no imageXotani
(Nima, Kingmaker campaign)

Emberkin Aasimar evoker wizard 2

Strength: 12 Dexterity: 13 Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 20 Wisdom: 13 Charisma: 13

The Great Xotani

There once was a being named Xotani.
Born to a Peri and a human long ago.
Now listen very carefully,
Because inside of this story,
There’s something
He was strange to the eye
so many wanted him to die
they tortured him so so close.
But he escaped
(he escaped)
oh he escaped
he escaped and destroyed them,
he will never tell you when
He was much less trusting.
To those he didn’t know.
The torture’s scar still on him
but at least he avenged them
or so he thought.
One day when he was working
someone slipped in like a tiefling
it was a fox named Skia
she didn’t know he could see her
he tried to bring her away from a life of crime
into a life of good sublime
and so they met
he once saw a young boy murder
he tried to reason with him
and so he met a lad named Oculus
he sometimes makes a potion
with herbs he got from Oasîn
and through her he met Ur
he was chosen for the charter
because he knew everyone else
and he was smart
and he was half angel
and he was a wizard.
So he was perfect to be the Magister.
the ruler of the wizards
the casters of the magic.
he however
went because
he wanted
to study
The undead vampire boy
the child dhampir
whose parents are near
You see
a necromancer was what Xotani wanted to be
he knew that Oculus was the key
even if he wasn’t pretty
Xotani has no known family on the material plane
and if he met them
it wouldn’t
be the same.
He has had many battles
but no one trusts him to be the leader
so he’ll bide his time
‘till he finds opportunity divine
and the world will find
he’ll succeed this time

Lord Rasputin Nightflame
Current Magister of Zaar
On the life of the original Magister


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