Hans Grüber

Hans Grüber
(Zack B., Age of Worms)

Elven magus 1
Strength 8, Dexterity 18, Constitution 10,
Intelligence 18, Wisdom 9, Charisma 7

Hans was always apart from the other elves of his tribe. They were aloof at best, and when it was at its worst it seemed as if they were bodies without souls, content with living life year by year, not caring about the rest of the world. However, Hans knew that, in time, things would go badly if the future did not have strong guiding hands. He thought that he had to involve himself in the outside world, because who else would do it?

Knowing that he was doing the dirty work that needed to be done, he entered human society. He never got over his initial disgust of the creatures. They were like rats, ruining their surroundings and not caring about anyone else but themselves. They would destroy everything, then pass it off to the next generation, who would continue their work. What miserable excuses for sentient life. They were a disease that needed to be stopped, or at least controlled.

Hans decided that he would be the one to do that controlling. If not him, then who else would stop this plague? He adopted the way of the magus, knowing that both magic and skill with a blade would be necessary in dealing with the coming storm. He cut his blond hair short and ventured out to Diamond lake, in order to make a name for himself so that he would be more respected by the humans.

Though he detested the thought, he knew that he would have to ally with some humans in order to advance himself. He resolved to join the first group that he thought would assist him. Knowing that the road ahead would be tough, Hans Grüber set out.

To protect the world from devastation
To unite all people within all nations
To denounce the evils of greed and lust
To stop the the world’s descent to dust 
I do what I must, because I can.

-Zack B.



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