(Francesco, Age of Worms)

Human vortex-dragon blooded draconic sorcerer 3
Strength 12, Dexterity 14, Constitution 14,
Intelligence 8, Wisdom 8, Charisma 17

Ensorcella grew up in the town of Diamond Lake. As a girl growing up, she was constantly bullied for having big breasts. For a while she looked around for any help she could get, but no one would assist her. Her mother had died at a young age, so she only had her abusive dad as family. One day, when she was walking back home from school, she encountered Diamond Lake’s wizard, Erustan.

“Are you the one seeking help from people?” Erustan asked.

“Yes”, she said, excited.

“Come to my tower at 6:00 tomorrow night,” he said, and fleeted off into the bushes.

The next day she went over to Erustan’s tower, and knocked on the great metal door. He welcomed Ensorcella in, and asked, “Have you ever wanted to learn magic?”

“Yes”, she replied, but was shocked that she was chosen for this. No one in her family had ever learned magic, so she was quite confused.

After that day, Ensorcella would go over to Erustan’s house once a week for the next 8 years. Erustan became a father to her, and Ensorcella became a daughter to Erustan.

After Ensorcella turned 18 she finally completed her last wizardry test. She had mastered the arts of magic, but she had no idea what to do with it anymore. She had used it to threaten a few kids at school, but that’s about it.

Three years later, while Ensorcella was working in a bar, she met her best friend, Sunaki. They became practically siblings, and were very fond for each other. As they were working together, they overheard some people talking about the cairns that surrounded town. They mentioned something about treasure, even though most thought the cairns were all empty by now. Ensorcella thought this would be a great opportunity to use her magic to do something good, so she convinced Sunaki to go help her search the cairns. This triggered their quest for adventure, and they searched for adventure forever afterwards.



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