Xanthra the Black

Xanthra the Black
(Marco, Iron Gods 1)

Elven rogue 4

Strength 14, Dexterity 18, Constitution 12
Intelligence 12, Wisdom 10, Charisma 8

Now listen here laddies, for I’m ‘bout to tell ya about ‘ol Xanthra The Black.

Now, no one knows her real name, but she was infamous for stealing and robbing. She was also quite a fine looking thing i hear, with long dark hair and dark green eyes. She was the scourge of everyone with anything of value, that is, until she had a change of heart. Stories say that as a wee lass, she started out in a small town, near the middle of nowhere. She quickly gained a reputation for thieving and mugging, yet somehow, every time she had to face the law, she wiggled out of every single predicament she came across. Of course, she couldn’t stay in one place for long, and so she always was traveling. She was always on the run and so as you can imagine she was quite worldly.

Now, there is a story regarding her realizing that being a thug isn’t a very fine way of life. As it goes, one night, she was climbing up to a roof to rob an important wizard by the name of Sophia. Sophia was very rich and a prime target for her to steal from. As Xanthra unlocked the window and slid into the room, there was a flash of light from across the room. A mean looking djinni appeared in front of her and growled something in an exotic language, made a gesture, and she was suddenly launched out the window and across space and time.

She was knocked unconscious, and when she awoke, she was in the city of Torch. She resolved that she would not steal for her own good again, and set off to use her skills as a thief to become an adventurer.

Xanthra the Black Level 4



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