Apollo Creed

Apollo Creed
(Zack B., Kingmaker)

Human brawler 7
Strength 20, Dexterity 10, Constitution 16,
Intelligence 7, Wisdom 10, Charisma 7

All he could hear was the roar of the crowd through his pounding heart rate.

“Golden Hands! Golden Hands!”

However he wasn’t feeling the vibe today. His opponent, a stubby dwarf with arms thicker than a large stone, had been slowly circling him all match. Golden Hands had rushed in over an over, laying devastating combos into the chest of his foe, yet to no avail. This creature was called Iron Belly for a reason. With his knuckles covered in blood, Golden Hands knew he had to change it up. This quick style that was his calling card, his trademark, could not be used to defeat this hardened veteran. Slowly he slid his feet into position, lowering his haunches into a squat.

The crowd gasped, having never before seen him do anything but his key flurry fist combo. Iron Belly growled as he advanced, stepping forward with murder in his eyes. He never had a chance to act on it, however, because as he took that step Golden Hands shot his fingers forwards into his enemies eyes. The dwarf screamed in pain before he doubled over from a blow to the gut. His legs shot out from under him and he felt hands around his neck. He slowly began gasping, quicker and quicker, trying to draw breath. The crowd started to scream as they saw him under Golden Hands, convulsing and shuttering. In his attempt to break free from the death choke, Iron Belly tried to tap out, and as soon as he did he was released. He stood up, out of breath and throat raw from the brutal punishment. Golden Hands slowly looked towards the judge, before stating “I win.”

The next morning, Apollo left the city, ditching his stage name and coloring his hair so that he wouldn’t have to run with a mob upon his heels. With his golden Blond hair and signature hand wraps, it was sometimes hard for him to go anywhere unnoticed. In the distance he saw the rising pillars of a faraway castle, and he set his next goal. “See that place over there?” He whispered to himself, ” I’m gonna rule that place.” And away he marched.

-Zack B.



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