stonelord paladin of Torag 8

Strength: 16 Dexterity: 15 Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 12 Wisdom: 13 Charisma: 14

I hate my name. Well, not the name itself; it’s more where the name came from. My full name is Nolgrin LXXXVII. My sister, Agna XCVIII, named me that because she hates her name and she wanted me to feel the pain. My parents, Nolgrin LXXXVI and Agna XCVII, let Agna XCVIII name me that because they’re sadists. The name would be cool if I was some sort of noble, but my family is as poor as dirt, so there isn’t any real reason to have a “family name”. Just call me Nolgrin.

I hated my name so much; I started banging my head against a large rock. I did this for so long and was so determined to not be like my sadist parents, I became a Stonelord Paladin. This is why I look like a dwarf with hard gray skin.

My life would have been very confusing if not for my granite amulet. It’s so smooth, and so warm… I always go to it when I need to calm down. This brings me to my next topic. I used to live in the dwarven city of Highhelm, but one day my amulet glowed green and POOF! I was in the human town of Espur, with a flaming orc attacking me. Neskaghir the hobgoblin warden saved me and I have since devoted my life to Espur’s kingly cause. I would spend my life there.



Life in Espur was great at first. We expanded the country greatly and I met an earth elemental named Elliot. One day we were all settling down for dinner in the castle hall when a kid wearing furry boots burst through the door, shouting “Run for your very lives! It’s-”

At that moment, my amulet glowed again, and suddenly, I found myself on the castle meadows, eating a banana. In this really quiet voice, the amulet uttered “Memory wipe completed.” I’ll never know why.

Things have changed since that mysterious dinner. Many of my co-leaders had disappeared, and lately I’ve been feeling 10 years older than I am. It’s like a big empty void crawled into my head where memories used to be. I hope I can get over it; we’ve got a kingdom to run.

This concludes the bio of Nolgrin, the poorly named dwarf.





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