Garinn Brightstar

Garinn Brightstar
(Simon, Rise of the Runelords)

Neutral good halfling summoner 4
Strength 11, Dexterity 12, Constitution 12,
Intelligence 14, Wisdom 12, Charisma 16/18

Having saved Sandpoint from a goblin invasion, defeated a favored servant of Lamashtu, talked his way out of a fight with a horrific barghest, and controlled his weretiger blood, Garinn was a changed man. Fortunately, he wasn’t too changed. He still enjoyed going to The Hagfish and testing his fortitude against copious quantities of alcohol and maybe a bit of the water from the tank of Norah the Hagfish, from which the bar gets its name. And having gained the favor of Shayliss Vinder, he enjoyed many happy hours with her. He still called Brutus forth from the unknowable realms from which his eidolon came, and Brutus was happy to serve as ever. He was content to relax in his castle outside of Sandpoint and reminisce on the adventures he had there. He joked many a time about going down into the basement and inviting the barghest to play board games, and even seriously considered it once. While his better judgement didn’t do much, Shayliss was sure to make sure that he knew it was a terrible, terrible idea.

After a few months of peaceful life in Sandpoint, he went off to Magnimar with Shayliss to hone his magical skill, with a large portion of his tuition being covered by his wealthy and mercantile family both there and back home in Sandpoint. He learned to delve deeper into his powers and gained a much more refined understanding of magic. He loved the abundance of taverns and the abundance of intellectualism and wit he could find throughout the city. However, he was more than happy to return to Sandpoint on holiday, as he found that small town life suited him far better than the hustle and bustle of Magnimar. He settled back down into his life but he found that he had gained a thirst for adventure. So when he was called back into action with his time-honored companions, and a few new ones, he was more than happy to oblige.



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