no picture, no photo, no imageNeskaghir
(Nate, Kingmaker campaign)

Lawful neutral hobgoblin fighter 8

Strength: 15 Dexterity: 16 Constitution: 19
Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 12 Charisma: 8

I am extremely fearful of fire. My body is covered with burns and scars from three years ago, when an army of orcs set fire to my village. Everyone but me was burned alive. I survived because the orc who was supposed to burn me held the torch for too long and his hand caught fire. He fell, screaming, onto my stake and we both fell over the cliff. I was trapped in freefall under a burning body. It was lucky we landed in a lake.

I look the same as any hobgoblin, save the burns and scars from the fire. There’s this particularly nasty one on my forehead. It still hurts.

I became a fighter after the fire. I figured it was the best way to get revenge on the orcs and, well, fight them.

I smuggled my name into the Swordlords of Restov charter and bribed the leader to let me join. I was glad I did. We founded a small kingdom named Espur and nothing too bad happened except that one time where we all lost our memory. That’s another story.

All of my friends and allies were burned in the fire. My enemies, the orcs, have moved out of my homeland, Isger, and I am certain they are in this forest somewhere.

When the burnt orc and I landed in the lake, I found a crystal ball in the orc’s cloak. For some reason it gets really hot when there’s an orc in a 10-foot radius. I keep it in a safe place in my bag.

Ever since the fire, an elf has followed me, keeping within a 10-foot radius, never speaking. Black shoes, black pants, black shirt, black eyes, and black hair. He is on fire, yet he seems unburnt. The fire doesn’t give off a hint of heat, or a whiff of smoke. No one else sees him. Who is this elf, and how does he not burn under this strange fire?

On the rare occasions that I have spare time, I usually collect honey by setting a hive on fire and cutting down the tree. It always works for some reason.

All of my relatives perished in the fire, even if I did know them. As a hobgoblin, I was taken away from my family at a very young age to train for the army. My only family was Corporal Akhtaan and my two tentmates, Eltaijex and Roulcatrer. They, of course, also perished in the fire.

This concludes the bio of Neskaghir, the almost-burned-alive rostlander.



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