Malqazar the Magnificent

Malqazar the Magnificent
(Simon, Kingmaker)

Half-elven mesmerist
Strength 12, Dexterity 12, Constitution 12,
Intelligence 12, Wisdom 10, Charisma 18

The son of a barmaid in the Kyonan town of Greengold and an elven Riftwarden he never knew, it seemed that Malqazar, originally born Freddrit Kolredin, was fated to a life of drudgery and monotony.  His early life was like that of many children in Greengold, peaceful but boring.  However, Malqazar soon learned he was rather different from many other children.  He had an almost supernatural knack for lying and could talk his way out of any situation.  By the age of 12, he had hypnotised the neighborhood cats into doing tricks for him, and made something of a name for himself due to his ability to herd cats.  The small amount of fame he got intrigued him and gave him meaning.  He began to try increasingly dangerous acts, leading up to him, at the age of 17,  trying to hypnotise some city guards to steal a valuable painting for him.  It didn’t work, and he was arrested. He stared into the eyes of the captain of the guard, and pleaded desperately for the captain to let him go, and something happened.  His words became charged with psychic power, and the captain let him go.

His run-in with the law did nothing to stop him, and his newfound abilities drove him even further, until two years later, he had to run away.  The night before he left, his mother gave him a letter, written in a form of Elven spoken only by nobles.

It read, “My son, Freddrit, I am so sorry I had to leave you. I met your mother while helping a friend, and we fell in love. She bore me two twin boys: you, and your brother Azkarth. The nobility urged me to take him, as his features were more elven, and so I did. I raised him and taught him the Elven tradition, but I never forgot about you.  I love and miss you as a father should, but understand I could not bring you with me to Iadara.  I hope that one day, you will come to see me, and perhaps understand why I did what I did.”

The sight of that letter, the knowledge he could have been raised as an elven noble and given any opportunity he could think of filled him with anger. And so he left to try to make a name for himself. He realized that Freddrit was the worst name a great and famous man could have, so he changed it, left all of his old life behind, and styled himself as a noble. When he learned that Azkarth was a ruler of Esper, but had to leave due to his father being struck down with a curse that slowly turns his flesh into stone, he saw his chance for true power, and took it.




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