(Simon, Kingmaker campaign)

Oread Monk of the Four Winds

Strength: 17 Dexterity: 14 Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 14 Wisdom: 15 Charisma: 10

Ur was born of a human mother and an ancient and powerful shaitan father.  HIs father named him Ur, as an honor to his first mortal child.  At school he was bullied for his strange looks.  Soon, his bullies learned he was stronger than any of them.  The bullying stopped soon after that.  He learned fast and learned much more than his peers.  His one friend was a young halfling who was said to have been cursed who, like him, was an outcast.  The halfling left and when he got home he saw a message scratched in a claw that said “ I will miss you Ur, Gardin Brightstar”  The rest of his schooling was rather lonely and mediocre, except for wrestling competitions, which he won.  When he left school he did not look as old as his other peers.  But he realized he would age much slower and probably outlive them. Because he knew that, he decided to use his life to seek perfection.

When he turned 60, his father visited him.  He told him he could come to his realm and become a true shaitan, or live on earth and do what he pleased, knowing he was under his father’s protection.  He chose to stay on earth but he wanted his father to build him a monastery to meditate in.  His father accepted.  One day when he was gathering food, he felt a chipping sensation in his back.  It was then he met Oasîn.  She was trying to chip a fleshgem out of his back because it was “shinyyyyy”.  He took in Oasîn and taught her how to be a proper human.

He was chosen to receive the charter from Restov because he was the mentor of Oasîn, who was knowledgeable of the Stolen Lands and he was also knowledgeable of the Stolen Lands too.  Because he is nearly 85, he outlived most of his family and has one living relative, his powerful shaitan father.  He also has his extremely old cousin Ivarn, who is 86.



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