(Enzo, Wrath of the Righteous 3)

Vanaran ranger 6, mythic champion 1
Strength 10, Dexterity 18/20, Constitution 14,
Intelligence 8, Wisdom 16, Charisma 10

I am a vanaran ranger who grew up in the Shudderwood. We were constantly attacked by demons streaming in from the Worldwound. Our village, with the help of some fey, was ready for an attack at any minute. When I was 12, during sword practice, the feys’ protective barrier was destroyed and demons swarmed in. My father told me to run. He easily vanquished a few dretches and joined together with other vanaran warriors to fend off the rest. But the human soldiers sent by Lastwall retreated, leaving our warriors alone. The last i saw before fleeing through the treetops was a balor demon cutting down the warriors, my father nowhere in sight.

For the next few years, I lived on the outskirts of Belkzen and Ustalav, making my way as a demon hunter with my talent for two-weapon fighting and my never ending hatred for demons. When i heard about an army in kenabres forming to fight the demons, I was thrilled of the idea of revenge. I made my way to Kenabres, traveling the borders of Numeria and the Worldwound, cutting a trail with a caravan of other adventurers. It was called the Suicide Trail.

We were attacked during the night and my friend, a rogue nicknamed Bitterblossom was taken by cultists. I wanted to follow, but the caravan said no, and that i had a death wish. I did it anyway, and was captured. I was tortured by the cultists, they messed with my blood, making me demonic. My fur changed from light brown to a reddish black. They experimented for 2 weeks, but eventually I escaped, gaining the ability to see clearly in the dark for periods of time. I never saw Bitterblossom again.

A few days later, I caught up with the caravan somehow, realizing that I didn’t catch up to them, but I found their graves. There was an attack, demons most likely, and none survived. Eventually I made it to Kenabres where i met a strange aasimar, Kaas, who spoke celestial whenever she was frightened. We hung out before the army conditioning test thing. We both made the army, me for my hatred of demons and sheer fighting talent as a ranger.

After training, I was talking to some other recruits. They introduced themselves. When they asked what my name was, I said everyone that had known my name had died. For my people, it meant brave. But that is in the past. Now, i am Deathwish. Then the shit hit the fan and the demons invaded Kenabres. My new companions and I survived somehow and struck a blow to the demons in Kenabres. Because of my occasionally reckless decisions, the name Deathwish stuck.


Deathwish’s character sheet



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