Niozif Minar

Niozif Minar
(Nate, Rise of the Runelords)

Lawful good human paladin 4
Strength 16, Dexterity 10, Constitution 15,
Intelligence 10, Wisdom 10, Charisma 16

It was a normal day at the cathedral. Praying, clergy services, you know, normal stuff. No one expected anything out of the ordinary. What a pleasant day. I loved my job. I got to give my respects to Erastil and help the community religiousness! This particular day, my family was visiting, because my uncle had the flu.

“May Erastil give you the strength to live through this ailment,” I intoned, “and may good fortune come upon us, and this cathedral.” At that moment the cathedral burst into flames.

It was chaos. Everyone was screaming and running for their lives. I did my best to help my ill uncle get out safely, as the rest of my family had abandoned him. I was dragging him across the floor when a fiery pillar collapsed on him and he died.

“This is all your fault!” screamed my father, also trapped beneath a flaming column. “You caused everyone here to die in pain and sorrow! You!” His face burned away, revealing a snarling skull, still screaming. The whole room filled with burning skeletons, screaming and crawling toward me. One reached for my throat.

I woke up. I hate how nightmares make you remember awful moments in your life. Of course that’s not exactly how events played out, but my family did get mutilated in that fire. Instead of being a quiet clergyman like I intended, I became a paladin, swearing that if a situation like that comes again, I will be ready. I will defend and help others as best I can, for my family.

Oh right, the description stuff. I look like your average Varisian, I grew up in Sandpoint, and pray to Erastil sometimes.


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