Unit 11

Unit 11
(Torin, Wrath of the Righteous 3)

Aasimar ranger 6, mythic trickster 1
Strength 13, Dexterity 18/20, Constitution 12,
Intelligence 10, Wisdom 16, Charisma 8

I am an average height aasimar Ranger with darkish brown hair with red highlights known as Unit 11. I became a Ranger because I always seemed to get into trouble with the wildlife and l was handy with a bow.

I had a few reasons for volunteering to join the army.

Reason 1: When I was young, I was hunting in the forest with my siblings. We came across bear tracks and followed the tracks to the foot of a small hill with a cave. I, being the one leading the way and not realizing that my siblings were not following me, climbed the rubble and went into the cave. Next thing I know I find myself between a Dire Bear and her cubs. Somehow with minimal support from my siblings I defeat the bear. Well at least put enough arrows in her she decides that a few bites of man meat is not worth the hassle.

Reason 2: I was hunting and I came across some deer tracks. I was following them when they went deeper into the forest than I had ever gone before. Suddenly, I noticed a plume of smoke and heard chanting not too far from me. I slowly approached the noise and came to the edge of the clearing. I saw a bunch of strangely dressed humanoids dancing around a star with small fires at each of the points. They seemed to be forming a face in the middle of the star. I decided I should not stick around to see what they appeared to be summoning. I believed it was a demon lord that I had seen in one of my dad´s old books based on the features that were visible.

Later that week I find out that my dad and my siblings were a part of the summoning circle. Right after I got back from a hunt with my dog and during dinner time my dad asked if I would like to join the next one. I decided right there to drop my last name, join the army and kill my family.

Although it went more like this: I pulled my bow off my back while my brother ran for his sword. My dog lunged for my sister and I put an arrow through my dad´s head. I remember thinking “Wwhere is my mom?” because I knew that she would not have tolerated the summoning circles if she knew about them. In the time it took me to process everything, the arrow through my father’s head, my dog’s jaws around my sister’s neck and my mother´s absence, my brother threw my dog off my sister and impaled it with his sword. I proceeded to drop my bow, run at him, knock his sword out of his hand and stab him to death with the knife I use to skin prey.

I never saw my mom after that day.


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