Nazbam Firebluff

Nazbam Firebluff
(Nate, Age of Worms)

Dwarven fighter (tower shield specialist) 1
Strength 14, Dexterity 13, Constitution 20,
Intelligence 7, Wisdom 10, Charisma 5

In the home country, everyone hated me. I was born with a dwarven deformity called foiuerjglerifjpoerigjerqpomiejrogierpoiterhpoirthvjrwptoihjrtpohivrtkitis. This deformity does not do anything to the person with foiuerjglerifjpoerigjerqpomiejrogierpoiterhpoirthvjrwptoihjrtpohivrtkitis, but it emits chemicals that make everyone think I’m a horrible person. They took me to the foiuerjglerifjpoerigjerqpomiejrogierpoiterhpoirthvjrwptoihjrtpohivrtkitis community, where those with foiuerjglerifjpoerigjerqpomiejrogierpoiterhpoirthvjrwptoihjrtpohivrtkitis could live together without discrimination, since the foiuerjglerifjpoerigjerqpomiejrogierpoiterhpoirthvjrwptoihjrtpohivrtkitis chemicals did nothing to others that also had foiuerjglerifjpoerigjerqpomiejrogierpoiterhpoirthvjrwptoihjrtpohivrtkitis.

I was prepared to live a quiet life with a few other foiuerjglerifjpoerigjerqpomiejrogierpoiterhpoirthvjrwptoihjrtpohivrtkitis victims. Unfortunately, when I got there some demigod had come along and cured everyone. Now the community which was supposed to be accepting hated me for my foiuerjglerifjpoerigjerqpomiejrogierpoiterhpoirthvjrwptoihjrtpohivrtkitis. I was driven out of town for “being a horrible person.”

I was a wanderer for a while. Only dwarves are susceptible to the foiuerjglerifjpoerigjerqpomiejrogierpoiterhpoirthvjrwptoihjrtpohivrtkitis chemicals, so I got along fine with other species. I was apprenticed to a blacksmith for a while, and I learned how to make armor. I crafted a suit of banded mail for myself, and realized that the foiuerjglerifjpoerigjerqpomiejrogierpoiterhpoirthvjrwptoihjrtpohivrtkitis chemicals did not spread if I wore a helmet.

There was some more wandering and I eventually found myself in Cheliax. I served in the Chelish army and, after a while, was assigned to work for the garrison in Diamond lake.

I’ve been in Diamond Lake for a few years, and while others may see it as a depressing place where everyone that doesn’t have health problems is probably a criminal, I see it as a quiet little place that doesn’t judge me for my foiuerjglerifjpoerigjerqpomiejrogierpoiterhpoirthvjrwptoihjrtpohivrtkitis.




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