(Zack B., Kingmaker)

Samsaran druid 8
Strength 10, Dexterity 13, Constitution 14,
Intelligence 10, Wisdom 22, Charisma 10

Helios had always had visions of greatness. His samsaran village had one of its greatest heroes die just a year before he was born, raising the suspicion in some to assume that he was the reincarnation of Rengar the Hunter. Throughout his childhood years, Helios proved his value, having many flashbacks of times when he cast spells. He was soon the pride of the village, and he lived a long and happy life. However, when he was reaching the ending of his life, he felt a feeling of pure completion within himself. At first he was happy, and felt amazing for days on end. Then he slowly realized that this signified the conclusion of his reincarnations, and that he would most likely never again walk the earth, for the world thought he had finished his purpose upon it. Filled with determination, he threw himself into the druid’s studies, training for years as his body became more and more frail. However, his training was cut short when he began to come down with the disease known as age. He only had a few weeks left to live, yet he was not even close to forming the spiritual connection needed in order to become immortal.

His thoughts turned dark as he understood what he needed to do. Into the uskwood forest he went, with bone-chilling wind shaking him to his core. He heard cries in the dark, but he continued on and soon found himself in an unholy wellspring. There he prayed to Zon Kuthon, asking that he might give his services in exchange for more time. And from within himself he heard the voice of one more powerful than the earth upon which he walked.

The voice said, “Is this really what you want?” He pleaded to the god, saying that he would commit any sin, knowing what he may be made to do.

The voice answered, simply claiming “It is done.” However, nothing had seemed to change with Helios, and he collapsed from the cold as his vision went dark.

A day later, he slowly arose, feeling none of the pains that had plagued him in the last parts of his life. As he looked down, he was shocked to see that he was in a new body, one with taunt muscles and strong bones. And at his feet, he saw an effigy of his previous body’s remains. From it he discerned his purpose, and went off to complete his master’s tasks. Hundreds of years passed, Helios going from mission to mission doing whatever his god desired. He would die and be reborn and die again. He changed bodies more times than he remembered, but he had not forgotten his true childhood. The spells from his memories were now his greatest weapon, and he indifferently completing his lord’s work.

Finally he was given a more interesting task. His lord said to him, “I would like you to raise about an army for me, and in order to do that you need to become a king. I have just the place for you, worry not.”

He set about his new task with old determination, knowing this one might take a bit more work.

-Zack B.



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